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Having listened to their rockabilly recordings, I was mentally prepared for slick pompadours and head-to-toe vintage couture, complete with overly cuffed jeans and chain wallets. I readjust my preconceived notions, pour us all some coffee, and we sit down for a good, old-fashioned jaw session.
When I mention my unmet fashion expectations, they chuckle and joke about their vintage tennis shoes and lack of pomade, and even produce their front-pocket wallets for inspection. Guitarist Fragua admits that the band's divergence from the prototypical rockabilly look was something he once fretted over, but he says music transcends surface appearances. He says he'd rather spend time rehearsing than perfecting his hairdo or shopping for clothes. The band's drummer, Jeff Cooper, is unable to make our morning interview because he's on the road as a short-haul truck driver.

His bandmates confirm that his lengthy beard and penchant for flannel shirts situate him far from the rockabilly fashion norm. Most of their shows have been local, and they're content to keep it that way for the time being. While their bread and butter thus far has been covering other songwriters’ output, they're working on their own material. The guys profess a deep respect for the roots rock tradition of redux, but want a substantial collection of original tunes before they set out to wholeheartedly tour. He adds that rockabilly, as a form of music, has a strong tradition of honoring sonic predecessors by reprising their songs.
He thinks the importance of political correctness shouldn't trump the need for a catchy, memorable name.

When I ask if they're into car culture, Ezzard says he had a ’52 Dodge Wayfarer, but insists I note he never got it running. When I go to car shows and see all these great American cars, that makes me proud,” says Fragua.

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