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ARIES (March 21-April 19): Russian writer Anton Chekhov was renowned for the crisp, succinct style of his short stories and plays. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): English model and TV personality Katie Price has been on the planet for just 37 years, but has already written four autobiographies.
ARIES (March 21-April 19): If you were alive 150 years ago and needed to get a tooth extracted, you might have called on a barber or blacksmith or wigmaker to do the job.
Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. You're in a phase of your cycle when you'll be rewarded for your freshness and originality. I watched a video of a helicopter pilot as he descended from the sky and tried to land his vehicle on the small deck of a Danish ship patrolling the North Sea. We reserve the right to edit comments for length, style, legality and taste and reproduce them in print, electronic or otherwise.
For further information, please contact the editor or publisher, or see our Terms and Conditions. ARIES (March 21-April 19) Russian writer Anton Chekhov was renowned for the crisp, succinct style of his short stories and plays. When Brad Miller first opened the doors to The Red Wagon five and a half years ago, the Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood he calls home was a very different place. You have a mandate to explore the frontiers of amusement and bliss, but you have no mandate to be polite and polished as you do it.
From here, you could travel in one of four directions, including back towards where you came from.
You Only Live Once, for instance, covers the action-packed time between 2008 and 2010, when she got divorced and then remarried in a romantic Las Vegas ceremony. It showed a photo of a nine-year-old male cat named Bubby, whose face was contorted in pain.
The bad news is that in the past few months you've had to reconnoiter your own hell a little more than you would have liked, even if it has been pretty damn interesting.
Toss a€?em in a blender with years of network experience, a time-tested friendship, and a pinch of weed, and voila! In Tibetan Buddhist myths, for example, its glorious plumage is said to be derived from its transmutation of the poisons it absorbs when it devours dangerous serpents. 22): "Some things need to be fixed, others to be left broken," writes poet James Richardson.
22): Once every year, it is healthy and wise to make an ultimate confession — to express everything you regret and bemoan in one cathartic swoop, and then be free of its subliminal nagging for another year. 21): According to the British podcast series "No Such Thing as a Fish," there were only a few satisfying connubial relationships in late 18th-century England. To generate optimal levels of righteous fun, your experiments may have to be more than a bit rowdy. I propose that we choose this talkative, self-revealing Gemini to be your spirit animal and role model.
A message from Bubby’s owner revealed that her beloved pet desperately needed expensive dental work.
21): If you were embarking on a 100-mile hike, would you wear new boots that you purchased the day before your trip? 18): The Confederation of African Football prohibits the use of magic by professional soccer teams. But I’m wondering if you are being less particular about certain other matters concerning your welfare. They are tucked away in drawers and hidden from the light, ensuring that their vibrant colors won’t fade. Over 40,000 people have bought books that feature the photos of hamuketsu, or hamster bottoms.
22): In accordance with the astrological omens, you are hereby granted a brief, one-time-only license to commit the Seven Deadly Sins.
19): Pet mice that are kept in cages need to move more than their enclosed space allows, so their owners often provide them with exercise wheels. It’s always important for you to cultivate your own unique and soulful understandings about sex. But I believe you are more receptive than usual to this challenge, and I am also convinced that you especially need it right now. What you want will become more possible to the degree that you shed everything you think you know about what you want. Are there any emotional states or bedeviling thoughts or addictive desires that you're a slave to? No matter how strong and capable you are, no matter how hard you try to be your best, there are ways you fall short of perfection. I hope it motivates you to get busy investigating some of your vague ideas and fuzzy self-images and confused intentions.
Much of the time, the knowledge you have accumulated and the skills you have developed are supreme assets. I am asking for your help with the safekeeping of a trunk containing funds in the amount of $7.9 million, which I secured during our team's raid of a poppy farmer in Kandahar Province. The coming weeks will be an ideal time for you to make final decisions about which are which in your own life. One publication at that time declared that of the country's 872,564 married couples, just nine were truly happy. Now is an excellent time for you to celebrate the heroic, messy, improbable victories of your past. You will be invited to shed a host of wishy-washy wishes so as to become strong and smart enough to go in quest of a very few burning, churning yearnings.
In the coming weeks, you should go almost to extremes as you express the truth about who you have been, who you are, and who you will become.
According to my reading of the astrological omens, you are now primed to expand and intensify your approach to self-care.

Witch doctors are forbidden to be on the field during a match, and they are not supposed to spray elixirs on the goals or bury consecrated talismans beneath the turf. For now, it’s best to avoid sophisticates who overthink everything and know-it-all cynics whose default mode is criticism. Having experienced the thrill of imagining their victory, they find it hard to buckle down and slog through the gritty details necessary to manifest their victory.
Even if you do manage to avoid being consumed by that particular madness, I’m afraid you might get caught up in trifles and distractions that are equally irrelevant to your long-term dreams.
This person would be responsible for making good use of the conflicts and contradictions that normally arise, treating them as opportunities for growth rather than as distractions. The imminent future will be an excellent time to fully acknowledge the shadowy aspects of your nature.
If the rodents want to exert their natural instinct to run around, they’ve got to do it on this device. The fantastic news is that you are already getting glimpses of how to use what you've been learning.
And now is a special phase of your astrological cycle when you can learn a lot about how to feel at peace with that fact.
It will soon be high time for you to ask for more empathy and acknowledgment from those whose opinions matter to you. But for the immediate future, they could obstruct you from learning the lessons you need most. Take full advantage of your ability to convert noxious situations and fractious emotions into beautiful assets. The plan is to ship this box to Luxembourg, and from there a diplomat will deliver it to your designated location.
Are there relationships and dreams and structures that are either too damaged to salvage or undeserving of your hard labor?
For inspiration, read an excerpt from Jeanann Vernee's "Genetics of Regret": "I'm sorry I lied. You'll be better able to take advantage of fate's fabulous farces if you're geared up for edgy lessons and checkered challenges and intricate motifs. You are ready and ripe to honor the crazy intelligence and dumb luck that guided you as you fought to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Because if you enhance your appreciation for the sour, the bitter, the salty, and the clear, you will not only regain patience, but also generate unexpected opportunities.
According to my analysis of the astrological omens, you are in a phase when your personal power feeds on terse efficiency.
Pay special attention to the feelings that rise up as you visualize the experiences that may await you along each path. Of course I broke into tears, as I often do when confronted so viscerally with the suffering of sentient creatures.
If you’re alert to the possibilities, you will learn an array of new life-enhancing strategies. After studying your astrological omens, I feel you are in a phase when you can bestow blessings on yourself by responding to this predicament. Is there anything about you that resembles these pictures of the floating world, Cancerian? From my astrological perspective, you Virgos are currently prime candidates to serve in this capacity. As long as you don’t go to extremes, feel free to express healthy amounts of pride, greed, laziness, gluttony, anger, envy, and lust.
More than that, it will be a perfect moment to converse with them, get to know them better, and identify their redeeming features. You are headed into a phase when you will have the potential to clarify and deepen your relationship with eros. As you do, remember this: There's a difference between being compulsively driven by a delusion and lovingly devoted to a worthy goal. First, for the foreseeable future, your supreme law of life should be "creativity is intelligence having fun." Second, it's not enough to cavort and play and improvise, and it's not enough to be discerning and shrewd and observant.
Whether it is or not, I have good news: My reading of the astrological omens suggests that you Scorpios will have an unusually good chance of cultivating vibrant intimacy in the coming weeks. You have a right and a duty to congratulate yourself for the suffering you have escaped and inner demons you have vanquished. You thrive on being vigorously concise and deftly focused and cheerfully devoted to the crux of every matter. The useful information you need will come your way via chance encounters, playful explorations, and gossipy spies.
Your best strategy will be to cultivate an amused patience; to stay relaxed and unflappable as you navigate your way through the enigmas, and not demand easy answers or simple lessons.
Enjoy your nikhedonia, then go and complete the accomplishment that will bring a second, even stronger wave of gratification. Do you keep parts of you secret, protecting them from what might happen if you show them to the world?
I suspect you will find that just because they are dark doesn’t mean they are bad or shameful. The creatures have all the room to roam they need, but when they come upon the wheels in the middle of the forest, they hop on and go for prolonged spins. In ways you have not previously imagined, you can learn to harness your libido to serve both your spiritual aspirations and your quest for greater intimacy. According to my analysis of the astrological omens, you may have a metaphorically similar challenge in the coming days. Birds and other animals serve as transportation for burdock seeds, which hook onto feather and fur. But before any of that good stuff can happen, you will have to engage in a flurry of introspection. Or they could cause you to miss simple and seemingly obvious truths that your sophisticated perspective is too proud to notice.

The light shining from your eyes and the thoughts coalescing in your brain will be extra pure and bright.
Are there relationships and dreams and structures that are cracked, but possible to repair and worthy of your diligent love? Are you receptive to the tricky inspiration of the fertility spirits that are gathered here?
Instead, you would anchor your trek with supple footwear that had already adjusted to the idiosyncrasies of your gait and anatomy. If you take that approach, intricate answers and many-faceted lessons will eventually arrive. Given the current astrological omens, I invite you to experiment with your own personal equivalent of this approach. To be successful, all you have to do is be alert for the brief calm, and then act with swift, relaxed decisiveness. Fruit seeds may be eaten by animals and later excreted, fully intact, far from their original homes.
In the world around you, there may be occasional patches of chaos and confusion, but your luminosity will guide you through them. I hope you'll seek out the tangy, the smoldering, the soggy, the spunky, the chirpy, the gritty, and an array of other experiences you may have previously kept at a distance. I hope this meditation stimulates you to think creatively about dispersing your own metaphorical seeds, Capricorn. Best regards, Captain Jonathan Orances." You may receive a tempting but risky offer like this in the near future, Leo. You have a talent for delving deep into any mystery that will be important for your future. Third, brainstorm about how to liberate any part of you that acts or thinks or feels like a slave. On the other hand, greed, gluttony, and lust could be quite pleasurable, especially if you don’t take yourself too seriously. Your challenge will be to wander as far as you can into the frontier without getting hopelessly lost. In fact, I suggest you relish the opportunity to translate fuzzy ideals into tidy structures. You can hop a tourist bus in the nearby city of San José, and be 11,200 feet high two hours later. This is a good model for your next assignment: Head off on a stress-free jaunt to a place that affords you a vast vista. GEMINI(May 21-June 20):A filmmaker working on a major movie typically shoots no more than four pages of the script per day. But I suspect that the story of your life in the near future may barrel through the equivalent of 20 pages of script every 24 hours. Take good care of your basic physical and emotional needs so you’ll be in top shape to enjoy the boisterous ride. What strategies do you have in place to deal with the messy, broken, secret stuff in your life?
It may not be completely here for a few weeks, but even then it will have arrived ahead of schedule. Treat this sudden onrush of tomorrow as a bracing opportunity to be as creative as you dare. According to my analysis, you heterosexual Libras are now more prone to this accidental experience than usual. And in general, Libras of every sexual preference must be careful and precise about what seeds they plant in the coming weeks. 21):You Sagittarians are often praised but also sometimes criticized for being such connoisseurs of spontaneity.
Many of us admire your flair for unplanned adventure, even though we may flinch when you unleash it.
You inspire us and also make us nervous as you respond to changing circumstances with unpremeditated creativity. You are in a phase of your cycle when your improvisational flourishes will be in the spotlight. I, for one, promise to learn all I can from the interesting detours that result from your delight in experimentation.CAPRICORN(Dec.
Drawing inspiration from his Christian faith, he employed nonviolent civil disobedience to secure basic civil rights for African Americans. He believed so fiercely in his righteous cause that he was willing to sacrifice his personal comfort again and again.
The coming months will be a favorable time to devote yourself to a comparable goal, Capricorn. As soon as they peck themselves out of their eggs, they are well-coordinated, vigorous enough to hunt, and capable of flight.
I bet there won’t be false starts or rookie mistakes, nor will you need extensive rehearsal. 19-March 20):You are not purely and simply a Pisces, because although the sun was in that astrological sign when you were born, at least some of the other planets were in different signs.
This fact is a good reminder that everything everywhere is a complex web of subtlety and nuance.
You are entering a phase when the best way to thrive is to know in your gut that life is always vaster, wilder and more mysterious than it appears to be on the surface.

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