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I love to look on past days and compare what was happening in my life to the energies described. This is the 4th Moon of the Planetary Service Wavespell, holding the power of self-existing form."We are the planet, our one mind is the planetary mind. This is also the departure and arrival point for interdimensional travel.Through the solar plexus runs the umbilical cord that connects us to all of the cosmos.
Our collective unification as a single total is the salvation of the planet and resurrection into galactic consciousness. We can ride this umbilical cord backward in time, forward in time, to past lives or future lives; ultimately this is the cord by which we are always connected to Source.
The Electric Moon invites you to activate your dormant powers on behalf of the Noosphere.Activate your Heart! Everything in the third dimension comes first from mind.This Self-Existing Moon we are being called to define and redefine our form of perception and action on behalf of the whole.
The first step is by listening to and heeding the voice of our true essence."The Plan of the Almighty is the lock key of the entire universal mechanism. Riding the cosmic umbilical cord back to the sole atom, we see that it is a plasmatic seed generator in the middle of all galaxies in the center of a black hole. The plasmas are not emitted by the black hole itself, but at a point near the center of the galaxy.This sole atom replicates the same structure in each of the seven chakras of the human system and also corresponds to the resonant field model.

In this galactic hawk moon let's work to reactivate the flow of our chakras to amplify our auric field (see Synchrogalactic Yoga).Our duty is to organize and amplify a new spiritual healing energy field for Planet Earth. The core aspect of this work is the creation of an ever-increasing Light-Intelligence field that will permeate the planet with the divine harmony necessary to vibrate in the New Earth.In the pulsar geometry, the eighth tone is the second tone of the third-dimensional mind pulsar (4, 8, 12).
Ultimately we want to learn how to merge our electromagnetic fields with that of the Earth, creating an interactive force field.
Everything depends on this.All true knowledge and advancement beyond the self-imposed limitations of our present conditions comes from listening to our inner essence. This requires turning off our cell phones and computers each day and giving our soul essence space to breathe.
In the world we live in this can be especially challenging since the conditioned being speaks with so many voices and creates so many situations that divert one from the cultivation of true essence. It is just a matter of recognizing the patterns and signs and learning to dissolve yourself into the light of the ONE who sustains the All. We are undergoing an accelerated clearing of ancient karma activated by the New Galactic Beam (commenced on 26 July 2013).
It is not enough to just listen to the voice, but to take to heart what it says and to stay true to its command despite other people's opinions. Everything is connected.The Telektonon prophecy of Pacal Votan demonstrates how the whole cosmos is an indivisible unity.

Therefore, every belief, every set of teachings, every religion and every revealed prophecy are all part of One Indivisible Unity that can be mapped according to the synchronic order. It is the realization of the universal unification of all religions, spiritual traditions, as well as world systems; it is ultimate unity consciousness that enters us into the Noosphere.
Within noospheric consciousness we realize that we are an extension of an evolving consciousness and spirit.In the pulsar geometry, the third tone (and third moon) represents the first stage of the 3-7-11 second-dimensional sensory pulsar. The totem animal for this Moon is Deer reminding us to be gentle with ourselves and with others as we make our way through this unprecedented time of transition. It also reminds us that love and compassion for ourselves and others eases our journey and allows divine grace to flow into our lives. This is also the moon of service, so we might ask ourselves: How can I be a blessing for others? How can I be a synchronicity for someone else?Star Traveler's SynchronicitiesWelcome to the activating Electric Moon of the first year of the New Beam!

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