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Call logs in Sample Business are effective in maintaining data about incoming and outgoing telephone calls from a company. A call log can help you in many ways, you can check the cost incurred for the calls – by department, individual extensions, find out which extensions are not used, check if the time to respond to calls and Phone Message Templates meets the company standards and if telephones are over-utilized or under-utilized.
Call log maintains details of incoming and outgoing calls from and to your company in an easy to read and understand manner.
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One can easily keep track of where calls came in from, destinations for outgoing calls, the start and end times of the calls etc.
Sure Microsoft Excel and Call log software provides you a way of keeping call logs but these templates are so much easier with you having to just fill in details like date, time of the call, person the call was made for and by whom, start time and the end time of the call.
Using these details you can improve the efficiency and the performance of your working staff and your business overall.
A call log records all of these data and you can interpret the results which can in turn help in understanding your company better. It’s easy to maintain and provides an excellent way of keeping track of calls coming in and going out.

There are free as well as premium call log templates that you can download and use for your purpose.

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