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The Spanish Tarot deck consists in total of 48 cards, which correspond entirely with so-called Minor Arcana. Although there have been various types of decks in Spain since ancient times, this particular Tarot is based on a deck that first appeared in the eighteenth century.
When interpreting a spread of Spanish Tarot, it’s said that clubs and cups represent something positive, while swords and coins speak of negativity. One thing that is known since ancient times is that the cups and coins usually refer to people with fair skin and light brown or blond hair. The Spanish Tarot deck has always been considered a powerful throw, you should take advantage at your own risk. Here’s a free Spanish Tarot spread, enjoy your prediction and wish you all the luck possible.

If you are still preoccupied by a career issue, you need to have a conversation with someone you trust before it turns into a career crisis. 20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant. This type of cards has been used since ancient times to divine the future, since each has a very specific meaning.
Its inventor, Heraclio Fournier, was the one who developed the design of these letters as we know it today. Each of them consists of 12 numbers with representations of coins, swords, clubs and cups respectively. Clubs: these cards relate to the work and future projects, such as a trip for example, and anything you want to achieve in the future. Coins: speak of our economy and heritage, our future or not prosperity, than invest or spend. This is not correct at all, since in each card there are both positive and negative interpretations.

It takes an experienced tarot reader to interpret correctly the meaning of a spread of Spanish Tarot. In the three highest numbers (10, 11 and 12) we see the emergence of so-called jack, queen and king. Serves to guide us on our partner status or other relations of friendship that can end up in something else. Although generally tend to make predictions of negatives, we can not always interpret it that way. Keeping it all bottled up inside will only increase your stress and make the problem seem bigger than it truly is. They'll have some sound advice that will help you relax and see a new way to handle things.

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