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The Wiper team are still working on solving the problem of screenshots; thus far, a recipient can still grab an image of the conversation, effectively nullifying the app’s primary function. Wiper’s kill-switch takes the idea of text messaging as an ephemeral form of communication one stage further. Which is all well and good, providing we can trust yet another promising tech start up with our personal data.
That said, the app makes a decent fist of allowing users to have freewheeling conversations just as if they were talking one-on-one, in person, with no fear of their words coming back to haunt them. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. Ez Texting provides refreshingly simple, surprisingly affordable SMS Marketing services.Try Ez Texting for free - it only takes 60 seconds to get started.

Ez Texting neither provides lists of phone numbers nor do we access our clients' contact lists. Free text messaging app Wiper is generating ripples of excitement amongst online privacy advocates – but does it really work?
It may not be the smoothest messaging interface out there, but it does what it promises by allowing users to make calls, send texts and – most importantly – wipe messages that have already been sent. The ex you ill-advisedly texted after a few beers may not be able to ‘unsee’ what you wrote, but at least they can’t show their friends or humiliate you by uploading it to social media. CEO Manlio Carrelli sees privacy as one of the ‘big issues of our time’ and wants to bring the ideals of data protection to the general public. You can also share YouTube videos instantly, simply by clicking on them from within the app.

Please see our Privacy Policy, Terms Of Use & Anti-Spam Policy to learn about our position on SPAM and the privacy of your data. A pleasingly retro eraser animation scrubs the erroneous message and sends a notification to the recipient letting them know what’s happened. We can only take the developers’ word that they will decisively destroy information from their servers once the erase command is given. With data protection such a high-profile, sensitive issue, a little cynicism has to be expected.

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