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Free printable opposite words games for elementary school teachers to print out and teach students opposite words. Opposite worksheets for elementary school students and ESL learners to match common opposite words.
Opposite words matching games for elementary school students and ESL learners to match common opposite words. Free printable English language arts worksheets and sight words puzzle games for ESL learners, elementary school teachers or parents to teach students common words for reading. English language arts worksheets to print out for free from your school office or home office. The look and say teaching method, also known as the whole word method, was invented in the 1830s and soon became a popular method for teaching reading. By the 1930s and 1940s there was a very strong focus on teaching children to read by this method.
The look and say method teaches children to read words as whole units, rather than breaking the word down into individual letters or groups of letters.
Eventually children learn to a€?sight reada€™ the word, recognising it through pattern recognition without any conscious attempt to break the word down into its parts. Try playing one of these commercially available early reading games designed to practice sight-word recognition and rhyming and help to introduce new vocabulary.
New words are systematically introduced to the child by letting him see the word, hear the word and see a picture or a sentence referring to the word.

Flashcards are often used with individual words written on them, sometimes with an accompanying picture.
Progressive texts are used with strictly controlled vocabularies containing just those words which have been learned. Ultimately all children need to be able to recognise whole words to become fluent readers, even those taught initially by phonics-based methods.
This teaching method is easy to grasp for the parent as it is based on words rather than individual sounds. Children taught with the look and say method initially show higher reading levels than children learning phonics, because they learn to automatically recognise a small selection of words.
In many cases if a child is faced with a word he has not already been taught, he will not be able to read it. It is estimated that the human memory cannot memorise more than around 2,000 abstract symbols.
Flashcard system Large flashcards with one of more words written on them in big, clear letters are shown to the child in rapid succession while the words are read aloud to the child. The child is taught to associate the written word with how it is pronounced, but is not specifically taught the meaning of the word.
Although there seem to be plenty of stories of success from parents who have taught their children to read using this method, there is still a lack of evidence for a number of assertions made in the book (eg a€?beyond two years of age, reading gets harder every yeara€™). Multi-Sensory Learning This method was pioneered by Dr Robert Titzer, a respected infant researcher and University professor.

Dr Titzera€™s method advocates stimulating as many of the childa€™s senses as possible while he is being taught a word, helping the child to associate familiar images with the written form of the word. When following the DVD, the child sees the word, sees a picture of the word, says the word and performs an action related to the word (eg touches his a€?nosea€™), or sees further pictures of the word (eg a€?tigera€™ prowling around a zoo).
The variety of stimuli make this approach interesting for the child and should appeal better to children with different learning styles. More emphasis is also placed on understanding the meaning of the word, compared to the flashcard system.
If you have tried teaching your child to read using this, or any other, teaching method, please do share your experiences - good and bad - with other visitors of this site.
Free printable Dolch words word wall for class room, free printable Dolch words flash cards, search for Dolch words puzzle games to help kids memorize these words. If he wants to read even a simple book, he could be disappointed because it could contain many words he has not yet been taught.

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