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You can make your own server or join one of your friends servers and it'll stop most of the time. They are still uploading all of the animal features, it will come out around like in a year, yea it will take a while. There's a game called web earth online and u first play as a blue bird, the more points u get the more animals u unlock.
And I also found some chatlands, 1-wolf home-make a account and you must have a email account, make your character and chat with people-you also have different poses to show your mood. 2-catspawisland-you play as a type of cat or big cat,it's also a Chatland, u also must have a email account to validate it or if u already have it for wolfhome u can use your username on that as well. Voixio offers free international calls anywhere in the world via your PC.I have noticed a website which supports free video and voice calls worldwide.

Click here to Subscribe to Computer Hacking and get all new tricks and regular updates to your inbox!! You make a zoo but the only bad thing is you can't play as a animal but this game is SOO featured.
But the only major problems I'VE hade so far is the game being messed up because i've been trying to download FH+ (Feralheart +) which is a new version, but i doubt you'll have any troubles with this. Lif is a game where you can take control of a rabbit, deer, fox, bear, or a wolf and you must hunt or find grass and scavenge for water to survive.
It's like Skype, but runs in your web browser and as long as you watch an advert the calls are free. The other game like this, Fly Like a Bird 3 is the same thing except you're surviving as a bird of your choice.

They quality isn't that bad, not as good an a normal telephone but just as good as Skype, and like Skype if you have a proper headset it would work even better.What is also good about the Voixio system is it supports video, this means you can have a video chat with other Voixio users or even with 3G mobile phone users. The game's graphics are quite similar to that of WolfQuest's, and there seem to be no real restrictions on chat at all whatsoever, giving you the freedom to say whatever you like. The download is free and it takes a little while to get used to (as in a couple of hours) but it's really addicting.

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