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These charts were made in Dec 2006 for any Astrologers that might be reading this and were added AFTER I wrote this article. These are the 'glyphs' or symbols that represent each sign, so when you're looking at the charts, you'll know which is which.
Nep-13 degrees Sag,Uranus-9 degrees Scorpio,Pluto-14 degrees Libra, Sun-21 degrees Virgo, Saturn-24 degrees Leo, Jupiter-3 degrees Cancer. If you would like to know more about The Astrology of Indigos, before you email me, my book The Astrology of Indigos, Everyday Solutions to Spiritual Difficulties will give you further information about Indigos and their Astrology. Item #5001L The Pregnancy & Birth chart presents a detailed overview of the process from conception to birth. A QUARTER of a century ago, The World in 1988 light-heartedly ranked 50 countries according to where would be the best place to be born.

The people born during this configuration, commonly called 'Indigo Children' possess an unusual natal birth chart shape. The overall structure of the female reproductive system is illustrated with smaller images showing the zygote stages.
It is this phenomena that astrologer Mary English explores in her book The Astrology of Indigos.
She brings light to those caught in their internal quest to find their 'Life Purpose' and explains how this can be achieved easily using a free on-line Astrological resource.
Each trimester is shown graphically with an overall view and a close-up view of the developing fetus. Being rich helps more than anything else, but it is not all that counts—things like crime and trust in public institutions matter too.

There is information on how Homeopathy and other Alternative Resources can help if you're feeling stuck or at a loss. Some are fixed, such as geography; others change only very slowly over time (demography, social and cultural characteristics).

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