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Palmistry as we know it, combines all parts and is quite a complex art, although in saying this there are a few things you can learn that will nearly always start a conversational piece at party’s. Press Play to hear my Hello Message, that tells you a little bit more about me and what I do.
Some of my services include Intuitive Readings with messages from your Angels, Tarot Readings, Angelic Candle Vigils, Divinations, Energy Work and More. Cheirognomy is the science of reading character or traits from the shape of the hand and fingers.

Like any art, there are always difference of opinion over the correct definition and meanings of the lines. The second part is Cheiromancy the art of reading habits and actions, past, present or future from the palm and lines on them.
For right hander’s the right hand is the hand of the fate or future, the left holds emotions and what was forseen at birth.
The hands and palms are broken down to different types and cover things such as shape, hardness and where lines appear and don’t appear.

Palmistry is as old as the hills, some say it came from ancient Egypt others from Asia and China.

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