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Tamil Books Free Download, Tamil Novels free download, Sujatha books free download,Tamil Siddha Books free download, Ramanichandran novels pdf free download, Thenlai raman stories free download, Uma Balakumar books free download. This program is intended to teach small kids to handle the mouse and have fun with colors, shapes and sounds. It has a friendly user interface, nice sounds (on colors tab there are piano Musical Notes) and a variety of stamps models.

Some of the drawings, are composed form numbers that must be intercross, in order to complete the drawing. Each color have attached a piano note (1-8), so kids can play with them as playing a piano. The drawing is making by a color bLend effect (the foreground color will not immediate replace the back ground color), trying to Copy the real effect of a pencil on a paper.

Brush and stamp types There are a variety of brushes, up to 17 and over 24 stamps models, for kids, helping them to create nice, interesting and easy shapes.

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