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When two people who are both fire signs get together, they mutually understand that actions speak louder than words. If they can agree on a course of action, watch out a€“ they will definitely get things done.
When two Earth signs first start dating, the practical aspects of why you two should be together get discussed right away. The hurdles to commitment will be based more on economic and cultural differences than they will be in emotions or passion.
Two Earth signs have concrete goals and expectations of the partnership to further things along.
Exchanging ideas and discussing options is the method in which you two establish intimacy and build a foundation of trust. If one partner talks more, it is because the other understands where the whole conversation is going at all times. When two Water signs are in a relationship, you each understand the other’s approach and reasoning on a gut level.

You may not be able to articulate the intricacies of why and how he does what he does, but you get it, and since he gets you, the two of you find a space for mutual love and respect. Without the friction of having your motives questioned or your goals defined, though, you might have nothing to aim for and your love relationship can be seen as a drifting away from priorities.
Two Water signs swim together well, but may often just float along and get almost nothing done.Opposing Element RelationshipsFire and Air The opposite element from each Fire sign is an Air sign.
Meanwhile, Fire demands that Air get up and do something, rather than just sit around and discuss what should be done.
Fire signs do not want to hear about love a€“ they want to love.Earth and Water The opposite sign from each Earth sign is a Water sign.
An Earth-Fire relationship will last if the ground rules include wide latitude early on and time is taken to define boundaries.Fire and Water Those born under Water signs look up to all that a Fire sign is doing with a deep desire to know how you do it. The capacity that every Water sign has to feel inspires a purpose in the actions of the Fire sign.Earth and Air An Earth-Air affair will be strong if each partner has specific roles that are adhered to. Air signs have great ideas and Earth signs can make them happen, but Air must chip in on the hard work and take direction about what is actually attainable as a partnership.Air and Water Air signs can live in the realm of the theoretical and not notice a disconnect between the way they think and the way they behave.

There may also be karma associated with relationship or there are some life lessons that you need to learn from this particular person. You may also want to see if your partner’s sun or moon shares compatibility with your own signs in the 7th House.
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