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Many people are purchasing e-readers, tablets, and smartphones with the intention of amassing a large collection of ebooks.
The main format of ebooks in the public domain are EPUB, which is the format of choice on 95% of all reading devices. Protect Gutenberg – Considered by most people to be the most definitive website for public domain ebooks. MobileRead – The Mobile Read forum community is a solid source to find public domain ebooks. Google Books –  Google not only has a paid bookstore that is a part of the Google Play ecosystem, but it also offers millions of free books. Thanks a lot , now we can Free downloads ebooks from this site and the content is very useful.
Target audience: Nonprofits, NGOs, social enterprises, businesses, brands, educators, Web publishers, individuals.
If you run a successful nonprofit organization, chances are you’ve tapped into both Internet and traditional marketing approaches.
While many conventional, printed books have been converted into ebooks, smart organizations are beginning to take advantage of the new phenomenon by creating books for the digital screen focused on their area of expertise. Socialbrite has previously published a guide to publishing a successful ebook and a guide to turning your nonprofit’s blog into an ebook . Here are tips on how to get started creating your own ebook and the best ways to use it to publicize your nonprofit’s cause.
2 Be sure your content sounds informative rather than sounding like begging, and use lots of subheadings and lists to make it easy to read.
5 As discussed above, ebooks are usually offered and publicized on an organization’s website. Amanda DiSilvestro is a content writer at Resource Nation, an online resource that gives advice to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Learning: We provide thousands of free articles, tutorials and resources to the social good community. Not everyone can afford to purchase books from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Kobo on a regular basis and so they turn to free books on the internet.
Amazon uses its own proprietary format, but a number of Public Domain sources have them available in MOBI, which is the version you want if you have any model of the Kindle.
It has a great layout and genre specific categories that make discovering content quite easy.
Some of the books are only viewable in your web-browser and others can be downloaded to your PC. People tend to like this website because they have over 30,000 different books and support many different e-readers.

It has a different layout then most of the other stores on this list, because it runs forum software. The company has partnered with academic libraries all over the world to digitize their entire archives. This amount will continue to grow as they add to the classics already listed in their collection.
All the books are free, in pdf format and are written especially for them, so you don`t have to worry about copyright infringement. However, there is one sector of the marketing world that does not quite fit into either category: ebooks. Increasingly, consumers are starting to realize that using an ebook reader is significantly more pleasant than staring at a computer screen or having to carry around a newspaper, and it is becoming yet another outlet for finding information or opportunities in their community. When it comes to choosing a topic, look through the different types of feedback your group members or customers have given and find a topic that a majority of those people find interesting. Consider giving a sneak preview of the book by including the first few paragraphs, the first chapter, a list of chapter topics, or a combination of all three.
If someone sees the free offer and wants to download the ebook, they must provide their e-mail address and name.
And Elissa, I read a few of the related articles…they go into much better detail than I ever could through a comment. Select from a wide range of ebooks on Project Gutenberg, absolutely your best choice to get Free eBooks for new iPad 3. Once you open a book on this free eBook downloading site, you will find various versions HTML, EPUB(with images), EPUB(no images), Kindle(with images), Kindle(no images), Plucker, QiOO Mobile, Plan Text, etc. Run iTunes on your computer, then add the ebooks that you have just downloaded to your iTunes library. You can access iBookstore from iBooks App to access and purchase thousands of books online. The books will appear on your shelf in iBooks right alongside the ones you get through iBookstore.
If you find a great source of ebooks and they are only available in EPUB, you can use a free program like Calibre to convert them from one format to another. The audio content is delivered in MP3 format, which should work well with most players and readers. The books are available in the MOBI and EPUB formats, and the site also supports “Read it Later” or has a print option! All of the books listed tend to have pages integrated at the beginning of everything you download, so you don’t forget where it came from. People dig this website because you can request specific books not included in the main list and people will try and dig them up for you.

This ensures that books from all over Europe are available for the entire world to download.  You will find one of a kind books here. His articles have been picked up by major and local news sources and websites such as the Huffington Post, CNET and more.
I must say I`m a huge fan of the travel books, never go on a trip without the respective one. Additionally, if you have a new event or volunteer opportunity coming up, you can focus your ebook on that subject.
Soon, everyone is going to catch onto the fact that an ebook reader is lighter and smaller than a laptop or a big textbook.
The next step is simple, and if you use e-mail marketing, then making an ebook available will be second nature to you.
We have filmed over 40 different video tutorials using Calibre that will teach you how to do this.
It has a blog style layout and it’s not too terribly intuitive, but if you know what you are searching for, it is a viable solution.
Michael frequently travels to international events such as IFA, Computex, CES, Book Expo and a myriad of others.
At the end of your ebook, be sure to include your contact information for those interested in learning more. Better yet, a free ebook will get readers even more excited about using their ebook readers.
It is important to note that Australian copyright law is different from the USA and the rest of the world.
One great thing is it supports the mainstream formats as well as old Sony and Microsoft extensions.
Simply choose a topic to write about and cover all aspects of that topic; this should be more than enough information to create a book.
Use an auto responder e-mail service such as AWeber, and let the software do the work for you.
Having a full book will help build your overall credibility and show that you really are someone passionate and knowledgeable about the particular cause. It will send out your ebook to anyone who signed up for it on your website; it’s as simple as that! If you are using an Android devices, like Samsung phones, HTC phones, Motorola phones, Sony, you can refer to this guide to download free ebooks on to Android phones directly.

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