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Free Books is a free Windows 8 eBook app available under the ‘Books & References’ category of Windows 8 store.
All the books have been divided into various categories such as Horror, Drama, Thriller, Poetry, Science Fiction, Travel, History, Politics, War, Bios.. Featured: This category brings you all the featured eBooks, authors, or categories that have been popular or widely browsed or added recently in the handpicked collections. Authors: Last but not the least one is the ‘Authors’ column where you will find authors’ names, placed in tiles form. In order to download a book, you need to first choose a category or an author whose book you want to download.
Now, to read a book, just head over to the ‘My Library’ section > choose a book you want to read > clicking it will open up a complete book in PDF mode. However, if you want to go back from the eReader, just right-click on the screen and click on ‘Back To Library’ given in the horizontal panel. Books have been categorized into various sections such as Horror, Drama, Thriller, Poetry, Science Fiction, Travel, History, Politics, War, Bios, and many more.
Do not miss out our post on more Windows 8 apps: Wikipedia app for Windows 8, Paint App for Windows 8.
Samsung has signed a deal with Amazon, and will jointly launch a custom version of the Kindle book store made specifically for Galaxy phone and tablets. Updated on 04-18-2014 by Andy: Samsung has officially announced Kindle for Samsung, a Galaxy-only app, and Samsung Book Deals, a service which provides up to 12 free books to download per year. Initially thought to only be for Galaxy S5 owners, Samsung Book Deals through the Kindle for Samsung app will be available to anyone with a Galaxy smartphone or tablet. Owners will be entitled to download 12 free books per year, taken from a choice of four offered up each month.
Additionally, the app will also provide access to newspapers and magazines, along with 500,000 book titles which are exclusive to the Kindle store. The Kindle for Samsung book store app joins a wealth of other free apps and services which come with the Galaxy S5. The free book offer is reminiscent of Amazon’s Kindle First program, where subscribers can have early access to brand new books.
Samsung says the app is available right now in 90 countries around the world, but don’t go looking for it inside the Google Play store.
This free iPad e-book reader app and comic viewer supports multiple formats including rar, cbr, zip and pdf files among others.
Top features loaded onto CloudReaders for iPad is the ability to make presentations through this app and add tags to the books in your library, making it easy to find them at will. For greater user experience, this free iPad e-reader also come with a cloud bookshelf which allows you download books from the public domain and centering of a particular page in portrait mode to make for a more immersive reading experience, while hiding the preceding and succeeding pages. With simple finger swipes or taps, you can deftly move around this free iPad e-book reader, browse through the bookshelf library, read a free sample of any book in the store before purchase and do much more. Depending on your preferences, this official free iPad e-book reader lets you choose the font size and type face that suits your reading style. The in-built search feature makes it possible for you to find where you left off reading a book or find a particular word or phrase.
In addition, Apple’s proprietary free iPad e-book reader can do so much more that you can convert your physical book shelf into a reality on the iPad.
The Kindle app for iPad from Amazon publishers is another great free iPad e-book reader which allows you to read kindle books and access almost a million books on Kindle’s platform. This free e-book reader iPad app gives you access to the latest best sellers and new releases from global e-book publishers, including three free e-books loaded with the app.
With the free e-book reader, you can preview the first chapter of each book for free before deciding whether to buy it, while the Whispersync feature makes it possible for you to continue reading from the last page you left off on another Apple device.

To make for greater reading experience, Kindle for iPad comes loaded with a dictionary for quick word lookup with embedded Google and Wikipedia links for further information. In addition, this free e-book iPad reader allows you to personalize your reading experience by choosing specific background colours and font size while reading either in portrait or landscape format. Nook app for iPad is a highly interactive free e-book reader from the stables of Barnes & Noble.
In addition, this free iPad e-reader has an in-built Merriam Webster dictionary and an intuitive search engine to enhance your reading experience.
The availability of free e-books every other day makes this free iPad e-book reader app really enjoyable to use and you can customize the font size, background and color schemes to suit your needs. Google Books for iPad is one very popular free iPad e-reader that gives you access to millions of books while on the go.
The reading experience on this free iPad e-reader is second to none as it has an in-built night reading mode and furnishes you with specific information about each book before you read. Most bestsellers are available on this free e-book reader and you also get free preview pages for each book to help you make the proper buying decision.
Additionally, you can pick up where you left off on a particular nook at any time, customize font sizes and background colors to your taste. Both of these guides are available in iBooks, which you may want to download [iTunes link] beforehand.
Less than two months after it released the iPad, Apple has posted its official iPad User Guide. If you haven’t done so, simply download the iBooks app from the App store, open it and tap on Store in the upper left corner.
This guide is not like the typical dry technical manuals that come with software and hardware.
If you’re giving the iPad to someone as a gift who doesn’t have a background with Apple mobile devices, this guide would be a perfect resource to help them get started. The Settings chapter of the guide is very useful to check out because it explains many features that those new to the device might not be aware of. The final chapter is Tips and Troubleshooting, which is probably a section you will want to read and highlight in its entirety, for we all experience problems with such devices from time to time. The Macworld guide is just as well illustrated as Apple”?s guide, with screenshots and how-to instructions for easy reading. This article may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. One of the best parts about Apple Music is how you can discover, create, and share playlists, but what if you already have playlists on other services like Spotify and just want to replicate those here?
In a world where remote work is becoming more accepted, and workers are seeing each other less often, Microsoft's improved range of collaboration features are hugely overdue. Here, in this eBook app for Windows 8, you can browse a collection of more than 20,000 classic books and download any of them to read later on the integrated eReader.
Here, in this column, you will find all the books that you have downloaded for your reading. Once you have downloaded an eBook, it will automatically get located in ‘My Library’ section. As you click on the name of your favorite author, you will see books written by that selected author. Select a book that you want to download > double-click on it > this will quickly start downloading > soon the downloaded book will get installed under the ‘My Library’ section. Search for ‘Free Books’ in Search box and install the app.In short, Free Books is a nice Windows 8 eBook app where you can read all your favorite books written by your favorite authors, instantly on your Windows 8 PC.

Initially reported by Engadget, Samsung has since provided all the information concerning the new app. The books on offer will be “prominent,” so expect an Amazon-curated list of well-known novels from which to choose. It also features Whispersync, so your place in a book is saved across all your Kindle devices and apps, plus the option to backup your books in the cloud using Amazon’s Worry-Free Archive feature. Samsung’s Galaxy Gifts offer includes $500 worth of free content, ranging from a year’s worth of RunKeeper Premium access, to six months subscription to the Wall Street Journal.
The titles are all chosen by Amazon’s publishing team, and provided you’re an Amazon Prime member, the books are free to download. Also, it allows you to switch between the eastern (right to left) and the western (left to right) reading style seamlessly.
You can also sync it directly with your other Apple devices and arrange your bookshelf the way it suits you. Click here to get a copy of this free iPad e-book reader loaded with a complimentary copy of Winnie the Pooh. Another great feature is the ability to make notes and highlights, while also being able to sync with other devices and pick up reading from where you left off on your iPad.
Lack of internet access is not a problem at any time as Google books for iPad has an offline reading mode feature embedded.
To get a real feel of storing your e-books in the cloud, download a copy of this great free iPad e-reader here. But if you’re new to the device, there are two free iPad guide books available for download that you can read right on your iPad.
It’s well illustrated and explains in very plain language all the default icons, controls, applications, and other information you need to know to get the most out of the device. Or you could simply open to the table of contents in the iPad User Guide and navigate to the chapter about iBooks. It explains for example, Wi-Fi and Network settings, Celluar Data, Bluetooth, Location Services, the settings for the various default applications, e.g.
It’s iPad Starter Guide is oddly not in the iBooks store, but you can read about it and download it from their website. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.
Free Books Windows 8 app brings you a large section of authors where you can browse books according to the authors’ name, lets you create you own library, search for a specific book, and share a book with others via Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
However, in case you want to remove a book from the ‘My Library’ section, just right-click on the book you want to remove > click on ‘Remove From Library’ given inside the horizontal panel.
You can also skip to a specific page using a slider given at the bottom of the eBook reader (right-click on the screen to open the slider). The package is a considerable extra incentive to buy a Galaxy S5, and the dedicated Kindle book store should offer something for everyone.
This makes it possible for you to wirelessly access your e-books from the cloud without needing a dedicated e-reading device.
In fact, the book is currently at the top of the Free Books list in the iBooks store (at the time of writing).
If by the time you read this, the iPad guide book is not listed in the top free books, do a search for its title within the app.

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