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Leave your own prognostications in the comments below and we’ll see if your powers of foresight are greater than mine. As Chelsea won the League cup, the runner-up will get the Europa spot, not necessarily sixth place. For Southampton to get into the Europa league they need Liverpool and Arsenal to make the final of the FA Cup and not for one to simply win it. If Arsenal beat Villa in the final, then Liverpool get in for 5th and Villa get in for an FA Cup runner-up.
Sportpunter's soccer models are free models with predictions in head to heads (1x2), total goals and asian handicaps. A calculator is available to download below which makes it very easy to bet all the leagues. Sportpunter have released a calculator to download which will automatically download the probabilities for head to head, totals as ggestes asian handicap.
According to English Premier League odds specialists, Southampton FC comes into this matchup as the team with a bulls eye painted on its back against Newcastle United.
In addition to straight-up betting lines, the odds that these teams will be deadlocked in a draw after 90 minutes equal +275. For Southampton FC, this team starts the day sitting in eighth place in the latest English Premier League standings.
For Newcastle United, this has been a rather rough start to their 2014 campaign, which has them occupying the 16th slot in the standings. If you’re looking for the inside edge, subscribe to our free sports picks newsletter and get the insight you need to make an informed decision from our top 2014 English Premier League (EPL) predictions experts before every sports wager!

No doubt United fans will be in a panic curing that upcoming three-game winless streak, but 12 of a possible 12 in their last four means a total of five wins, a draw and two losses will give the bad guys 16 more points and a total of 75, which should be good enough to see them into the Champions League next season. This European place applies even if the team is relegated or is not in the English top flight.
You’re pretty much on the money with most of your predictions there, except for those of the side you support, the Saints. Sportpunter currently has over 60 free soccer leagues with predictions coming out every day. Our betting histories are shown below, and these will change over time as we make more predictions as well as updating the models.
Click below to find the latest predictions and betting histories, and come back to find regular updates to the soccer webpage.
Mary’s Stadium in Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom, will be the site for an English Premier League (EPL) predictions showdown between Southampton and Newcastle United. The latest soccer betting odds show that -140 is the line for the favorites, while the underdogs have a great value at +400. Through three fixtures, The Saints have a record of 1-1-1, which equals out to 4 points total. Through three contests, The Magpies are still looking for their first win of the season, as they have two draws and a loss to show for. That is exactly why I believe this particular match has upset written all over it, which is particularly bad news for the Southampton FC and their EPL fans. Six wins, a draw and a loss for Arsenal give them 19 more points and 79 in total, putting them ahead of City but still well behind Chelsea.

In the past, if the FA Cup winning team also qualified for the following season’s Champions League or Europa League through their league position, then the losing FA Cup finalist was given the Europa League place instead. I’m surprised no-one else mentioned this, but you said Saints could go to City and win?
Seven wins a draw and a loss in their final nine games gives Chelsea 22 more points for a total of 89. Losing finalists, if they entered the Europa League, began earlier, at the play-off or Q3 stage. The estimable Martin Wills delivers week-by-week predictions in Premier Premonitions, and he is never wrong.
Manchester City, Arsenal and Manchester United occupy the rest of the top four, on 61, 60 and 59 points respectively. From the 2015-16 UEFA Europa League season, however, UEFA will not allow the runners-up to qualify for the Europa League through the competition. Leicester, Hull, Sunderland and Villa are all in the relegation scrap and will likely fight tooth-and-nail so those aren’t guaranteed wins either and definitely not foregone conclusions.

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