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Tarot card readings every day can be thought of as a woman sitting in a dark mysterious room with a crystal blue ball in front of her as she predicts your future, but that’s not what tarot cards are about. Don’t Make Up Your Mind In order for the tarot card prediction to work, you have to be in a state of un-decisiveness.
Have A Clear Thought When you are about to think about the question or topic in mind before asking the tarot cards, be specific not in image but in thought about the thing that you are asking about.
Try To Feel Yourself From Within You can only think about your future if it’s you in your thoughts. If you need answers to questions about romance, try a free 3-minute daily love tarot reading.
Don’t Pick Sides If you are going to use a free daily tarot card reading, then there is no point in trying to think of an outcome whatsoever. Always Be Positive The most effective tarot predictions each day happen to people who come into this with an open mind. A daily tarot reading can be very resourceful if you learn how to use them with an open mind. Tarot card readings are best seen as a way to gain insight into various aspects of everyday life using symbolic cards.
There are a million things I love about the Osho Zen Tarot, but my favorite thing is the way they feel. The Osho Zen Tarot has taken the Classic themes and images of the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot and re-imagined them from a spiritual, Zen perspective.
The Osho Zen Tarot re-imagines the traditional tarot in a way that is positive and empowering, but without being too wishy-washy or nauseatingly upbeat. A unique aspect of the Osho Zen Tarot is it’s incredible ability to reveal the dysfunction of our minds and the ways in which our egos keep us prisoners – all the while making it possible to identify escape routes and solutions to our problems. Which brings me to another great aspect of the Osho Zen Tarot – pretty much anyone can read with these cards.
The Osho Zen Tarot is one of my absolute favorite decks and I use it frequently when reading for myself and for professional readings. Since divination is basically a reading of current energies, it makes sense to me to focus on the present the way this deck does. I also love the Soho Zen and found the illustrative art spook impact, that I go, wow, in my mind. The message I got from this Osho Zen Tarot card was crystal clear today: Love yourself, love others and love the world ~ we are one! This entry was posted in October 2012 and tagged daily tarot reading, osho zen tarot, tarot card meanings, tarot cards, ten of pentacles tarot card. A free printable pumpkin carving pattern based on a vintage French postcard image of a moon with his tongue sticking out.
Here’s a lovely vintage magazine illustration of a Halloween party couple in masquerade costumes. This is a beautiful old vintage chart to predict astrological fortunes from a palm reading.
We are powerful, magnificent beings who have been conditioned through our society to believe we are weak, powerless and unimportant and that life will be easier if we go along with the herd (like sheep).
I am excited to announce my next Full Moon Reading will be on Nov 28, 7pm PST and will be on the topic of creating more prosperity and abundance in our lives.

This entry was posted in November 2012 and tagged free daily tarot, osho zen tarot, tarot card meanings, tarot cards, the devil tarot card. Tarot predictions actually are not supposed to tell you any mysteries about the future and that is a wild misconception.
You can’t already have the answer you want and expect the tarot cards to respond to you. A lot of people have a hard time thinking about themselves for longer than a few minutes without including anyone else in their thoughts. There is also readings where you can request help in an major life event like getting married or applying for your dream job, and those situations can be figured out by sitting down and making sure you put all the options on the table and the idea of what you want to do and how to portray it. You may use Tarot cards if you want to gain insight into issues concerning love, work, the mind or your own personal development. Most people see the Major Arcana as symbolic for the various stages in human life on earth: from the moment of birth to the moment of death. For example, The Ten of Swords is replaced by Rebirth (10 of Clouds), so instead of a guy with ten swords stuck in his back, we see a young boy rising out of a lion which is rising out of a camel. For example, “Clinging to the Past” replaces the Four of Cups and the image is so clear in illustrating what this cards meaning is and what we need to do to instantly feel better.
I find that the Osho Zen Tarot inspires me to live in the NOW and to turn inward in order to understand and change what is going on outside of me.
I have had phases where I get really negative readings from this deck too, and I’ve put it away in frustration. While I have personally noticed that they do not do so well predicting future events (as Ma Deva Padma made quite clear in the companion guide), the cards do a magnificent job of showing someone the current situation and EVERYTHING that surrounds it.
I also bought the companion book (not just the one that comes with it), which has a chart in the back comparing the cards to the corresponding cards in other major decks. I have the book as well and its great – I bought this deck way back when I knew very little about Tarot and so it was one of the decks I learned with. This card brings you a strong message that we are all one and everything is connected and interdependent of each other. And notice what feelings it brings up for you – for example, do you feel relieved, relaxed, or anxious and confused? Don’t waste your time trying to be the best and instead focus on how you can connect with those around you. I create printables from my personal vintage image collection, upcycle old furniture, make vintage clothes, hit the thrift stores & estate sales on a regular basis, and collect vintage fashion items, sewing stuff, kitchenware and home decor items. When we awaken to this, we realize that these limits are self imposed by our beliefs about ourselves. I personally don’t have a free wordpress site, but from what I hear, those are great. There are many things that are involved with tarot card readings and it is good to know what can and what can’t be done using those cards.
You might not get Yes or No but you will get all the answers you need about the topic you are thinking about during a psychic reading at no cost about love.
After the reading, all you want to do is follow the direction you are already on and don’t try to change your surroundings. The cards come with a substantial companion book that explains the meaning behind each card and introduces eight different spreads.

Cards that often leave me feeling cold and hopeless in the Rider-Waite deck, such as the Five of Pentacles, have a real sense of possibility in the Osho Zen Tarot and it is easy to see ways breaking free from your current struggles. This picture makes it obvious that the card is about rising above and moving through different phases, always evolving. So if you have been struggling to learn Tarot and find that a lot of the more traditionally structured decks, such as the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, don’t resonate with you, this deck could be your saving grace. In fact, the last time I took this one to a Tarot party to do readings for others, I got consistently negative readings for nearly everyone there! I don’t normally like having to take out the negative cards, because there is negative in life.
They put a lovely spiritual twist on even the most mundane inquiries a client may come to me seeking answers to.
I thought “why would I get that deck?” but then a few years later, it suddenly appealed to me and I got it and I love it! I have both Etsy and Ebay shops to share my cool finds - and to keep myself off of future episodes of Hoarders (I only half kid). It is time to step out of the false beliefs that bind us and into our true, empowered, radiant state of being. Also, notice if you have any fears about becoming awakened and stepping into your true power. You are going to enter everything prepared which will make your subconscious feel safe before anything takes place. In fact, reading from this deck is like having your own enlightened Zen master sitting in your living room with you!
When reading this deck, I usually use specific layout’s that are in the back of the book that came with it. I also love to feature your vintage inspired projects - submit a link to show off your stuff! You might feel worried that you will be lonely and unable to relate to those around you or you may fear being shunned by your friends and family. Readings are a great help in masking anxiety and working on ways to keep the confidence in one’s self as high as possible. I’m not totally sure what the pros and cons are of doing a paid site vs free (I think you just have more options with the paid).
You might want to try taking out all the negative cards for a couple of weeks, then slowly reintroduce them back into your deck. I guess my main tip would be to get really clear on what your mission is with your site and who you want your audience to be – that will help you with your writing style and blog topics. Just so you would be able to break the cycle of having a negative association with that deck.

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