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Pros: Great features, including the ability to search other phone numbers with a similar area code (useful for those annoying spammers who use multiple numbers but reside within the same area.
Cons: Most of the phone numbers have little information, some have lots of information like caller name and company, but most of them are empty. Pros: Has an interactive heat map, showing the most recently reported numbers and where they came from. Have to say that many of the methods here are common sense but there are a few gems out there for people who really need to know who called them.
Has a dedicated area where you can log in and track which numbers you entered to see if there are any more comments.

The website also boasts about having apps that you can download on your smartphone to block callers from calling you, which could be useful for telemarketers or spammers trying to call you.
In addition, there is a support area and blog that details more about how the apps work and the best ways to prevent people from calling you. Has an easy report system and few ads, also lets you create an account to track the numbers you have reported. Maybe as time goes on more people will visit the site and use it, but for now it’s almost dead. Little to no information about the website and tips to stop telemarketers or find out more info about people who called you.

Constantly updating, a new number is posted every 2-3 minutes. You can send them messages if you have questions.

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