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We are glad to introduce our better, faster and smoother iPhone SMS App. Don’t hesitate to join our community today to send absolutely free SMS and make high quality phone calls at no cost.
The most remarkable feature about the new version is absolutely free internal online texting within the community of CallsFreeCallsers (this feature has also been recently added to our Android version).
Before, to be able to send a free text message on iPhone customers had to earn bonuses by watching the advertisement (the call or a text message is paid by the sponsor of the posted advertisement; by the way, we cooperate with sponsors who provide interesting, creative ads).
The iOS compatible version of CFC service is a great tool which can be very beneficial both for business and personal purposes.

We always stay in touch with our customers and take our clients’ suggestions and comments in consideration when preparing new updates to existing versions. This feature allows our customers text for free online simply by entering the receiver’s email address instead of the phone number (the email which is the receiver’s account in the CFC network). With the newest version iPhone owners don’t have to earn any bonuses anymore for internal SMS!
Other than that, registering on CFC website is just piece of cake: simply enter your email and think up a password, authorize, click on links posted by our sponsors and start making free calls and sending SMS online at no charge.

Don’t hesitate to leave your comments and wishes – with your help we can make CFC service even better! Encourage your friends to join the community of CallsFreeCallsers to enjoy the benefits of free internal texting.

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