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Some sources says that the most important number to look at in relationships, especially romantic relationships, is your Life Path number. Did you know that numbers can reveal a whole new level of understanding between people simply by looking at their name or birthday numbers and that of their partner? Find a free love numerology compatibility reading report based on your name and your the name of your love partner; compatibility through the numbers - it's like a match and marriage test! The study of the magical meanings of numbers and of their supposed influence on human life. Number 2 - Compatibility, love match & romance: get a destiny number love compatibility reading! Number 4 - Name & relationship compatibility via a numerology report: soul number shareware & reports. Number 6 - Online psychic number reading by a numerologist, charts, astrology & horoscopes.
We shall now illustrate how to utilize this affinity of numbers in practical life. The next point of affinity is to find whether a number 1 person has a large number of friends among number 1, 2, 4 or 7 group.
A famous tale is that the first of the five mythical emperors of China, Wu of Hsai, was working on the banks of the Yellow River trying to find a method to prevent the floods.
It was during the course of this work that Wu found a tortoise shell, which at the time was considered to be a very good omen. Over time chinese numerology evolved into three different systems that are being used today. A 'lucky number' is a number which is based on chinese words that sound similar to other Chinese words. Number '4' and number '13' are an 'unlucky number' according to the principles of Chinese numerology.
The following chart will help you to understand the personality traits associated with each person.
Name numbers, Destiny numbers, Ming Gua, 9 Star Ki, Auspicious and inauspicious directions, free calculators, instructions and charts. Numbers are entwined into everyday life and their recognition is vital in wishing and fortune telling. I even add up the number of the gas pump with the amount of money I am putting in the tank. These descriptions come from current observations of situations, major events and most importantly people and their behaviors over the past 20 years. 1One = Independence, stability, physical strength, new beginnings, focus, balance, blessings, solitude, simple, circle, clean, unique, lord, basics, loner, instinctual, creativity blossoms with age. 2Two = Lucky, dependent, dreams, fantasy, art, secrets, friendships, universal knowledge, goddess, priestess, protected, platonic, flirtatious, always has security. 3Three = Social, Light, friendly, creative, fruitful, fertile, happy, giving, siblings, gardens, life, trinity, tri-angle, harmony, color, mother, luck, travel, children, writing. 4Four = Responsibility, leadership, order, organization, hard work, discipline, money management, institutions, diligence, military, square, obedience, law, father, goals, patience, time travel, balance, parent, police, history, math. 5Five = Human experience, travel, experimentation, work, neatness, health, people, sex, life, social, dramatic, successful, competition, brotherhood, priest, pentacle, action, airplanes, fire and emergency rescue, priest, abuse, center of attention, intelligence never stops developing. 6Six = Nurturing, healthy habits, compassion, love, childhood friends, soul mates, twin souls, lovers, nature, elements, mother earth, magic, hexagon, art galleries, beauty, success, caring, home, landscape, herbs, animal care, healing, science.
7Seven = Good luck, learning, school, knowledge, mystery, science, physics, math, medical, metaphysics, time, travel, acquaintances, martial arts, dance, music, heaven, Jesus, investigation, mystery, risk, daring, no-fear, vehicles.

8Eight = Manifestation, independence, corporation, cooperation, entrepreneur, power, leadership, wealth, master, pentacle, respect, boss, commander, wisdom, ego, pride, law, strength, money, building, house, inheritance, politics, royalty. 9Nine = Completion, life experience, hard work, counsel, teacher, guide, hermit, library, inner secrets, elder, wise to the world, humble, charitable, good example, living true to the self, nature, animal care, healing.
For females to calculate their Gua number, add the last two digits of the year of their birth and then add 5. Add the last two digits of her date of birth together (5+7=12) then add 1+2=3 (always break down into single digit by adding together). For males to calculate their Gua number, add the last two digits of the year of there birth and then subtract it from 10. Center, change, seasons, patient, reliable, hard working, logical, ambitious, dutiful, grounded.
West, autumn, self-reliant, strong, forceful, determined, reserved, sophisticated, lover of pleasure, intuitive, inventive. North, winter, secretive, charming, sensitive, creative, flexible, intellectual, compliant, intuitive, musical, drifter. A numerology compatibility reading provides basically an in-depth look at how two people's core numbers can influence the foundation of their relationship.
We shall illustrate it only by reference to a person with number 1, say if he is born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of any month. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India, was born on 19th of November,1917.
A gentleman having number 8 and 4 sons a) number 9 b) number 2 c) number 7 d) number 1. This shell, however, was extremely rare, unique and special because it had fascinating markings on it: a magic 3x3 square. The 'Lo Shu Grid' is particularly remarkable because every row, column and diagonal on the grid add up to the number '15'. There is the Western version of chinese numerology, the traditional chinese numerology and the Ki system. The numbers '6', '8', and '9'' are believed to have auspicious meanings because their names sound similar to words that have positive meanings. It is believed that a Chinese emperor saw a tortoise shell with a perfect grid of 9 squares with markings on it. One must remember that the number zero is not used in Chinese numerology, only numbers from 1 - 9 are used.
Shadow side: Empty, self involved, predatory, discouraged, abusive, lonely, feeling trapped, being abandoned. Shadow side: Co-dependent, extreme, two sided, fear, addiction, abuse, self indulgent, subconsciously self destructive. Shadow side- Restricted, restricting, father issues, greed, time sickness, physical imbalance, imprisonment, harassment, judgment, war, purposely self destructive, procrastination, disorder, week willed, eating disorders.
Shadow side- Troubles, heartbreak, restlessness, abuse, sibling issues, drama, constant competition, addiction, hard knox, battles, hardship, poverty, plan crash. Shadow side- soul mate issues, emotionally drained, overwhelmed, struggle, health issues, break downs, insomnia, exercise addiction, pet allergies. Shadow side- Greedy, elite, tyrannical, war, imprisonment, addiction, vengeful, needs to love thyself, commitment issues.
Shadow side- Self involved, disguise, judgment, harshness, stagnation, manipulation, lying to the self, immoveable, unchanging. Her being born on the 19th makes her-19= 1+9=10 = 1+0=1- number 1 person.

His 2nd, 11th (1+1 = 2), 20th (2 + 0= 2), 29th ( 2+ 9=11 = 1+1 = 2), 38th ( 3+8 = 11 = 1+1 = 2), 47th ( 4+7=11 = 1 + 1 =2) and 56th ( 5 + 6=11= 1 + 1 = 2) years were very important in his life. The gentleman was given a village as rent free grant, and thus he has the rare fortune of the sum of several thousand rupees of recurring income having been added to his existing one. The element that makes a number 'good' or 'bad' is the punning and word play possible in this many-tone language.
For example: Number '8' is a lucky number because it sounds like the 'prosperous' (in Cantonese language).
Therefore, according the Feng Shui, words with similar sounds make a number lucky or unlucky. Although it looks very complex on first sight, it is quite simple to calculate your personality traits. What is true today may not be the same in future generations of people born to this wonderous world. Shadow side- Self involved, self punishing, regretful, resentful, drama intolerant, pessimistic, overly critical, takes things harder than necessary, needs to be cheered up. A formula is devised and the numbers 1 - 9 are assigned and they each have an energy or special meaning. She contested for Prime Ministership on the 19th of January (19 is again 1) and became the Prime Minister in her 49th year- 49 = 4+9=13 = 1+3 = number 4. During these years of age, he distinguished himself in life in some manner or the other. One should notice here that you do not have to worry much about the number '4' if the pronunciation of this number in your language does not sound similar to the word 'death'. In her 55th year, her triumph in the Indo-Pakistan war and liberation of Bangladesh set her up at the crest of the wave of popularity and brought her unparalleled glory. In his 27th year (2+7= 9) his cousin who was a maharaja died, and the native became the maharaja of a big state with n annual revenue of a crore of rupees.
In his 2nd year his father had a great elevation in rank, in his 11th year he stood first in his class and got a government scholarship.
The eldest son a number 9 man received the news o 27th August ( 2 + 7 = 9), the fourth son a number 1 man received the news on 28th August ( 2 + 8 = 10 = 1 + 1 = 2) and the second son (number 2 man) and the third son ( number 7 man ) received the letter conveying the news on the 29th of August ( 2 + 9 = 11= 1+ 1= 2).
The numbers in the grid are such that their addition in vertical, horizontal or even diagonal manner sums up to 15. In his 20th year he distinguished himself at the University and got a University scholarship and so on. It should be noted that the basic numbers 2 and 7 belong to the same group falling in the portfolio of the Moon.
The number 15 is the span of days between a full moon day and a new moon day, and vice versa.
Therefore, a person will possess the characteristics of the numbers that are present in his birth date. The number of the car he uses is the number 18 and the date 9th March, 1948 was very important and momentous- almost a turning point in his life.

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