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Using a Virtual Phone service ensures your customers will have their issues addressed as quickly as possible without having to experience the frustrating process of playing phone tag in an attempt to get in contact with right person. Once your register and get a virtual phone number (which is also referred to as a DID number) that is designated exclusively to you or your company anyone who calls your virtual phone number will be connected to you no matter where you are located. For example, if you have a virtual phone number in Toronto, every time someone calls your Toronto virtual number your destination number will rings, allowing you to answer calls when available, record a message in your Voicemail or divert them on your mobile when on the move or traveling. 1.After registering with our virtual phone number service we will provide you with one or more trunk lines. 2.A range of telephone numbers is allocated to this line (or group of lines) and forward all calls to such numbers via the trunk.

4.The service allows direct inward call routing to each extension while maintaining only a limited number of subscriber lines to satisfy the average concurrent usage of the customer. A company rents 20 phone numbers from us that could be called over five physical telephone lines, or trunk lines. All calls to your Virtual Number will be forwarded to any phone in the world (business, home or cell).
They effectively organize your company's phone system to allow customers to be connected with the person, department, or function they seek. This is a great option for anyone that is always on the go and has to travel frequently for business.

Trunking is used because it is a more cost effective option as fewer trunk lines are used than extension lines. When all five trunk lines are busy, calls will go to voice mail until one of the lines becomes free. Therefore, it is advisable to understand your telephone system needs before finalizing registration.

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