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Windows 8 was released not too long ago showcasing its brand new user interface that merged the desktop and mobile OS experience into one package.
To help those feeling defeated by the new Windows 8, we’ve found a few free eBooks that will guide you to master the new operating system, Windows 8. This is a reference guide for all sorts of Window 8 devices including brand new Windows 8 touchscreen devices and laptops or desktop PCs. Microsoft understands that their new user interface is new to everyone which is why they released this Accessibility ebook with materials to help you get started and familiarize yourself with the operating system.
It comes with a printable fact sheet, and covers basic Windows 8 accessibility topics including Ease of Access, Personalization and Keyboard Shortcuts. MakeUseOf has kindly released a free Getting Started guidebook, written by author Christian Cawley.
To download the free eBook, all you have to do is share the link on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and you’ll be able to download it.

For people seeking deeper knowledge of Windows 8 (such as IT pros), they might be interested in this book. This 147-page ebook also talks about enchancements on the OS in terms of networking, security and its overall experience to help you further understand its improvements.
For the ultra-technical person who wants to know how to create Windows 8 apps, here’s a free eBook on programming and developing apps on Windows 8.
This comprehensive guide covers information on live tiles, notifications, background tasks and networking in relation to the new Windows 8 Store apps.
Remember, Amazon prices can change quickly, so be sure to double check the price before buying. Because of that, many people have commented that it will take some time to get used to this massive change.
It is published by the guys behind the For Dummies reference series, together with Dell and Microsoft.

This guide helps with navigating around Windows 8 and managing your content on any Windows 8 device. Check out all the Kindle Daily Deals and this month’s batch of 100 books for $3.99 or less!  Don’t have a Kindle? You can still read your FREEBIES. From the get-go, complaints came about the missing Start Button and how harder it has become to shut down the operating system.

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