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Generating traffic is the hardest part of running a website and directory submission software can dramatically increase links to your website, and should be a part of every SEO program.
Directory Submission is the Key to Strengthening Your Google PR & Increasing Your Search Engine Ranking!
One of the oldest directory submitter around and it has grown to be the industry leader in directory submission software.
This software has helped hundreds of webmasters increase their site rankings in search engines fast. Directory Submitter is the perfect solution for sending your sites to a multitude of pre-configured online directories.
Take Action Now & save huge amounts of time while reaping the rewards of this SEO strategy well into the future! Submitting your site to these business directories not only gets your name out there, but it also opens the door for customer reviews and it creates quality back links to your website, both of which help with your search engine marketing and optimization. Backlinks are any links counted by the search engines pointing to any pages of your website. Directory backlinks are a major part of your Website search engine optimization & Marketing.
The more backlinks you have the better your website will elevate in all the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing. Directory Backlinks will increase the number of relevant websites and categories pointed back to you to build link popularity. The more links a website has coming into it, the more authority and popular it looks in the eyes of the search engines.
Web directories can have as many outbound links as they want so search engines do not frown on them.
One way are links pointing to your site and you do not have links pointing back to that other site. Reciprocal links are links that point to your site but provided that you do have links pointing back to the other site. Search Engines now a days give more weight to one way backlinks (incoming links) than any other links such as reciprocal. Quite simply, it’s software that helps you submit your website to web directories (or link directories), simplifying much of the tedious research and typing that used to dominate manual submissions. Directory submission is the activity of submitting your site to so-called web directories, or link directories. Before you get started using Directory Submitter there are a few things you should know about the directory submission process. Some people in forums have said that if you submit your websites to hundreds or even thousands of directories in a short period of time Google and other search engines will ban your site for getting to many backlinks to your websites to quickly. You may think why are there so many directories in Directory Submitter with a Google PR of 0, surely it is not worth me submitting my websites to these directories, Wrong every new directory has to start some where and most have a Google PR of 0 when they first launch, and for this reason they are offering website owners the opportunity to submit their website to the directory for free, and in a lot of cases these directories get a Google PR of 3-5 with in a few months of launching and then many directory owners start charging a fee to have sites included in their directory, So it is always a good idea to get your website in to a brand new directory fast before they are no longer free. Since 2005 the software has helped hundreds of webmasters to increase their website rankings in search engines fast. Getting a new website on the map isn’t easy!  In order to be successful, you have to understand web development, search engine operations, linking campaigns, and of course, you need a marketing strategy. But one thing I do know is that by submitting your website to High Quality Link Directories your sites’ Link Popularity, Google PR and Search Engine Ranking will increase, thus will the number of visitors coming to your website and over all your online sales.
In a few moments you will learn about the best way to generate targeted, consistent traffic every day.

We created Directory Submitter because we knew that the directory submission process could be made easier and more efficient. We also knew that by increasing the rate of directory submissions at such a phenomenal rate, our customers would have user numbers blowing through the roof! In essence, my programmer and I took a process that is usually accomplished in MONTHS and whittled it down to something that can be done in a few HOURS. Instead of waiting months to generate sales on your site, you can start gaining the hits you want right now.
NEW FEATURE: Directory Submitter will now auto select the category for your website you are trying to submit if you have included them in your website profile.
And even more power has now been put into your hands with the release of v4.0 of the software. By using directory submission as a big part of our online marketing efforts we have managed to get our 3 main websites ranked in the top 10 positions on the 3 major search engines, Google , Yahoo and Msn for our sites main keyword. You’ll receive more traffic by gaining a higher position in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! You will greatly reduce your reciprocal links from your website because more then half the directories included in the software require NO back links to them. You don’t have to upload anything to your website.  Everything is done from your desktop! You get fresh link directories to submit to by simply clicking the Update Directory Button from within the software, Each month we add between 50-100+ new directories into the submitter. The Link Title, Site Description and Keywords are rotated with each submission to a directory.  This is to make each submission look as unique as possible from each other, and also to help get your website listed in search engines under many different keywords and link titles. Users can now assign a custom color to each directory in the submitter, this is useful if the user wishes to use a color coding system to keep track of submissions or anything else. A submission history report feature has been added to allow the user to export and email a submission history report to their clients or for their personal records. Multi Tabbed Browsing ?Run up to 10 browsers within the submitter which will greatly increase the submission process, because as you submit your website to one directory another directory will load in the other browser tabs and be ready for you to submit your website. Auto Update Notice if there is a new version of Directory Submitter out or if there is an update to the directory database you will be notified. Improved custom directory support and more configuration options and adding your directories is now easier than ever. You now also have access to brand new step by step video tutorials that will take you through every process of using the software, It could not be any easier. You can now see the url of each directory from the list just by hovering your mouse over the directory.
You can now mark a directory in the submitter as broken if you find it has some issues at the moment. You can now instantly see the Google PR for any directory and page on the directory with the new PR indicator that is found next to the url address window in the web browser in the software. We could easily sell the software for $97, and it would be worth every penny at that price.  And we may even raise it to that price in the near future.
However we understand that not every webmaster has a huge budget to spend on software to help promote their websites. You are minutes away from being able to save huge amounts of time while reaping the rewards of this SEO strategy well into the future…don’t let this great opportunity slip you by! Free CSS Full Site template is a pre-made high quality design based on the CSS technology that became very popular among web professionals.
By submitting your website to High Quality Link Directories your sites' Link Popularity, Google PR and Search Engine Ranking will increase, thus will the number of visitors coming to your website and over all your online sales.

Used by hundreds of Directory submission sites that sell their services to website owners who have no time to do manual submission. Directory Submitter comes with 5000+ link directories to submit to, ranging from Page ranking 0 to Page ranking 7.
Select up to 10 directories at a time that you want to submit to from the list & Link Directory Submitter will fill in all details. It will greatly increase the submission process, because as you submit your website to one directory another directory will load in the other browser tabs and be ready for you to submit your website.
Get another 20 SEO ebooks & softwares as Bonus Gifts worth $147.00 Free If You Order Now! Our manual submitter will submit to search engines out there and you will be sure that the submissions had been done.
The objective of backlinks is to gain the popularity of your website, increase traffic and improve the search engine ranking results from link buildings or backlinks.
Whether you are just starting out on the web or are as seasoned as webmasters come, there is always an opportunity to increase your traffic allowing you reach more visitors and potential buyers. These are sites that categorize and sub-categorize other website so that folks can manually find the information they’re looking for. Well that is not really true with directory submissions because it can take any where from 1 day to as long as 1 to 3 months or more for your websites to be approved, so if you submit your website to 100 directories in one day that does not mean you will have 100 backlinks to your website the next day. Instead you will find specific, highly targeted directory sites just like DMOZ and many many more. I remember the days of checking my web traffic, only to find 10 or 15 hits per day.  It seemed like such a slow, tedious process that I, frankly, did not have the patience for. I’ve spent a lot of time (probably too much) learning the ins and outs of web traffic development. Directory Submitter comes with 5000+ link directories to submit to, ranging from Page rank 0 to Page rank 7.
CSS templates are remarkable smaller than those based on the other technologies; thus they load much faster. Also apart from higher SERPs, it also increases your website or your web page’s Page Rank.
It will let you set up multiple, rotating title and description text for each project, ensuring your link building looks natural. Think of them as yellow pages of the internet. Unlike pure search engines which link to web pages based on keywords, a web directory or link directory usually bases its categorization on whole websites rather than individual pages.
But rather you will get backlinks to your site over a period of time as the directory owners approve your websites.
These templates are much easier to customize and they are fully compatible with almost all the browsers.
In addition, a web directory often employ human editors who review each such website before inclusion is granted. The search engines have implemented manual submission as a best practice to protect themselves from extreme levels of spam.

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