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Make extra clothespins for lower and uppercase vowels (A, a, E, e, I, i, O, o, U, u) and common consonants (like R, r, T, t, S, s, P, p, M, m, N, n). The time spent creating the tools for this activity will pay off wonderfully as your child explores all the ways to use these alphabet clothespins for learning. As his teacher broadens the alphabet to include both lower and uppercase letters, have him try to find and clip matching uppercase letters beside each lowercase one. The clothespin alphabet is a hand-crafted, loving way to introduce your child to the alphabet and the many words a young writer can make and read! Cindy Middendorf, an elementary teacher for 30 years in Tioga Couty, New York, is the author of Differentiating Instruction in Kindergarten, and a nationally respected teacher trainer and mentor.
The basic elements of kindergartener's writing look the same at the end of the year as they do in spring, but there is more meat on the bone!
Drawings still play a part of your child’s writing, but they are beginning to take on a more subtle role. Students at this point in the year will be expected to have a good command of phonetic knowledge and be able to use it independently.
At this point, your child should have a good command of the sight words expected for kindergarten and be able to call upon them when needed in his writing. For much of the kindergarten year, writing takes place in children's journals where they are able to write on the topic of their choice, such as an experience they have had in or out of school. While at times it might look like grammar is not the focus in kindergarten, the most basic elements are indeed being taught.

Learning to read and write, like all developmental milestones, happens at different rates for different kids. Your kindergartener has been working hard all year to get to this point, and while writing at the end of the kindergarten year is impressive, it will be your job to keep it going throughout the summer. Let your young mathematician discover the answer as she arranges these shapes to fit inside the larger shape.
All you need is clothespins and paint sticks, and your child will have some hands-on learning tools for spelling, alphabetical order, and sight word practice. When your child starts to bring early reading books home, look them over together first, and practice making some of the short words you find with clothespins. By the end of kindergarten your child’s illustrations should be vivid and chock full of details, which then translates into a story with real setting and characters. That means your child’s ability to hear more phonemes or sounds in words should be improved.
However, many school districts will require that exiting kindergarteners write to a specific topic.
All the phonetic knowledge and sight word recognition won’t mean a thing if your child hates to write.
By this time in the year you'll also see a lot more vowels in her words, which up until now probably had been more difficult for her to isolate. So if your kindergartener is having trouble with all the words on the list, this is the time to intensify the effort.

This is a little more difficult than being asked to write about your drawing or something you did that day.
Keep a summer journal and make it part of her daily routine. Now that your child has almost finished the first year of school, celebrate the huge achievements she has made this year! If the happy face is right-side-up, he can start by clipping clothespins by the happy face, and be confident that he is spelling in the right direction. Instead they might be asked to write about a time when they felt excited or what they like to do at the park. First grade is just around the corner, and it holds a whole new set of goals and expectations! And that thought should start with a capital letter and end in a period, or maybe even a question mark.
Some kindergarten students will be able to write enough to fill a page while others will just get out two or three sentences.

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