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When I was teaching first grade, I worked hard to accumulate a set of books that my early readers could read on their own.
What kind of book is good for early readers who know how to match speech to print, have a small knowledge of sight words, and possess a basic understanding of how words work – yet aren’t proficient at sounding out?
I hope I’ve succeeded in creating a book for early readers that meets these criteria.
And while I was doing that, I figured I might as well make it an early reader so that I’ll have it when he’s ready! To assemble, I printed the pages on cardstock, cut them in half, and stacked them together.
As it turns out, monsters are only monsters because they do not understand how it feels to be loved. Maybe he has a point…but how does one go about publishing a book without the finances. Choose from colour or the black and white version you see illustrated here of this lovely reading reward chart. Available in either colour or black and white, this library books tracker will keep the family organised - and it looks great out on display, too. This book frame can be used in many ways, and comes in three varieties: blank, one side lined and the other left unlined for a picture, and both sides lines.

The logs that track by minutes or pages read work best for younger children, who may need to see immediate rewards and may not read quickly. You can also find reading logs at your local library, tutoring program, or through your school district. Original Country Clipart by Lisa Reading Logs to Print: Pick out a cute, country-themed log from the list of six designs, which are all offered in color or black and white. Enchanted Learning Reading Log Worksheets: Pick from three daily log sheets, four completion logs, a printable booklet and a tic-tac-toe log that encourages reading different genres. Teacher Vision Reading Log Printable: Pick up this printable PDF log for older kids who are in middle school. Award-winning books, like those who have received the prestigious Newbery Medal or Geisel Award, are another option for quality reading choices. Letting your child choose his books based on his hobbies and interests is a no-fail way to ensure your child enjoys reading.
My son isn’t at the point of learning to read but this would certainly help him learn his numerals.
Not only do reading logs help kids keep track of their reading, but the McRel Institute notes that students gain confidence when they see the role they play in their successes when they use self-monitoring tools. The logs that offer a place to mark the date a book was completed or a summary of the book work better for older readers.

Scroll down to find logs in the shape of pencils, rockets and ice cream cones that serve as bookmarkers, too. This completion log includes an area for comments and reflections, as well as a table for keeping track of books kids are interested in reading in the future. At Home Reading Log: Children who are too young to write can log their minutes by coloring in the "20" on the dates they read with parents for 20 minutes or more.
Create one by clicking on the first Reading Log PDF link and entering the information required. The American Library Association's ALSCA (Association for Library Service to Children) maintains lists of past and present award winners. By letting him direct the reading materials, your child will be more likely to pick up the book, read and record it in his log. This site also has reading logs to track the number of pages read or the number of books completed. This summer I plan to share lots of free books for emergent readers.)  However, I created this book to reinforce the concept of subtraction.

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