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In tarot astrology, the tarot horoscope card most closely aligned with Gemini is the Knight of Swords.
Those that fall under the sign of the capricorn go through life with calm & deliberate actions. Capricorn’s are happiest wearing darker colours, (black, brown, navy or olive green) and enjoy working or living in surroundings where the walls are dark. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and is a sign that tends to make those born under this sign natural leaders.
For those born under this sign it is about comfort and familiar surroundings that make them happy. Unlike those born under the Gemini sign Cancers have a love of the past and this is mostly reflected in the comfortable and sometimes cluttered Cancerian home. If you were born under this sign then most likely you love to travel and enjoy the outdoors. January to December, there are many meanings to the month you were born and more specifically the day. Whether a fad in clothing, home furnishings or other this is the sign that will most likely embrace them.
Those under this sign become quickly bored by routine and frequently change jobs, clothes and surroundings.

Those born under this sign are extremely precise with a place for everything and have few frills and fantasies. He has the ability to defeat negative energies through his ability to bring light to all that is hidden. Images of individual tarot cards are from the Aquatic Tarot Deck created by Andreas Schröter and are used with his permission. The colour which appeals most to those born under this sign is Amber (which is also their gemstone.) Oranges through to fiery reds are also colours that this sign will gravitate towards. Having good taste and enjoying comfort is key for a Scorpio, they hate any form of deception so you’ll often find pieces chosen for their space that have honesty and purity of design.
He lives within the world of his head, depending on his mental facilities to bring order to his world view. The pisces home is one that is most likely very eclectic reflecting their artistic side while having many pieces of art and nick knacks  on display.
Definitely a sign to tiptoe around if you’re navigating the Leo waters for the first time. Music, interesting conversation, good food and fine wines will also be a part of this home. Because of the Scorpians preference of deep colours, the overall effect of the decor would most often be somewhat sensuous and dramatic.

He is a crusader, often becoming obsessed with his passion for truth until, however, he loses interested and moves on to another cause. He has the capacity to be intensely honest, often cutting to the truth of things, which others may interpret, as harsh and insensitive. Translated in to the home the colours might be reflected in black lacquered Oriental furniture, perhaps some chippendale pieces and many dark green walls offset with one or two well selected paintings.
Those born under the Cancer sign are the most home loving of all the signs and have a great love of food. He also has the tremendous ability to understand the most secretive elements of the natural world. However, these qualities can sometimes cause others to fear you so you must be diligent with your delivery of words.

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