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One of the children’s favourite resources and our best seller, these beads help them to visualise amounts and add or take away quickly. The goal of the Cipher System  is to communicate musical information in clear, direct, and efficient terms. The standard numbering order of the guitars six strings will be reversed: the lowest pitched string (low E) becomes string 1, and the highest pitched string (high E) becomes string 6 (see Figure 1).
Tradition alone is not good reason enough to justify and perpetuate standard string numbering order. This video and tablature below are to ensure that we have the orientation and 'columns' of tablature figured out. Tablature [download blank] is a system of notation which utilizes 6 horizontal lines to indicate strings, & numbers on the lines to show which frets are to be played. The guitar as we know it today has only been around for around 210 years, so early tab wasn't for guitar, but rather the lute & vihuela.

The tactile nature of this resource really helps children to build strong visual images of numbers in their head. That means, eliminating as many sources of music speak (cross-calculation and double-talk) as possible. I, for one, have always found low E = string 6 numbering order confusing, as all other terminology in music had been.
The highest string on the page is the thinnest string that is on the bottom of the guitar you are playing. If tab is coupled with music notation, you can interpret the rhythm from the staff above it.
Typically, if you want to learn to play songs, you will need to know how to read tab - as many songs are formatted in it. Furthermore, there is no good reason, purpose, or logic to that order, and it’s not even consistent with other examples of standard procedure.

We’ll use commonsense string numbering order here, rather than conventional string numbering order.
Reproduction in any form without written permission from the author and creator is prohibited. If the rhythm isn't shown, it is assumed that you have a recording of the song, or are familiar with it enough to interpret & play it.
When numbers are stacked on top of each other, this means you will play those tones at the same time, as in a strummed chords.
You may or may not see either the numbers in the circle or the word TAB on specific sources.

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