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Feel free to use the awesome angel wings design in your artworks if you like.You can grab the design resource from the link below. Download this angel wings psd file for free,link,and get it.If you love this design,share it with your friends. My name is Diego and I just wanted to tell you just how happy I am to have stumbled upon your YouTube videos, for they are wonderful to watch, and all contain a very inspirational message. If you needed to remind someone how to do a basic math equation, would you feel superior to them for remembering what they do not? Dear Ones, in order to make things a little easier to understand and apply, why not simply substitute stagnation and separation for the word ego, and flow and connectedness for enlightenment? Many of you have been getting sick with what some have coined a€?vibrational flua€? over your holiday season. Congratulations, Dear Ones, you have moved into not only a new age, but a brand new year within your new age. Many of you, moving into this new age and new year, have become focused on what you wish to create. We have shared several messages about change this week because you are in a time of great change, profound change, as you all move into this new year and new age. They are creating discomfort from both ends a€“ the discomfort of their lives as they are and the discomfort from resistance to change! More and more, enlightening human beings will be able to connect with their BEingness, and from that pure space, be able to stay in their balance, in acceptance and unconditional love. Four Crossing Abstract Horse Painting by Texas Equine Artist Laurie PaceANGEL ART-Art Print Greeting Cards by Marina PetroOIL PAINTING OF LITTLE GIRL PILED UP WITH THE FUNNY PAPERS BY ELIZABETH BLAYLOCKACEO by Nicole Wong -- Angel with relaxed kitty"Footsteps: A Sneaker" ~ Torn Paper Collage by Nancy Standlee Contemporary Painterclementine,5x6 in. Your requested content delivery powered by FeedBlitz, LLC, 9 Thoreau Way, Sudbury, MA 01776, USA. I give thanks for all the wonderful people that I meet every day of my life, whether it’s in person or not. Perhaps you could, with your lovely enlightening hearts, shift your focus to seeing what is so divinely perfect all around you.
No, you would just simply recognize that they had forgotten, knowing they have the same knowledge base as you do. You will have many, many opportunities to create and evolve, with energies that are supporting you like never before. They are so key because they help people stay in a state of acceptance and allowing, and from there it is very easy to connect with the magic of the Now.
Resistance to the flow, over a sustained period of time, will manifest as depression in the body. That sacred temple exists within you, right now, and each of you are born with an internal guidance system to get there.
I have been busy with some great commissions and experimenting with some abstract paintings.
Or, you can download the hi-res version for $4 which provides the image in hi-resolution, in JPG, GIF, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator formats.
Please keep up the great work, for I truly believe that many will benefit from your hard work just like I did. There is such a peace that comes from that knowingness that allows you to feel such joyful calm.

We are here to tell you that massive change is only overwhelming if you try to do it all at once, and all by yourself. While you are still and spending a lot of time in your sleep state, you are most out of your own way to receive vibrational adjustments. But you must understand that while the energies can support and assist you in your enlightenment process, all change must come from within. Humans are becoming very good at figuring out what they want, and a great many have a good working knowledge of the law of attraction. Dear Ones, it is your ego self, the part of you that seeks to keep you small and separate, that encourages this. From our vantage point, we can see that a great many human beings are experiencing discomfort.
You do not need to wait until you are battered and worn and no longer have the energy to resist for change to occur. Dear Ones, when you finally, truly, accept that your soul is immortal, that you are completely indestructible, you will find freedom from that fundamental fear.
You will begin to see more tangible proof of this movement as you move forward into February and March.
Hopefully I can hear from you through an email since I live in the United States in California. True, lasting change begins with an intention and a commitment to improve into that vision of what you wish to create.
Also, when you are not feeling well, you become much more focused on self care and nurturing, something a great many of you lack and would like to anchor in energetically.
If you are continuing old, disempowering behaviour and expect that stepping into the new year is going to make a magical difference you will be very disappointed, indeed. From that place of acceptance, they are calm and comfortable and can then choose to perhaps listen to good music, meditate or any other quiet activity that brings them pleasure. Where things tend to fall apart is staying in alignment until your creations come to fruition.
Your true self, your soul self, embraces change, knowing that through flow comes growth and the experiences your soul wishes to have during this life expression.
Let go of the belief that change is bad because not only is that false, it is one of the most debilitating lies humans hide behind.
They are dissatisfied with their lives as they are right now and are actively trying to create what they desire. Let us assure you that just as your soul never dies, neither does the love that exists between you and your loved ones.
Either way, i would like to send you and yours lots of joy, good health, happiness, abundance, and above all lots of love.
You are all from the same Source, you are all, simply put, in different stages of remembering. That alone is the biggest step, because it creates a shift in energies and loudly announces to the universe what you wish to do.
Expecting change to come from externals is giving your power away, and by choosing this tactic, you are choosing to experience the same old energy all over again.
If a person is trying to navigate their life path strictly through control, this is a very frustrating experience, indeed.

Both humans will get to their destination at the same time, but one will have used his time wisely and supported his health and future manifestations. We understand you resist change because you fear change will somehow take away what you like in your life.
As always, practice your energetic clarity, focus on what you want more of, stay in the flow, and know you are loved and supported as you walk your path as a human being of light. Meanwhile, this is a scene I have painted many times as it is a favorite Colorado area: the Maroon Bells Wilderness area. If you really wish for 2013 to be the best year you have ever experienced, Dear Ones, embrace your authentic power and co-create it! They feel extremely upset and angry, their blood pressure rises, getting more uncomfortable by the minute over a situation they simply cannot change. Dear Ones, surrender and flow can always be applied, even in situations that dona€™t seem to have movement. It is through change you will heal and evolve and it is through change you will have your greatest life moments. When you can get to the point where you can see death as a completion of a phase to be celebrated, you will finally lose your deep seeded fear of change and will step fearlessly forward to embrace your life expression. Now an enlightening human being, who navigates their life path through surrender and flow might feel initially upset, but will quickly embrace the fact that nothing can be done. Surrender, flow, acceptance and allowing are all vital tools in the toolkit of the enlightening human being.
It may be that there are many different steps that get you to your desire, each one absolutely vital, along the way. Know that your life can be everything you dream of and more and then, Dear Ones, get out of your own way!
There are endless supports available to you, you simply must ask for the help and it is there.
Rather than seeing things as being wrong, if you trust in the flow you will get there in record time.
It is through surrendered movement that you will find the way to the life expressions you so desire and deserve. Expecting that change might be bad is still living from the position that life is something that happens to you.
The surrender, faith, flow system works, impeccably, every single timea€¦but you must stay in the energy long enough for things to happen. When you embrace your creator self you can anticipate change much like you excitedly wait for the postman when you are expecting a present to come in the mail. Know you are loved and supported and from there, dream big, Dear Ones, and create, create, create!

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