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Do you come to church fairly regularly?  Do you think of yourself as part of the church?  Are you a baptized Christian?  Do you want to be considered a member of St. Sacramental entry into the Christian community is through the joyous, welcoming service of Baptism. If you are from another province of the Anglican Communion:     If you are a confirmed Anglican from, for example, the Church of England or the Nippon Sei Ko Kai (Episcopal Church in Japan), provide the parish office with your birth date and place, baptismal date and place, and Confirmation date, place and bishop. If you are a member of another Christian denomination:     If you were baptized with water in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in any Christian denomination, you may become a “baptized member” of St.
Members in good standing:     A member in good standing is one whose baptism is entered in the parish register (through one of the means described above), who worships regularly, and who is a contributor of record (by pledge or other identifiable contribution) to the general support of the parish.

Reaffirmation means that you choose to re-state your commitment to Christ in The Episcopal Church, honoring your growth in faith throughout your spiritual journey. Reaffirmation is a way to honor your journey and previous public commitment as an adult while also making this definitive sacramental gesture. Reception is common for people who have been active throughout their lives in other denominations. Often, individuals who made a public profession of faith in a faith tradition such as Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, or Roman Catholic will choose to be Received into The Episcopal Church. What is the meaning of the bishop laying hands on those who are confirmed, reaffirmed, or received?   When the bishop lays hands on your head during the service, it is a very tangible way for you to experience your own faith journey being welcomed into the larger journey of the Body of Christ.
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Ann’s Church.  Just provide the parish office with your birth date and place and your baptismal date and place.
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