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Lookup Cell Phone Numbers in Texas with Cell Phone Number Book's Cell Phone Number Directory and access the largest directory of cellular phone numbers online. If you need to identify an unknown phone number or simply verify someone's name and address using a cell phone number? Let me know about the update, this is my second order that I still did not receive, i don't want this to come where the first order that i have got returned, you said you delivered the product but you really did not, i did not receive any notification from you, here is the tracking number 771005843308. 771005752995 this is my tracking number, my shipment was supposedly April 29- 30, 2016 but til now there is no update from you guys.
I would like to complained because the said adddress is specified as Unlocated address and the problem with the site of Lazada is I cant put any landmarks for the address and that's why its incomplete.

Can i request for follow-up regarding my package, my tracking status says its pending because my address is incomplete. Been tracking my document from Dagupan and the whole day i am waiting di ko pa narereceive ang padalang document sa akin. 149283480430, the said package was not delivered to the address written in the sticker paper.
I was just wondering why my order still not being delivered wherein the last update stated it was already here in Palawan. I have been informed that the cargo has been received at Iloilo Distribution and what are you waiting for.

Every time I track it, it was already here in Palawan but the last update was still last week, April 26. The cargo has been delayed already as it was been picked-up last February 23, 2016 and delayed released from Customs. I had put my mobile number and whats the use of putting my number on the address when its not been used ?

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