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Before you start jumping to any conclusions, let me tell you that for marriage purpose both the horoscopes must be thoroughly matched by an experienced astrologer. Indian Vedic astrology based full Horoscope & Marriage compatibility calculations of any person born anywhere in the world can be viewed by entering date, time and place of birth. Check the girls Nakshatra vertically down and match it with the boys Nakshatra given along the same row.

It have the details of JanmaNakshatra (birth star), Tithi, Karana, Nithyayoga, Sunrise, Sunset Ayanamsa(Obliquity), Sidereal Time (Nakshatra Hora), Bhogya Dasa, equivalent date of birth in Malayalam (KollaVarsham) Era, Longitudes (spashta) of Lagna (Ascendant), Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mandi (Gulikan), Bhava starting, madhya and ending points (Bhava Spashta).
If you don’t know the Nakshatras, you can check by using the free Jyotish calculator or the free birth chart calculator provided in download sections this site. Please note that this Guna matching is not the only thing for astrological marriage matching.

From the girls Nakshatra # 3 in the vertical list check along the row till you come to the boy’s Nakshatra #till you come to the column under the boys Nakshatra #.

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