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If you're currently in a relationship with someone, chances are you’ve experienced some ups and downs.
Perhaps your relationship with your significant other is loving and fun, and you’d like to learn more about what makes you both tick. Maybe your relationship is with a coworker or a client, and you both are locked into negative patterns and behaviors.
Or your relationship is with money or your business, and you’ve tried to improve things again and again, only to have the frustration and pain get worse and worse.
It’s important to realize that the root cause of many challenging relationships stems from childhood experiences. And it’s not just from the bad experiences you had as a child, it’s also from the wrong programming from parents, peers, culture, religion, and the environment. If this sounds like you, the reason you are stuck in this cycle is you never understood the lessons that you were suppose to learn from your childhood experiences.
Discovering and understanding these lessons is a critical step toward healing yourself and improving your relationships with loved ones, coworkers, clients, your business, and your finances. Blueprint Numerology is an easy-to-use system that shows you your life from a different perspective. I am Joseph Ghabi, and my unique and personalized approach to Blueprint Numerology aligns you with your soul to live the destiny you were meant to live.

Your soul drew you a blueprint the moment you were born, and its guidelines were mapped out for you to walk through your life.
Whether the relationship you have in mind is with a loved one, coworker, client, your business, or with money, Relationship Blueprint Numerology is the secret to personal growth and soul development. Relationship Blueprint Numerology is exactly what you need to express how deeply you understand and care for yourself and others! I personally calculate all charts and conduct all readings over the phone.  This is a customized, one-on-one experience that is like nothing else you’ve ever experienced! If you're ready to develop a much healthier relationship with your friends, loved ones, co-workers, bosses, and even your finances, get this powerful reading now and watch as your world transforms. It’s time to understand what your relationship needs to survive and thrive with Relationship Blueprint Numerology!
Joseph Ghabi is a sought-after author, speaker, master energy healer & expert numerologist.
If NASA's engineers only had eleventh-century astronomy knowledge, do you think they could have landed the "Rover" on Mars? Founder of Nadi Bachao Andolan, Suresh Bhai, said that though he was happy with the order, he couldn't help being a tad sceptical.

Breathe like the yogis do with pranayama, which boasts the ability to heat the body among other benefits.
It helps you understand your inner strengths and challenges as calculated from your birthdate and name. Your blueprint is your guide — the “instruction manual” — that you brought with you into the world. Joseph's mission is to help you enhance your emotional, mental, physical & spiritual states of being. See Table of Contents for further available material (downloadable resources) on Nadi Astrology.
And what is above is like what is below, so that the miracle of the One may be accomplished.

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