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AstroSage Kundli App for Windows 8.1 desktop, laptop, notebook, and tablet users is now out in the market for FREE!
FREE AstroSage Kundli App for Windows 8.1 desktops, tablets, and laptops users has now made an entry to the market. Kundli: make detailed Kundli with this Kundli Software with Lagna chart, Moon chart, Navamsa chart, Vimoshottari dasha etc. Daily Personalised Predictions:With this App you will get your personalised predictions daily! Detailed Description of Vimshottari Dasha:It provides you the detailed description of Vimshottari Dasha or Udu Dasha to upto five levels. Daily Horoscope Predictions: Here you get the daily horoscope predictions for all zodiac signs. This astrology software is especially designed keeping mobility and instant calculations in mind. No other app has so many Indian astrology, Vedic astrology, and Hindu astrology features for Windows 8.1 desktops, laptops, and tablets.
Leave your valuable suggestions or comments for us, so that we can provide you the bestest of the best.
Copyright © 2014 Review Ebooks, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Australia Vs West Indies, the 23rd match of ICC T20 World Cup, is now predictable by astrology!
The sub lord of 6th house should have connections with 1, 2, 3,6,10 and 11 houses at its sub level which assures success for the team reflected in the Ascendant. The lords of the star and sub transited by Moon during the period of the match will play significant role in deciding the game. The world number 2 Rafael Nadal will take the 7th seeded Richard Gasquet at the Semi final match of Men’s Singles of the US Open. Comparing the results as per Namank, Mulank and Sampoormnank Richard Gasquet will win the Men’s Singles of the US Open 2013. The world number 1 Serena Williams will take the 2nd seeded Victoria Azarenka at the Women’s Final of the US Open. Comparing the results as per Namank, Mulank and Sampoormnank Victoria Azarenka will win the Final match of US Open 2013.
We hope that this small introduction on Shani Sade Sati will make you understand that it is not entirely incurable.
We hope you will fetch the best of Ganapati’s blessings by following the above mentioned Muhurata (auspicious time). Get into the Bhakti mood, chant the Holy Mantras and sing the Holy songs; make your home a place Lord Ganesh would want to visit. Nothing can be good if it is not shared, likewise Ganesh Chaturthi is not fun if you don't wish your loved ones.
Ganesh Chaturthi is a very famous and one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India. On this auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi which is a very blessed day, you may start any new venture on this day.
At AstroSage, we have astrologers who have expertise of anything and everything related to astrology.
Lord Ganesha has a very important place in hinduism, he is the one God who u cannot do without.
Ganesha’s stories are many, but we have picked out the most popular and loved ones to share with you all. Legends says that, Lord Ganesh and Lord Subramanya had an argument as to who was the elder among the two. Vedic Astrology gives you hope, pinnacle of success, makes you stronger, brings selflessness and ultimate bliss. When you know that there is a solution of your problems – a remedy to eradicate your troubles, you keep on fighting and do not give-up. As circumstances are written in your chart – both positive and negative – you face what comes to you. The world’s number 1 Novak Djokovic and number 2 Rafael Nadal will lock horns again in the US Open 2013 Finals.

Comparing the results as per Namank, Mulank and Sampoormnank; Novak Djokovic will win the Men’s Singles Final of the US Open 2013.
Sun sextiles Jupiter, Moon sextiles Sun, Trines Jupiter and conjoins Rahu, Mercury sextiles Mars & Saturn and Rahu Squares Mars.
Make Kundalis, match horoscopes, check daily predictions, see Panchanga, save charts, and many more! After getting a grand response from the Android Google Play, iTunes, Windows Phone App Store, and many more; AstroSage Kundli App is adorned to represent astrology a€?in-stylea€™ to the world.
Kundli Milan at your fingertips, it has never been so easy with 36 points match, mangal dosha check and detailed interpretation of each matching point. Match horoscope with your sweetheart, or find a perfect match for your closed ones, AstroSage Kundli App is all FREE! All you need is to stay tuned with us to be the first one in catching the New Wonders of AstroSage!
The Sampoormnank of the date of the match is 5, while the Namank of the Richard Gasquet is 5. However these are only possibilities so no risks should be taken on the basis of these results.
However these are mere possibilities and no risk should be taken on the basis of this prediction. The Sampoornank of the date of the match is 4 while, the Namank of the Serena Williams is 7.
The Sampoormnank of the date of the match is 4, while the Namank of the Victoria Azarenka is 4.
Problems ranging from finance, relationships and family could be the reason of your tensions. Getting the blessings of Lord Ganesha will give you the power to accomplish any task.
A greeting card or simply a small SMS would make someone’s day; and why don’t you become the one helping in making this happen.
Many processions and eye popping display of Ganesha idols will be there this Ganesh Chaturthi.
Like starting a bussiness, buy property, marriage, any important occasion can be considered to take place on this day. It is a festival celebrated all over India but most popular in southern states and also in Maharashtra and some parts of Gujarat. Legend say that Goddess Parvati while bathing rubbed off the turmeric from her body and made a life like idol of a small boy and breathed life into it, claiming him to be her son. When none of the Gods could come up with a solution, the matter was taken to Lord Shiva for a final decision. However, these are only possibilities so no risk should be taken on the basis of these results. We dona€™t stop here, there are many mind-boggling features that come with AstroSage Kundli App for Windows 8.1. Read this astrological prediction of Australia Vs West Indies, and know the winner in advance! Rahu is in 8th house, whereas Saturn is in 9th house in the star of Jupiter occupant of 5th house. As per the Cheiro method of Numerology, 5 and 7 are believed to be neutral numbers, which indicates neither a positive sign nor a negative one. The relationship between 5 and 4 is neutral, which indicates neither a positive sign nor a negative one.
As per the Cheiro method of Numerology, 4 and 7 are believed to be enemy numbers, which indicates negative signs. The transit (gochar) of Saturn or Shani into birth Moon or twelfth or second from it, is called Shani Sade Sati or Saturn Sade Sati. We also provide a Shani Yantra, which is capable of nullifying the negative effects of Saturn.
If there has been any issue bothering you, or if your are not able to get results no matter how much you try; then pray to Lord Ganesh and things will start seeing light.
Every year, thousands of devotees and tourists rush to participate in these celebrations.

She then asked him to guard the house and not let anyone in until she was done with her bath. Lord Shiva proposed a competition that whoever circles the universe the first and comes back to them would be declared as the elder one. Check out this article by Pratik Pandey to know four ways astrology can help you become happier and live a richer life. Studying astrology is a must to understand Vedas and the spiritual truths these sacred scriptures contain.
You are just a witness, a part of all pervasive consciousness that witnesses cosmic play all the time.
Your chart also tells about your father, your mother, your siblings, your spouse, your neighbours and much more.
Just install it once on your Windows 8.1 desktop, laptop, or tablet and give us your feedback.
As an enthusiastic admirer of KP Astrology I would like to offer the outcomes of matches through horary astrology.
All the bad effects of Saturn can be negated or minimised with the help of different astrological remedies.
But just then Lord Shiva happen to come there and sees this boy blocking him from entering the house. As per the Cheiro method of Numerology, 6 and 7 are believed to be friendly numbers, which indicates positive sign. Once AstroSage Kundli App gets installed to your Laptop, Tab or PC, you will stay updated with daily Panchangam and daily horoscope predictions. My intention is only to prove the efficacy astrology and never influence decisions whatsoever. Decorate the house for the arrival of the elephant God; gather all the sweets and Ladoos for him because Ganesh Chaturthi is here.
AstroSage gives you the chance to talk to Lord Ganesh and you can know his opinion for your issues. On the other hand, Lord Ganesh being the wise one went around Lord Shiva and Parvati claiming that, his parents meant the world to him. It teaches that you aren’t just an individual as you believe now – you are the entire universe.
It is very easy to register directly, and even if you wish not to register, you can use it without even logging in. The period begins when the Saturn enters one sign prior to the Moon sign of the native and continues up to the next two signs.
AstroSage will help you have a wonderful time by providing all the necessary information and services needed for Ganesh Chaturthi.
On knowing this Goddess Parvati threatens to destroy the earth and heavens, so great was her anger.
In this article, we are discussing four main points showing how astrology can improve you physically, mentally and spiritually, and make you happier. There is nothing to be afraid of this period as there are ways and means which can help you fight this. Goddess Parvati demanded only if Ganesh was brought back to life and also from then on worshipped as the first God would she spare everyone. Realising his mistake, Lord Shiva orders Narada to go to earth and bring the head of the first being whose head is facing the north, which is considered to the auspicious direction.
He brings back the head of the mighty elephant, Lord Ganesh is brought back to life with a head of a elephant and thus peace prevailed in the seven heavens.
When one realizes that one has everything and lacks nothing, one reaches to ultimate happiness, the ultimate bliss. So, whatever you do knowing this purifies your heart, makes you selfless and brings you closer to divinity within.

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