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Each column has five different numbers except for the N column which has four because the middle square is usually a free space. Our Free Personalized Bingo Card and Call Sheet Maker will provide text boxes within a grid for both the Bingo card and the call sheet for you to add your numbers, equations or words (Variation #2 below shows words used).
To play this variation of Bingo, the Bingo Caller would call a number or equation from the call sheet, for example, (7+6). This variation of Bingo is similar to Variation #1 described above, except instead of numbers and equations, the cards and call sheets are filled with words instead. The rest of the game is essentially the same as above with the winner having either 5 covered squares in a row or, for the Blackout game, the entire card covered.
The last variation that we provide is one in which the words used for the Bingo card are the exact same set of words used for the call sheet.
The winner is either the player with 5 covered squares in a row or, for the Blackout version, the entire card covered.

This can be done as easily as using a pen or marker or you can use a coin or some type of similar marker. You will then click a button to shuffle your inputs and place them on a card or call sheet grid for printing. The players would complete the equation and see if the answer, (13), is on their card in any column or row.
The words entered into the Bingo card need to correspond in some way to the words entered into the call sheet.
If they were to call B-6, for example, you should check your card in the B column to see if you have the number 6. The card and call sheet is filled in like Classic Bingo, but when you play the game, the Bingo Caller will just call out the corresponding number, equations or words.
The N column, 31-45, the G column, 46-60 and the O column will contain one of the numbers 61-75.

We provide an endless supply of bingo cards with our Free Printable Classic Number Bingo Card Maker.
This can be played the same as Classic Bingo with the winner either covering 5 squares in a row or you can play the Blackout variation and try to cover the entire card to win.
The free space in the middle counts as one square and you can immediately place a marker on that square.

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