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Well, you need to calm down and analyze few things and educate yourself so that you do not get ripped off by fake psychics. Remember, bona fide psychics do not ask for much money and most of the time they readily give you free service. You can check out You Tube to find about the style of readings and authenticity of the reader.
Many psychics release their You Tube videos as sample readings with the expectation that if you like the service and the way, you will use the service. Some websites give you offer to sign up for free and then use their services choosing the psychic reader of your preference.

You can also use chat rooms by different service providers and ask the people there whether they have gone through the experience of psychic readings online. You will find a lot of people out there who have used the service and their recommendations will be of great help for you. This will give you an idea whether the using of the website will be beneficial for you or not.
You simply have to see that you talk to authentic psychics and make use of a genuine and legitimate service. This is not only important because you should deal with real and actual psychics, but also because you have come for the reading because you believe in this art and you have complete faith in it.

In this situation if you get confronted with a fake website or a fraud, you will follow the advices given by him and probably face further problems also. So, first check out the dependability of the website and the psychic reader and then make use of the service.
Along with some home work, little bit of your instinct will also help you select the accurate website for psychic readings for free.

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