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The Lord of first house Jupiter is indicating that the primary goal of annual general budget 2013 will be to improve the Indian economy. The position of Mars and Sun in the tenth house is indicating toward the increment in the prices of land. However, the steps taken by the Reserve Bank of India and Government in 2012 to curb the rising prices of edible items were inefficient.
The Indian Government is increasing taxes every year, and it is expected that this year too the finance minister P. Apart from this, the budget 2013 could be expected something like this - The service tax might get increased in the year 2013. Chidambaram was born on 16th September, 1945 at 11.47 PM in Tamil Nadu, as per the details available. Planet Saturn is retrograde in the exalted sign and it indicates that there will be deduction in tax on the amenities given to the farmers.

The presence of Venus along with Mars, Sun and Mercury is toward the hike in land and property taxes. Sun is in Shatabhisha, the constellation of Rahu, therefore people might consider this increment as more than required. In total, the result will be such that it will not be able to satisfy the people and there will be substantial improvement in the economy. The representative planet of wealth is posited in the Jupiter ascendant, which is an indicator of lowering rate of inflation. Chidambaram will present the annual general budget 2013 and he will try to be on the safer side. And, being situated in the inimical sign, Jupiter is indicating toward an increment in import duty of gold along with huge import of gold in the year 2013. Due to the main period of Jupiter, he will try to impose such taxes on people that can help in the betterment of Indian economy.
The general people will be lured in the name of economy, but the reality will be understood in time.
It will be situated in the zodiac of Mercury, Virgo, and will stay in its own constellation. A rise is also expected in the taxes for foreign commercial loans for electricity, aviation sector, roads, bridges, inexpensive houses and fertilizers.
However, the Moon is with Ketu, therefore he will not be able to satisfy the masses through the general budget 2013.
Therefore, pressure will be given on the amenities related to roads, airports, railways and other means of transport.

Moon is the constellation of Saturn, therefore the finance minister of India may try to dear the items of luxury.
Discussions will be done to bring back the black money deposited in the foreign countries, but nothing extraordinary is seen in that case too. Due to the sub period of Moon, the 2013 budget related to water and irrigation resources may be increased. An increment is expected in the planning expenditure of Agricultural and Cooperative sector. Due to the period of Jupiter, allotment of money for education and a€?Sarv Shiksha Abhiyaana€? is possible. Special importance will be given to eradicate malnutrition, black money and corruption in every possible manner. Chidambaram will present the 2013 budget that may not interest the masses, but it wona€™t be that bad too. The budget 2013 might not be of great help to the people as the budget is expected not to be meaningful.

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