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Handmade gold jewelry Silver,Free numerology calculator-detail information about digits,numbers.Destiny number,expression number,name-number,personality number,soul urge number. The affinity relationship means supporting, helping, producing, constructive, generating etc. We can obtain valuable guidelines as to our future, our career, happ iness, health, success. Compatibility of Your Name With Planets And Numbers Numerology Compatibility determines your success or Failure, Health or Ill Health, Joy or Sorrow. SUCCESS WITH NUMEROLOGY – YOUR NUMBER OF DESTINY Did you ever find your birth number, which could give you your destiny? Get your FREE numerology for business reading HERE to achieve outstanding entrepreneurial success. If you think i'm joking in regards to the rest of us, consider these examples:A harley friend received a telephone with the harley davidson logo on it.His response to receiving Kevin Durant Shoes this gift was,"Why?
Numerology is based both on name calculations and on date calculations. The psychic number is obtained by making a simple whole number of the date of birth.
The psychic number plays an important role in onea€™s choice of food, sex, friendship, marriage, ambitions and desires.
Psychic Number 1 people are ruled by Sun.
Many of the calculations in both Pythagorean and Chaldean numerology are based on your birth date. Life Path Number can be obtained by the addition of the date, month and the year of birth. Life Path Number indicates what the world thinks of that person. In numerology, the Life Path number shows us the natural talents and abilities that we were born with and what we have the innate ability to achieve - often without training.
You will find as you delve deeper into Numerology that different numerologists may use different names to refer to the same calculation. The Life Path is calculated by adding the month, day and year of your birth.
Life Path Number: Life number comes after adding the full date of birth of any individual. The people with Life Path number 1 enjoy the fruits of work done by others. They are considered very lucky in all matters except relationships. The people with Life Path number 2 are able to make people feel at ease.
Destiny 2 people are known to be very dedicated towards their work. They used to be well mannered and have sense of self respect. The people with Life Path number 3 are creative, excellent communicators, who enjoy all the joys of life.
3 as life number people are hard working and often take a lot of stress.
They are very good with their PR, although not can be said the same for Number 1 psychic. Number 3 people are lucky to get very supportive life partners. They have good intuition power and are often religious as well.
The people with Life Path number 4 suffer from sudden changes in their lives. Not very good as a life number: Although with day number 1 and 5 has been seen to do wonders.
Restless and impatient because of Rahua€™s backward movement. The Life Path number 5 is one of the best destiny.
The people with Life Path number 6 get all the comforts and luxuries of life. People having number 6 as life number are good story tellers.
The people with Life Path number 7 are excellent advisors. The people with Life Path number 8 are ambitious, determined, and invariable.
The people with Life Path number 9 are self sacrificing, sensitive and caring.
This section highlights your primary purpose and where your energies can be used to benefit not only yourself but the whole planet. In this section you will read a description of the fundamental Traits of your personality.
We all have them to different degrees those negative, reactive behaviours that trip us up when we're feeling a bit 'out-of-balance'.
Remember your Suitable Vocation will also be effected greatly by the interaction of influences that your Soul Urge and Outer Expression numbers provide.
We are all travellers on the road of life and each of us has our own path to travel at our own pace. You could well become a bit of a workaholic and could well become neglectful of the other aspects of your life like family and friends. Your have the ability to be a master craftsman, skilled trades person, physician or chiropractor. Your Soul Urge Number has been calculated from the numerical value of the vowels in your name. Many people alive on this planet today ignore their Soul Urge and live grey, unsatisfied lives because of it. It is quite likely that as a child you dreamed of, or had a passion for Music, Dance, Writing, Drawing or Painting. Your creative energy has the potential to be a double-edged sword: It can be a powerful dynamism that forges new paths and drives you to initiate new projects. There is a possibility that your creativity was nipped in the bud early in life by unthinking adults or peers. Start acknowledging and nurturing your Soul Urge and you will find that once again there is an increase of energy and joy. Having read about your Soul Urge Number take some time to write down your personal observations.
2: Does this Soul Urge have any relevance to fantasies, daydreams or dreams you had as a child?
If you don't strive to express your Soul Urge this time round and get side tracked from what you are here to create and learn, then it's highly likely you'll face a second, third and fourth round under this vibration till you do. 3: Remember and write down at least one time in your life when you have strived to express your Soul Urge. 4: Remember and write down at least one time in your life when you have participated in a scenario totally at odds with your Soul Urge?
Your outer expression number has been calculated from the numerical value of the consonants of your name.
This is the you that everyone sees as opposed to your Soul Urge which for most people remains hidden from others. With Venus ruling this vibration, a deal of emphasis, will be placed upon loving and on being loved. Some who undergo this lesson may be considered busybodies, forever interfering in the affairs of others, particularly when you sense deliberate manipulation of weaker individuals. Now take some time and consider how your Outer Expression Number effects your dealings with the world. At present are you expressing the positive or negative aspects of you Outer Expression Number? How does my Foundational Number become externalised through the persona, indicated by my Outer Expression Number?
There are many calculations used to highlight your unique characteristics these are very influential in the formation and development of your character. One of these consists of certain combinations of numbers are found in your birth chart and are calculated by the presence or lack of specific numbers. Please be mindful that even seemingly negative aspects of your character serve to create an environment for personal growth. As a child its is highly likely that you were ranked among the top in your class at school. You were probably a bit inclined to be wilful, especially when you had little interest in what tasks others imposed upon you. Usually you are bright, happy and alert with a preference for intellectual stimulation over other forms. During your life you will find that you probably have more obligations than others around you.
Throughout your life you go through nine year cycles of opportunities for development and personal growth each year is represented by your Personal Year Number. In addition to these Personal Year Numbers there are four major Gateways we experience throughout our lives.
Dedicate some time and finances to your personal appearance as how others perceive you is important.
This is a time when your dreams really can come true but you need to be organised and plan ahead to see them manifest into reality. This is a great time for getting things done, especially in the areas of growth and expression. This is a time for clearing out all mercenary or negative attitudes towards material pleasures. Please don't attempt any major new steps into lifestyle changes as it will very likely end in material loss.
Throughout your life you go through nine year cycle of opportunities for development and personal growth each year is represented by your Personal Year Number.
After the all those new beginnings of the previous year you may see this year as a bit boring and patience is required. Of course the Number Two is a good omen for couples and this year could well see the cementing of a relationship and for some wedding bells may even be in the air.
Each month of your life is also numbered and exerts its own influence under the umbrella of your Personal Year Number. So, if you have prepared the ground, selected and sown your seed wisely your harvest should be a very good one indeed.
Your inner drive for physical accomplishment will be very strong this month so be cautious and expend your energies wisely.
If in the past you have sown the seeds of love and concern for someone you may well find that this also brings rewards. Because the Number 8 is about power, you may find that your love life is also subject to power plays.

Your shopping sprees this month could reach epic proportions but finances should be there to cover them. Many goals may be realised this month and you should attempt to finish all projects that are close to completion. It's a month of squaring off old debts and for extending the hand of peace to anyone with whom you might be at odds with. It is a magical month and you will find yourself transported to some wonderful delightful adventures.
This is a month of new beginnings so make sure that any loose ends that are hanging around are well and truly tied. You have the ability to separate yourself from your situation and take independent charge of your own life this month. Be prepared for new romances this month because true love often comes knocking in a 1 month. If you are creative this month will let you access those hidden realms that are vital to creativity.
This should be an exciting and rewarding month for you, during which all previous difficulties can be resolved. Dedicate some time and finances to your personal appearance this month as how others perceive you is important. Don't scatter your energies or overindulge this month or you'll miss out on many opportunities in the future.
This is a bit of a time of fantasies and intrigue, so romantically there are many interesting paths open to you this month.
Go through your finances and sort them out - pay off old debts or make arrangements to get them cleared up. Previously unrevealed aspects of your past may well come to light this month, so be methodical in re- valuing any faulty judgements or attitudes that have created these situations. Sensual pleasures are also available this month and you could quite likely have a physically rewarding relationship.
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Gemstone custom beaded jewelry, gem stone wirewrapped and wiresculptedjewelry made from gold and silver.silver bracelets, gold necklaces, gold earrings. This number is calculated with all the digits of your full birth date on your birth certificate i.e. This number is derived from all the consonants in your name and relates to the practical side of your life, such as career and personal relationships.
This number is derived from all the vowels in your name and relates to the subjective, inner aspects of our lives. Nicknames, changed names including marriage name changes do not delute the importance of the name given to you by your parents. People who are 22s are said to find themselves feeling as if they live in two worlds, one which is overwhelmed by the mundane, and the other by the fantastic.
Date calculations are much easier to do than name calculations since they are already in number format and don't need to be translated from letters into numbers. Numbers are related to the influence of planets on behavior, ambitions, needs and desires in numerology. They are very ambitious, hardworking, independent, daring and disciplined. People with this number have enormous energy that is not easy to handle. The Life Path Number is more important than either the psychic number or name number.
This number is the most important number in your numerology chart. For instance, your life path may also be referred to as birth path or birth force.
The compound number which comes after adding full date of birth is known as life number. They are lucky enough to get their works done by others easily. Especially males, they do not have a smooth marriage life and often break up with their partners a lot of times.
And they themselves can have an excellent political career. Ita€™s not that they choose to be like that, their life takes them to that path. They have an active imaginative brains and always full of innovative ideas. Even if they have all the comforts and luxuries of life, they always feel something is missing. The people with destiny number 5 are strong, determined, independent, impressive and versatile. But with certain psychic numbers they do not give the best results. 6′s that find themselves enslaved to an addicted or mentally ill partner might not be following their true path, as this is a sign that they have become enablers, rather than healers of the diseases.
They enjoy helping others and frequently give much more then they receive in return. If left unchecked your tendency to pamper and spoil people can undermine your social responsibility could degenerate into a pattern of social irresponsibility or interference in the affairs of others. You would have excelled in mathematics or in any field where your fine natural analytical abilities could be used. Give parties, join groups, attend courses and get out there and become involved with meeting people. Its up to you what you do with this opportunity, but if you are prepared to work hard and stay in your integrity the rewards will be enormous. Success on the material level will be yours, so remember to be efficient, organised and focussed on results. This month you may possibly meet someone who will figure prominently in your life for some time ahead. It gives you an instant look at your numbers and helps you learn what they forecast about your future. The Kabbalah Numerology interprets the influence of kabbalah on an individual and it means 'knowledge' and 'wisdom'. MB Numerology Tarot aims to help you in understanding the underlying relationship between the 78-card tarot deck and their numerical sequences. This method of divination is occult in nature & brings together different parts of one’s persona and enables one to understand oneself much better.
This software describes the significance of the different calculations used in numerology to understand the personality of a person as well as the significance of each number generated.
MB Tarot Suite is an unique software that shows the association of tarot cards with fortune telling, astrology, numerology and runes. The MB Runes Suite consists of softwares for runes reading and also relates runes stones to astrology, tarot and numerology. The software also suggests powerful 200 feng shui tips, remedies & enhancements based on one's personal kua number. The program will help you to make a conscious and well thought-out choice of a name for the baby you are expecting.
It has a wide range of methods for generating and filtering lottery entries, including dozens of wheels, hot and cold numbers, key numbers, averages and many more. This software includes tools for I Ching divination and also relates the I Ching with astrology, numerology and tarot. All these numbers are added up (per digit, a+z = 1+2+6) which results in your name number, revealing your overall personality . Number 1 brings in leadership qualities.the Meaning of numbers in CHINA the Chinese take auspicious numbers into important consideration in daily life, such as in occasions when they buy residences, choose telephone numbers, select a date of a wedding ceremony, and pick an identification number for their vehicle.
In the starting of their life they struggle but this struggle is good for them as it makes them shine and gives inner growth and development.
They are constantly engaged in several activities to achieve their desired goals. You must use the full year that you were born and not the common abbreviation (i.e. Regardless of the name used for this number, the way it applies to your life remains the same. It makes its native optimist, intellectual, kind, supportive, courteous and quick in making decisions.
They are sensitive to the needs of others and prefer to be in a permanent relation. They love freedom and if they didna€™t; get freedom they become rebellious and impatient.
Money slips from their hands, as they spend lavishly and generous too. They have their own special unique approach to everything they do. It is not good as a destiny number as it brings delays, obstacles, failures and humiliation from an unknown source and it makes life unpredictable.
It's a time for tidying up loose ends and completing things that have been left undone for too long.
Any obstacles you come up against this month should be dealt with methodically it may take great determination on your part but the rewards will be worth your while. It gives an insight to any relationship and helps analyze the similarity and differences between couples. It gives an insight to your personality and thus helps you overcome your weaknesses and face life positively. MB Runes Reading Software is an advanced rune casting software that can be used to get a clear insight into your inner self.
So, his psychic number is by adding date 1+ 5 = 6, his Psychic Number is 6.
They are very systematic, helpful, reliable, religious, and practical people. They are true fighters, have courage and posses strong will power and determination.
The psychic number is free to think, except and desire but Life Path Number brings only what one really deserves.
They enjoy traveling, excitement and anything that takes them out of their familiar routines. They are reserved, spiritual, and introspective, and prefer a few close friendsa€™ rather then large groups. They achieve fame, success, hold high positions, and become rich in later part of their lives. The analytical nature of 2s along with their most important trait of diplomacy helps them in getting situations solved in a positive manner.the Meaning of numbers in CHINA the no.
It contains meanings of prosperity, success and high social status too, so all business men favor it very much. The trait of ALTRUISM is very strong in the people who are influenced by the vibrations of number 9.

Psychic number remains active throughout onea€™s life and is very important & powerful up to the age of 35 to 40. In numerology they are known as lucky people in all walks of life. They need guides to assure them about, promote and execute their ideas.
They are spontaneous, quick in their plans and love change throughout out their lives. They react quickly to situations and become alert at the first attempt of any wrong situation. This is because Life Path Number is related to onea€™s past life karmas. Their family life is not good, which makes them restless and impatient. But you (and the people who care for you, and later you yourself) still have to decide wheter you use them or not.
2 usually suggests germination and harmony, decorations in China are invariably setout in pairs, such as a pair of red candles, a pair of pillows, and couplets hung on two sides of the door.
Moreover, in some areas of China, people prefer to pay much more money for a telephone number with 8 in it. Their emotions go up and down in life which gives them mental pain, as the result they feel depressed sometimes. They achieve success and recognition in their later part of their lives. They make friendship very easily but due to their unstable nature their friendship don not last for too long. They have executive skills and can rise through the ranks to the ultimate top positions in their field. Consequently they often find themselves in the number 2 position instead of number 1 position.
They have strong built, and full of stamina, they can bear unbelievable pressures.
They have one or more relationship outside of their married life. They have to face difficulties and conflicts with their parents and siblings in childhood, later on they are loved by them. So get your nose to the grindstone and start building those solid foundations for the months to come. Their trait of always wanting to be right results in frictions in their relationships.the Meaning of numbers in CHINANo.
They are intuitive by nature and easily understand the words or the perspective of others. They are considered unfortunate as they have to meet many failures in their lives.
Whatever their needs are they make sure that they are met by hook or crook.
They are nurturing, caring, responsible, and carry their duties well for their homes.
After the age of 40, their intuitive power increase, and they are inclined to the philosophical, spiritual, and occult science. Developing your verbal communications skills will be very rewarding this month - whether that be in the form of elocution lessons, learning a foreign language or joining Toast Masters. They refer to the traits that you will carry with you throughout your life, the opportunities, challenges, and lessons you will encounter in this lifetime. In the 1990s, a vehicle identification number with 8 was once auctioned off for 5 million Hong Kong dollars. They are versatile and believe that devotion to their duty is divine and perform each work with excellence. They are very helpful to the society and do all there duties flawlessly.
The statement a€?Failure is the key to successa€? is true on them, as they learn many lessons from their failures and become successful in their lives. They are born with the great sense of self respect and love their homes and families. They enjoy accepting other peoplea€™s burdens and providing a shoulder for them to lean on.
They have solutions to all problems and good at solving any kind of disputes.
Because of their changeable nature and mood, they are fast thinkers.
They are rebellious by nature and become very easily irritable too. They have an unpredictable nature, as they are easily provokes and explode more quickly than dynamite. They are intelligent, attractive but unfortunate in the matters of love and marriage.
They are egoless; they do not wait for appreciation after performing a service. They find it very hard to change there minds one it has been made. Early in there lives at times they are incline to dabble in numerous activities, but once they find the correct path they frequently achieve a great success. Only then will you feel confident enough to risk errors and be centred enough to develop your own creative integrity.
It is also a tradition between lovers to send 99, or 999 roses, which carry the best wishes for 'everlasting love'. As their point of view always differ from others which makes their secret enemies. Getting success through their failures they create an idle individuality of their own. They are born with a missionary spirit and have a purpose in life. To have destiny number 9 means to be at the end of the cycle of life and death.
They have strong builds, intellectual, hard working and honest people.
They are successful in finishing any task which makes them successful in life. At their later part of their lives they are interested in religious and spiritual matters. There excellent and brilliant ideas comes from their own dreams, as this the there favorite pastime for them. They do this by working out their past karmas and by avoiding new bad karmas, which are created by desires for sensual gratification. However few in this world at present have the drive combined with insight and self knowledge to realise these hidden dreams and allow them to manifest into reality on the physical plane.
They are disciplined, precise, powerful, have good manners and good taste.
They have a good understanding of life which always keeps a smile on their face. They never say no and have excellent intuition specially people born on 11 of any month. They get money whenever they need, and rise to great heights in there careers by hard work, good fortunate, sense of responsibility, and conscious planning. Also they are very good in recognizing the truth, as they have an excellent intuition power. They do everything twice; it is very rare that they do things in one attempt. They are extremists and go to extremes, both in friendship and enmity. They are like coconut hard from outside and full of sweet pulp from inside.
They cannot bear delays in their work but always has delays but not denial. They are interested in everything which makes their lives enjoyable.
They are impatient and frequently have more than one major relation in their lives. They are introverted, reserved, weighty, deep, serious, miserable, and outwardly calm and well-balanced. From outside they are hard, disciplined and immovable but from inside they are soft and kindhearted.
They doubt other people, fear their opponents, and suffer from stagnation, isolation, and the lack of friendly environment. They are famous in their society and admired for their hard works, poise, politeness, and kindness which make them true leaders.
They have an aptitude in their words which makes them an excellent communicator. They love mystery and love to keep mysterious environment around them. They are over possessive about their families and take good care of their homes. They achieve large sums of money, but do so at the cost of health, happiness and relationships. They love commanding and like to express their emotions for the fear of revealing a weakness. They are very much interested in occult science and philosophical discussions.
They are unlucky with their life partners, which often creates quarrels. They trust there family and friends and become everybodya€™s favorite. They are thought to be fortunate by people other then their life partners and close friends.
They believe in big picture only and often take risks in life. They have brilliant ideas and become successful and rich later in their lives, as they always underestimate their true talents. When emotionally hurt they become revengeful, violent and cruel. They are not commanding and demanding and keep their feelings inside and hide them through their attractive and sweet smile.

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