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I am currently looking for people to offer mini mediumship readings to in order to learn and practice this skill. Mini readings are approximately 15 – 20 minutes in length and are conducted via Skype. Before your reading, take note of any questions you have or people you want to connect with.  Write them down and have them handy in case you get overwhelmed and forget important things that you may want to ask or know. If the session is helpful or healing for you in any way, I would greatly appreciate a testimonial, which you can email to me after your session. I think a reading will really help me as I feel like I need some guidance in regards to my spiritual development. I am excited to hear that you are expanding your intuitive gifts into the mediumship realm.
I feel a medium reading will allow me to gain clarity and loving-closure with the passing of a particular loved one, and of course, I am open to any message that should arise during our time together on Skype.
I would be so happy to have this reading couse this is very hard time for me and i think it would give me clarity. Hello, I think it’s great that you are offering free mini readings as would love to e selected.
I would love a reading to know that my grandson , who was taken from us in a premature birth, is ok and in loving hands. I truly need some enlightenment and positive outlook on my home life and overall situation with all this negative around me.
This mediumship readings would be very useful to me in order to find a new job,or so i hope that. I need guidance with my journey through this life and I believe a reading will give me that guidance. I just came across your facebook page thru a friend and would love to experience a free reading with you if you feel drawn to do so for me.
There is a great deal of change happening in many areas of my life and my children are will be affected by some of the decisions I have to make during this time.
I think my ancestors or past relatives are trying to show or teach me something because I keep having repeat life lessons that I don’t understand why they are happening to me. This is very healing experience and welcome the opportunity if you have a message for me from loved ones.

I feel a medium reading will allow me to gain clarity and loving-closure with the passing of my mother, and of course, I am open to any message that should arise during our time together on Skype. My name is Denise and I feel that a reading would open my heart more to my soul’s true path. I like a free reading, was mad at him and would call him then found out he had pasted away.. I think that is awesome that you are doing these for practice if you would like another person I would be honored. I’m always open to receiving guidance from the beyond, whether it be Angels, guides, or the deceased. Over the last year, I have been meditating and using cards, trying to connect to the angels, and I believe I am getting messages since I get repetitive ones. I would like to communicate or possibly receive a message from my dad who passed away in 2002 or my mom who passed away in 2004. I think a reading will help me because I need some closure with the passing of my loved one as I didn’t get to say goodbye. I’ve been on a new road to spiritual development and any guidance to help me on my journey would be greatly appreciated.
Kathi also recommends Reiki for pets as it is a non-invasive and non-stressful method of energy healing.  Remember, Kathi is also an animal communicator, which makes her perfect for connecting with your pet and healing on an energetic level. For On-Demand Readings, Angel Messenger has partnered with Psychic Access which is a large company who offers a free six minute reading for new customers.  We feel good about partnering with this company because they are also dedicated to offering quality services. It is her mission to help people learn how to truly connect with their Higher Selves, Angels and Loved Ones in Heaven. Leave a comment below stating your first name and why you think a reading will help you.  PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT YOURSELF OR YOUR DECEASED LOVED ONE(S). My need for a reading comes due to my current situation and need for guidance…as I am going through a divorce after 27 yrs of marriage.
I believe a reading would help me get validation of signs and messages that I get from loved ones who have crossed.
I have worked out the time zone for Thursday 2pm your time and it works out to be Friday 8am my time.
Sheri personally, and they were tested by real Angel Messenger clients.  These wonderful people are good at what they do.

Readings with Kathi are available worldwide via Skype and email.  Read more about Kathi here. I instantaneously felt what a good person Roger his, his voice is so kind and calm and I truly believe my angels were speaking through him.
This is so reassuring and so real that I went to bed smiling last night and woke up smiling today, and that didn’t happen for a long time. Sheri is an international Intuition and Spiritual Business Coach.  She is the founder of Angel Messenger and her mission is to help people connect with the Divine without the need for an intermediary.
If you live in a different time zone, it is up to you to calculate the time difference and be logged into your Skype account at the scheduled time.  If you miss your scheduled time, you will not be offered another one. There are at least two relatives I can think of who have crossed over who I’d like to connect with. I am feeling frustrated because I don’t know what they are trying to say or how to get in touch with them.
Colleen gives to clients in their readings has been referred to as life changing and life affirming.  Rev.
I am available for private one to one readings, spirit connect parties, psychic fayres and other gatherings.
One to one readings can be conducted either in person or over Skype and these will last for approximately 1 hour. I am based in Reading, Berkshire and my appointments are usually carried out in the client's home, however, this is not always suitable, so we can always arrange somewhere else that is mutually agreeable.
Although based in Reading I am willing to travel further afield.I am an empathic person and have been told by clients that this helps to put them at ease. What you see is what you get - there are no theatricals.It is said that you should see the Medium you are most drawn to, so if this is me, then please get in touch.

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