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A task (work, achievement, etc.) has to be done, but it is not very interesting, and possibly even demoralizing (or thankless). A very good opportunity for your professional track (work, business, studies, law, healthcare or other) will be offered to you by a person of the opposite sex whose rank is superior to yours and whom you like very much.
You entitled to receive some money (pay, profit, commission, bonus, compensation, reimbursement or other).
A professional or financial prospect will lead you into long negotiations with a man from foreign climbs.
A difference of opinion with someone (or a hassle on a fundamental question) (or more) is leading you to question a lot of things. Wisdom and respect for human values will be your best allies in your relationship situation. You will be told some sad news on the professional level (work, business, studies, healthcare, or other). The Roman Tarot grew from the artist's long term study of tarot and passion for Roman history. Companion Material: Separate companion book with meditations on the major arcana, layouts and card meanings. My name is Kate Hill (also known as Solandia) and I'm a Tarot reader, deck collector, and lifelong student of the beauty and diversity of Tarot cards. I created Aeclectic in 1996 to share my passion for Tarot with the world, and I've added 1600 decks over the years.
An international group of tarotists are all writing on the same topic and then linking to each other so that the reader can hop from one blog to the next, seeing all the permutations and facets that the topic inspired in different writers.
One day (this was years ago) my mother called me and asked if I wanted my grandma’s recipes.
So today I told one of the other psychics at Isis Books that I was working on a blog post and we were challenged with sharing such memories as a recipe from a relative. So, no, I will not share my grandmother’s recipe for Christmas Pudding (I had to Google this to find the name. But I will share my grandma’s recipe for Lemon Curd, which is absolutely delicious, and contains absolutely no beef fat.
Cups 9 from Legacy of the Divine by Ciro Marchetti published by Llewellyn Publications 2009. Ace of Wands from the DruidCraft Tarot by Stephanie Carr-Gomm, Philip Carr-Gomm, Will Worthington, published by St. Since eggs represent the potential of something, I thought an Ace would be a good choice, and although the Ace of Pentacles seemed to have egg-like qualities, it seemed too static for what I wanted. This one was the hardest to pick, and when I thought of the 3 of Cups, some dim memory in the back of my brain as I was falling asleep last night said that sugar was associated with the number 6.
When I was trying to think of a card for this, the idea of churning butter came to mind, and it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to see a butter churn between the legs of this man and the paddle in place of the hammer. If I put these four cards together in a reading that invokes the memory of Grandma, I might say that as a shy and untrusting child, I never really got close to any of my relatives, including her (9 of Cups).
One memory I have of my grandma is washing dishes together (6 of Cups: the suit of cups can be for washing).
I have never been much for ancestor altars or visiting graveyards (all my ancestors are far away anyway) but the 8 of Pentacles in particular and this spread in general reminds me that whenever I do something as simple as make a recipe, or wash dishes, or work yarn into finished products, I am invoking those who have passed before me, who have taught me and inspired me, and by extension, invoking the ones who taught and inspired them. Lemon Curd Tarts (and Good Brownies) being served at the Wine and Cheese Reception for Erik Dunne hosted by the Denver Tarot Meetup, June 28, 2014. Joy Vernon has been studying and teaching energetic and esoteric modalities for more than twenty years.
A student of the Western Mystery Tradition contacted me asking how the Hebrew letters and their correspondence to the tarot Major Arcana can be used in doing readings. Do you use the Hebrew letters of the 22 Major trumps in actual divination?  For example with Qoph being the Moon card & meaning the back of the head how do you use that meaning in a reading?  Do you consider the Hebrew letters more related to the spiritual level than the material?
Rarely do I ever use any qabalistic terminology in my readings—that can become confusing for many querents. First, my understanding of the Major Arcana is highly influenced by the qabalistic and astrological correspondences. For example, the Temperance card on the Tree of Life is the path of Samech, connecting Yesod to Tiphareth. When Temperance comes up in a relationship reading, I usually read it as a soul-deep love—the path on the Tree of Life moves from Yesod, which on the body corresponds to the genitals, to Tiphareth, which is the heart. Another way to read the cards using the qabalistic meanings depends on the mapping of the Tree of Life onto the human body. You can see from what I’ve already said that I try to get fairly practical, material world meanings from the cards using the Hebrew letters. In the same way, working with and meditating on the Hebrew letters or doing qabalistic pathworking can influence us directly as we use metaphors based on their meaning, or indirectly as our spiritual experience of them influences intuitive readings. You only asked about the Hebrew letters, but I use many aspects of qabalah above and beyond the Hebrew letters when doing my readings for clients. I hope some of these ideas help you incorporate the qabalistic correspondences of the cards into your readings! I’d love to hear from other qabalists how you use these associations in your tarot work with clients.
Last night at the Denver Tarot Meetup, DTM Co-Organizer and Tarot Social South Host Linda Bean led us in a wonderful exploration of Paul Foster Case’s correspondences of the musical scale to the tarot cards. But then I had an idea—what if I used the second house (money and resources) of my astrological chart?
Wheel of Fortune, Strength, and The Hierophant from The Fountain Tarot by Jonathan Saiz, Jason Gruhl and Andi Todaro, self-published 2015.
I could just keep the chant like this, chanting “spinning” on the A#, “light” on the E and “into form” on the C#. The next morning while washing dishes, I adapted it a little bit more, giving it some rhythm and a sense of spinning.
If you don’t have any planets in the second house, you can using the planet that rules the sign of the 2nd House (along with the sign and house that that ruling planet is in). For the meetup group yesterday, we downloaded a free piano app (I used Real Piano on my Android phone and tablet) to play the notes.
If money isn’t what you need right now, you can use different houses in your chart for whatever outcome you desire. Here are the top ten places my Denver Tarot Meetup leadership team and I have found missing tarot cards. Cards left in the box or bag are especially easy to miss if you, like me and some of my colleagues, keep the LWB and those two extra cards printed with every deck in the box.
My colleague Renna says that her most ridiculous case of a lost card happened in a similar manner, “I keep the two odd cards that come with each deck (usually background and copyright info) and store them face-inward to the other cards.
I always recommend to my students that if they do a project where their cards are likely to get mixed up with someone else’s, to count them afterwards.
Wands 10 from Legacy of the Divine by Ciro Marchetti published by Llewellyn Publications 2009.
Our assignment for this Hop was provided by Maureen Aisling Duffy-Boose of Tarot Witchery, who asked us to design a tarot card in the style of a Maninni deck, a deck created collectively with contributions from a variety of artists. The main image on the box is from a production of Steve Martin’s WASP that I was in, probably in 1999.
You will be caught in the imagery of your thoughts and reality will be emanating from your thoughts. It seems non-urgent and easy to neglect (or put off until later), yet it is crucially important. A young woman is persecuting you (or harassing you) maliciously and unfortunately she has the power to harm you. It is important that you take care to avoid excessively brisk thoughts or reactions regarding the issue and during the intense discussions you will have with this man.
In fact, it is your thoughts for somebody who is younger than you (who is part of your immediate surroundings) which prevents you from taking a radical decision.
You will be in direct competition with a very experienced businessman who knows how to take advantage of others’ weaknesses. This 78-card deck is the first wholly on this theme, and has a classical Roman aesthetic as well as famous Romans on the court cards.
I’ve never churned butter, but I imagine it would take a lot of work and patience and repetitive motion as shown in this card. I didn’t quite pick it up and switched to knitting later, but this initial introduction was important.
There is a whole chain of ancestors in all the daily work we do, as we reflect the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual heredity of their DNA and example.
She is the organizer of the Denver Tarot Geeks, Denver Tarot Meetup and Denver Traditional Reiki Meetup, and she served on the faculty of Avalon Center for Druidic Studies. I once read something by the NY Times tech blogger in which he credited much of his success to never using any tech terms in his blogs—it made his writing much more accessible to readers. So my personal vocabulary for these cards already includes concepts that derive from the esoteric associations.

So Temperance is a very good card for relationships because it shows the deepening of the sexual energy into true love. The four suits as they apply to the four worlds is highly relevant to my understanding of the Minor Arcana (see this post for more info and a tarot spread), as is the relationship of the sephiroth to the numbered cards. I could choose some cards that would be good for money, like the King of Coins and 9 and 10 of Coins, and then use their numerological and astrological correspondences to the Majors to find the notes for them—in this case, the King of Coins would be Taurus which would be the Hierophant, which would be the note C#. Use any planet or planets you have in the second house, plus the sign and house, to determine your cards. Once you’re done, use your chant in ritual or spellworking to create the outcome you desire.
Try the 10th house for career, the 7th house for relationships, the 9th house for education, etc. I use the LWB to create a barrier separating the two extra cards so it’s easier to grab just the deck. Jumping cards is a common theme–when you have jumpers, look around carefully to make sure you got them all!
I said I hadn’t found anything when I was cleaning up afterwards and offered to contact the rest of the class members.
Our wrangler gave us plenty of heads-up time, but it took me so long to find a focus, and so many that I thought of I rejected, that here it is the morning of the hop and I’m just now getting started with an idea I had this morning.
I wasn’t able to complete my card during the meetup, but inspired by what we did I went home and ended up making this box. When I showed the box to people at the Meetup, one said, why is the photo all grainy like a newspaper photo?
All of these components reflect that image, but there is something quintessential about that phrase that encompasses the Fool. This will be the case, in particular, of a man within your neighbourhood, with whom you will interact on a professional level. Even if you feel the need to defend yourself, you must not attempt to answer her (to retaliate), because that is what she expects from you in order to better attain her intended objectives. If you become too emotional, you could easily endanger the good chances you have of profiting from this excellent opportunity you have with this man. He acts in a very individualistic way without regard for the repercussions his actions may have on others. We are talking here about a serious event (accident, illness, death or other) affecting a person you admire (public figure, artist, idol or other).
This man is powerful and, through his actions and his financial abilities, he has the means to prevent you from reaching your goals. Even if your professional life has a great impact on your personal life, you must make sure not to neglect your love life. The majors and courts were painted in layered oils, while the minors are illustrated with digital collage.
After peppering my mom with questions about what kind of recipes they were, it was revealed that one of the desserts Grandma served at Christmas had suet in it.
The bright sun looks like an egg yolk and the fire correspondence of the suit matches the musculature of the body that is strengthened by the high protein content of eggs. Plus, I wanted to incorporate more than just the fruit and feasting in the 3 of Cups–I was looking for the idea of sharing, of sugar being a treat for children, and the affection associated with sharing something sweet.
She is one of the psychics at Isis Books and is a Certified Professional Tarot Reader and a member of the American Tarot Association and Tarosophy Tarot Association. I do the same thing—I don’t use the terminology, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t include the Hebrew letters in readings for clients!
For instance, someone attending a lecture I gave a few years ago came up to me afterwards and said that she had pulled the Tower card but it really didn’t make sense to her in terms of her question. Also, understanding the three pillars can help a great deal with discerning the energetic balance of any given card.
The 9 of Coins would relate to the Hermit, which is F; the 10 of Coins would be the Wheel which is A#. Sometimes cards put on dark glasses or a hat with a veil and are hard to pick out of the crowd.
But sometimes this expediency doesn’t work and my fingers fail to grab the full deck. After looking everywhere for the missing cards she finally decided to get a new deck to replace the one with the missing cards.  The new cards were a disappointment, just not the same feel. I do fiber arts, in particular applique, but for whatever reason, when we were asked to create a tarot card, my own blocks limited my thoughts around the topic and instead of using the techniques I’m skilled at, I convinced myself I was only allowed to create something a certain way. And as part of that post, I shared a photo of my Fool Box, a decoupage project I did a number of years ago. I was hurt (but never told anyone) because he gave the assistant director a coffee table book on Alfred Hitchcock. To me it looks like the cat is coming out of a spiral galaxy, she is looking at my character in the center, watching over me. Roses have a five-fold symmetry and so represent life, passion, change, conflict, transformation and time (contrast this to the sixfold symmetry of the lily which represents perfection, completion, stasis, and death).
This man currently runs a business near to your home and he is very skilled at managing his company. It is also possible that it concerns successfully passing an exam (academic or professional) in order to obtain a diploma, a permit or some kind of certificate. This task is fundamentally essential to your progress in life, so it will be better to complete it willingly, and not bitterly. At the same time, it will be crucial that you do not misconstrue his intentions, particularly in view of his sincerity and genuine wish to seal this fair deal with you. She has the sensitivity and innocence of a child, but also the heart of a caring and understanding mother.
He is totally indifferent about the many conflicts he causes and he is quite willing to show it. Even if this event has very little to do with you (in your daily life), the news will shake you. However, regardless of the reason for his departure, this man will soon have to undergo a medical operation (not necessarily a major one). The picture also reminds me of the end of a party, which is the overall emotional feeling I attribute to the card (happy, a little tired, knowing you still have to clean up).
Plus, eggs are often considered a breakfast food, so the image of the rising sun is relevant as well. I pointed out that the Tower card connected the right and left hips (the path of Peh connecting Hod to Netzach)–it turned out that she had an injury on one hip that weakened one side, and the card was suggesting to do exercises that would even out and strengthen the hips. To get practical advice, we usually have to limit or reduce the meaning of the letters to something that is particularly relevant to mundane reality. You might also like my holiday themed tarot spread, The Turkey Conundrum, which uses qabalah as a focus for a fun Thanksgiving spread (download a pdf of the spread here). But I like to weave my spells tightly together, and so I wanted to let the card images inspire the lyrics. I have absent-mindedly picked up a card from a deck within arm’s reach and started to use it for a bookmark, but caught myself. In this scene, the woman behind me is my spirit guide and she is encouraging my character to take a leap of faith.
Overwhelmed by joy, we no longer remember our goals and intentions, but forget ourselves and fall.
More specifically, it concerns a competition, a test or even an election which involves several people or candidates. You should not (insofar as possible) put it off until later, because you will be obsessed with it indefinitely. For some reason (unclear or indeterminate), she seeks to reduce you in the eyes of others by causing you to exhibit excessive or aggressive reactions or behaviour. Time and time again, her mere presence at your side will provide you with great inner peace. It will destabilise you so much that it may lead you to question the very meaning of your own life. This is a man that you particularly like and it will almost be a shock for you, even if you have known for a long time that this day had to come. If you want to avoid inconvenience (major) to yourself, it is with exemplary behaviour that you will manage this.
Some of these ideas influenced, above and beyond the obvious image of the lemons, the idea of taking a sour fruit and making a delicious dessert that can be shared with friends. It reminds us that descent is necessary as a fulcrum for ascent—the deeper into the ground our roots penetrate, the higher our branches can spread. Paired with the symbolism of night (the moon’s domain), it’s easy to read that card as suggesting that the querent engage in dreamwork or guided meditations as pertains to the question.
Whereas ongoing meditative work and philosophical grappling with the meanings of the Hebrew letters can get quite abstract and heady, which makes them ultimately better suited to spiritual interpretations. My answer is that by using the symbols for meditation, we learn how to express the energy of each symbol.

I was using The Fountain Tarot, which showed a gyroscope on the Wheel, a lot of golds and yellows in the Strength card, and on the Hierophant, a man opening with a sense of wonder a tall box out of which beams of light shot. Yes–I have overlooked cards multiple times and found them the third time (or more!) through the deck. This went on for a while, and then one day, there sat the Queen of Cups, pretty as you please, right there in the deck where she belonged.
But I didn’t think of that until last night (as I was tossing and turning in bed), at which point I no longer had enough time.
She is helping the character to visualize the future she wants and has her hands on her shoulders pushing her forward into that future. That image was from a dream I had in which a martini glass had a broken stem, but was instead held up by three pillars–I had just started studying qabalah and eventually made the connection that the three stems on the glass were the three pillars of the Tree of Life. No situation is more favorable than any other to the completion of this task, so you will have to show resignation and determination if you want to get to a new stage in your life.
You will, therefore, have to ignore her as much as possible in order that these attacks turn against her.
In fact, she gives off a soothing energy that helps ill, stressed or worried people feel better. It is becoming increasingly clear that people closest to him are suffering even more than you as a result of his attitude, even if it seems like nobody is reacting. If you act prudently and professionally (very conscientiously) (if you do not hesitate to ask questions), you will gain great satisfaction from this agreement and you will avoid problems later (forgotten or underestimated details).
Here, we are talking about a fairly large sum of money, so you should surround yourself with people you trust to avoid being taken advantage of.
A tearing is thus to be expected on the emotional level, because you will have to adapt to a new reality that you did not wish to see coming. Then you fill each one with just the right amount of lemon curd so it’s sweet and tasty but not so much that it boils over and makes a sticky mess.
I might use the roots and branches metaphor without any need to explain where it came from. Then that energy is expressed either consciously or unconsciously during a treatment, as needed and pulled by the client. I think that connects with and perhaps develops many of the Fool qualities–being moved by spirit to jump into something unseen. Perhaps an interpretation might be that as we Fools move forward, the foundation that supported us might fall away, but new foundations will take their place. I felt so bad when it broke, because I knew the boyfriend had been trying to do something really nice for me and I hadn’t appreciated it.
You will be the raw material of achievement, but your thoughts might become dissociated from your real intentions. You will be chosen or selected, or else you will successfully pass through the selection process leading to this new privilege. If you know how to contain yourself (master yourself, control yourself), people will soon see for themselves that you have nothing to reproach yourself for. However, on occasion, her extreme kindness also leads people with bad intentions to abuse her sensitivity and generosity. In this contract, you must thus impose your own conditions, because they are legitimate and fundamental. So even though the symbols aren’t used in treatments, it’s very important for us to work with them so that we can effectively express their energy as needed. I will admit I harbored ill feelings that they (tarot readers themselves) had secretly stolen my cards.
On the top left corner of the box, you can see an image of a moon and two constellations holding hands, stepping over some words. You will have great mastery over your own life and the lives of others, but you will also have to learn to make good use of your power.
Your conversation will be the turning point for a series of investments that you will make starting within the next few months and which will stretch over several years.
Your interactions with this person will evolve and will reach a level that is higher than you imagine. In summary, you will distinguish yourself in your professional life and you will be rewarded. You must show maturity and discernment, because the attitude you take when facing this task will determine its extent. He will be skilled enough to change your perception of things with regard to your priorities. Just as much as she is fresh and always willing to help others, she has moments when she must suffer in silence. It would make more sense not to try to intervene directly, since this will only further inflame the situation. This person is not part of your family or close entourage, but you admire them as if that were the case.
Fortunately, you will not have to endure (or tolerate) this person for too long as the coming few months (or weeks) promise to be very different. Based on this, the Moon card can represent going with your gut, following your instincts, or just trying to survive, while the Sun card (Resh, the forehead) represents science, logic, and reason.
It was months later that I discovered the deck had worked its way down to the bottom of my (not-that-large) purse and proceeded to mask itself with some bottom-of-the-purse receipts like an AWOL soldier camouflaged in the jungle.
I carefully cut around the spirit guide’s fingers so I could insert the strip of hearts under her hand, to indicate that Spirit is pushing up forward with love. Your messenger will be a person older than you who will have the astrological sign of Aquarius.
However, this man will only have a limited influence on you, as you will quickly manage to excel in business and do better than him.
This task “must” be accomplished, so the faster you complete it, the faster you’ll free yourself from it.
This young woman lives with a painful wound to her soul that was recently inflicted on her by a malicious being.
Since, for the moment, there is little you can do to help the people close to this man, you have to think of yourself as first priority. You have ambition and a lot of projects in mind, so do not forget that you too have an innocence that is inspiring. No matter what this person thinks (or says), a lot of things will soon change or evolve and this will be clearly in your favour.
I can’t explain how I missed a deck in my purse for months, but I have to admit it happened. The poem told the story of Orpheus and Eurydice and utilized the symbolism of a broken glass. You will, therefore, have numerous other financial contacts and you will become wealthy quickly. Since you have other, more interesting, challenges waiting for you in the future (near as well as distant), the faster you free yourself from this task, the better you’ll be focused, and the more clearly passionate you’ll be as you face your next challenges.
As you may have suspected, and despite appearances, this gift was not only a mark of courtesy or recognition. You have something that shines in you and that makes you attractive (most often without your knowledge). Key words: crowning, throne, power, vision of the future, end of insecurity, Garden of Eden. You will undeniably have a flair for recognising the most competent people in your business sector (field of activity or expertise) and you will know how to surround yourself with people who are very faithful in their relationship with you. As a team, you’re more than simply functional; therefore it would be a mistake for you to separate. Her good intentions are too big and too numerous, and that makes her vulnerable to all kinds of abuse. This man can sniff out vulnerability in people, so you must not show weakness or be too accommodating with him. Oddly, her place does not seem to be here on earth, because she lives in a human body shell, while she has the heart, courage and nobility of an angel. Most of all don’t let him cross the distance that separates him from your personal living space, as the consequences of doing so could be disastrous for you. Somebody watches over you (a beautiful being), so do not stop believing, because this is what is most visible in you for those who know how to recognize the invisible signs. She seems to be an incarnate spirit (benevolent) that got lost in our individualistic and imperfect world.

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