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In an ongoing attempt to draw more readers to online versions of comic books, Marvel is allowing anyone to head over to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited and read Terry Moore and Humberto Ramos’ first issue of the Runaways for free. The Runaways are back in Los Angeles and trying to keep their status on the down-low, but L.A. Stephen Schleicher began his career writing for the Digital Media Online community of sites, including Digital Producer and Creative Mac covering all aspects of the digital content creation industry.
Read teh first issue for free online and maybe its piqued your interest enough toactually go and buy the ongoing. As Korra comes to an end we are entering an era of the fandom where we won’t have a new show, but we will still have comics coming out. Written By Gene Luen Yang and Art by new Avatar artist Carla Speed McNeil, we have a Toph and Ty Lee focused story. One question straight away is when is this book set, because Ty Lee is a Kyoshi Warrior now, but she is not in that gear here, what brings these two characters together? Free Comic Book Day 2015 will  take place on May 2nd 2015, which is when you will be able to get this book for Free.
My name is Morgan Bannon, I am a 22 Year old Male from Ireland and I am the Site Super Moderator. Iroh – The Wise And Caring Uncle to Zuko Avatar The Last Airbender The Promise Part 1 Review Free Comic Book Day 2014 will have an Avatar Comic starring Suki and Sokka! You go to your local participating Comic shop on Free Comic Book Day, pick up for free the comics you want from the list of available free comics. Your choice on where to start, The Lost Adventures fills in some gaps in the series, while starting with The Promise the new series cover stuff post ATLA. We recently heard that Avatar was getting another Free Comic for this year’s Free Comic Book Day on May 2nd. So we get our first look at our new artist Carla Speed McNeil and what this story is about.
My thoughts, The art seems pretty good, though I am not a fan of the shape of Toph’s face here.
Thanks to Avatar Online Podcast Co-Host Troy (Trojan People) we have scans of the free Avatar comic for Free Comic Book Day 2015.
I really appreciate how the key development in this story is linked into the little bits of character we got of Ty Lee in ATLA.
Again I find it very impressive that this short story managed to reveal and tie into so much about a fairly minor character from the show and comics so far. Final thing to say is just that I am very happy with the overall resolution of the story, Ty Lee is staying with the Kyoshi Warriors, because she in a way sees them as her sisters too, but with them she can easily solve the issue of them looking alive by simply removing the make-up.

Ty lee would be upset that her sisters are now alike to her in both appearance and skills (acrobatics), then she’d tell Toph her backstory about not getting enough attention from her parents and how it caused her to run away from home. The drawing is horrible, which me think this was a fan made book, and the resolution was indeed too fast and kinda out of nowhere.
I do enjoy the idea of exploring Ty Lee’s psyche and her relationship with her sisters and the Kyoshi Warriors. Really, what killed this story for me was that it was so short (and the drawing so bad) that I couldn’t feel anything for it. We know about the next full series, Smoke and Shadow  starting September next year and now we have the reveal of the ATLA Free Comic Book Day 2015 book. Just writing that down feels a bit unusual to me as it is a pretty unique combo, I am struggling to remember any time these two characters interacted at all in the series, I remember Toph arrived towards the end of Book 2 Earth to save King Kuei and used Earthbending to trap Ty Lee in a gymnastic position, but beyond that I don’t really remember them ever talking.
Nothing to difficult, except if your local store is popular go early to make sure you get the book you want. I keep fearing I might miss one out due to their extreme limited-edition-ness, but I’ll try and contact my local comic book shop ahead of time so I can have one saved up for me.
All adds towards her quest to be more of an individual, which I assume will be played on more in this story.
Getting to meet and learn a bit about Ty Lee’s sisters and childhood is definitely the highlight of this story, while the other 6 are nothing special in terms of being deep characters, you do see just how identical they are, you understand how it was a problem for them all growing up, 7 girls who all look the exact same.
Really she could be replaced with nearly any other character and this book works out the same way it does. Ty Lee is super frustrated with her sisters and is about to lose in her fight when the other sisters come in and take out the guy and then they all hug and suddenly Ty Lee is fine with them all being alike. The main thing for Ty Lee seems to be that she has gotten past her need to be unique, she is fine with being part of a set if necessary, but has found her individuality. Toph would then tell Ty lee her backstory about getting too much attention at home and how it caused her to run away.
Having those two come in terms with each other, and then having that relationship help Ty Lee come in terms with her sisters, the Kyoshi Warriors and herself would be a really great character development! Could it be that because of the poor editorial management of this title by Quesada, no one is even interested in it any more? While we have no details beyond the cover image, we know that these stories have the potential to set up future plots as 2013′s Rebound has done with the upcoming Smoke and Shadow series, I for one am excited to see how these two characters work together.
I am also a news post writer for the site and host the site's podcast, The Avatar Online Podcast.
As for the story, I like that it is more Ty Lee focused than Toph focused, I think it is great that they are continuing a little plot for her, by introducing her sisters.

I enjoyed this comic, it managed to give Ty Lee some much needed character development, which is very impressive given that the story is just 8 pages long.
I get that Gene Yang’s favourite character is Toph, so that probably explains why she is here as opposed to anyone else.
I feel like I missed a bit of dialogue in Ty Lee’s head explaining her change in heart. I did like Toph wanting the bears to break out, though I found it odd she would randomly take Ty Lee to the circus.
Ty lee would then feel better, reconcile with her sisters and realise that she does stand apart from her sisters as out of her and her siblings, she’s the only kyoshi warrior.
If they had done this in 3 or more chapters of about 20 pages each, this could have been paced and explored perfectly!
Still longing for the good ol' days, Stephen launched Major Spoilers in July 2006, because he is a glutton for punishment. My strength as an Avatar fan would be just a good knowledge of Avatar Canon and characters.
I wonder what exactly the eventual aim of this story is, Ty Lee leaving the Kyoshi Warriors, rejoining the circus or something else. This made her decision to join the Kyoshi Warriors at the end of the series all the more interesting as many fans, including myself, noted that in that group she was also part of a set of people who all looked alike, we all assumed she had learned to accept herself as different even if physically she looked like others.
She is in character wanting the bears at the circus to attack rather than perform and she of course is first to fight when something happens. Yes the final scene kind of explains it, that sometimes things are too difficult to tackle alone, but I feel it is side-stepping the issue.
It seems weird that Ty Lee joins the Kyoshi Warriors and then the next real focus we get she wants to leave. This story adds to this, she is feeling off as a Kyoshi Warrior and is considering quitting, when Toph’s arrival leads her back to the circus she used to perform at and what do you know she meets the people at the root of her issues, her 6 identical sisters. The only thing of note with Toph is that after the sisters meet again, Toph specifically says to Ty Lee that she is her favourite of the 7 sisters, that Toph sees something in Ty Lee that is different than her sisters, but I feel this is a stretch. Maybe if there was more of an emotional family reunion, where the sisters talked through their issues, I would be more understanding, but it seemed very quick and while I praise this book for doing a lot in just 8 pages, it could have used an extra page or two.

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