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Crore of people are being benefited through FREE Downloads of Anatomic Therapy DVD and Books.  It is our prime concern to translate Anatomic Therapy Books and DVDs in all the languages of the world so that people from all walks of life are benefited.
NISTAI International Life Style Training Centre, Formarly called sundari oldage home, No.1 Lakshmi Nagar.
International Life Style Training Centre, Formally called sundari oldage home, No.1 Lakshmi Nagar.

The magazine contains elevated thoughts of Healer Baskar, details of his Training Schedules, Nature cure, Astrology, Culinary, Spirituality, Varma healing, Self defense, and a variety of useful information.
Friends and well-wishers of the Anatomic Therapy Foundation are requested to donate liberally to the noble cause of spreading Anatomic Therapy world wide.

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