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4GMAT offers the following options to assist you in your preparation for the Math section of the GMAT test.
4GMAT's set of Math Lesson Books comprises 6 books viz., three Advanced Math Lesson Books (that include all relevant topics from Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry), one Math work book (with 782 challenging multiple choice questions with answers and explanations), one Data sufficiency refresher and a Book of formulae. This set of Math lesson books is priced at US$89 (including cost of shipping by a courier) for destinations outside India.
4GMAT's Math topic wise e-books focus ONLY on those high scoring topics such as Number Theory, Inequalities, Permutation Combination, Probability and Geometry.
This eBook has 80 Problem Solving questions and 49 Data Sufficiency questions in Number Properties and Number Theory.
This ebook with over 110 questions in about 100 pages covers all major concepts in Permutation combination (combinatorics) and Probability.
This eBook with over 200 pages covers basic to advanced concepts in Geometry including lines, triangles, polygons and circles.
The chapter on co-ordinate geometry starts by introducing basic concepts such as finding distance between two points, testing for collinearity. The chapter on Solid Geometry includes different units of measurements, formulae to compute surface area, volume, and area of cubes, cuboids, cylinders, cones, sphere and hemisphere. The book contains over 50+ solved examples and illustrative examples, 60+ exercise questions from these three topics. This ebook with about 110 questions in over 200 pages covers all major concepts in Descriptive Statistics (Mean, Median, Range, and Deviation). Sure we’re a little biased toward our own study prep program, but it’s seriously a great online resource!
Whatever you do, if you have an apple computer, do NOT buy the GMAT programs and softwares !
I would like to know if there is any other good book that explains the basics of grammar for Sentence correction. I am in the phase of collating information in order to choose the the best path to start my prep for GMAT.
I have a doubt in context to OG mentioned in your recommendation (OG 11, OG 12 and OG13 and now OG 2015.
Typically, a new OG will ditch about 20% of the questions from the previous edition, supplanting that with a new batch of question (it’s usually an even swap in terms of number of questions). The truth is none of the practice exams are as good as GMAT prep, but many come close on the quant section: MGMAT (slightly harder) and GMAT Club Tests (quant comes very close to replicating the real deal).
Still, you might be fine using just the GMAT prep exams, but if not than I’d say MGMAT is your best bet. Once you have a better sense of what happened on previous tests, you can review questions from the Official Guide, working on any areas you identified as points of weaknesses. I was wondering if there was any point using the Princeton (seen some poor reviews) at all or just focusing on the MGMAT..

The PR tests are kind of like training wheels on a bicycle–a good thing if you are just starting off or need a refresher. If you are already getting over 600 on a GMAT prep test and you feel you are being held back by the more difficult questions, then you might want to use the PR material.
Does Magoosh has a similar question bank for practice that mirrors the level & quality of OG questions ?
Generally speaking, I’d say the official materials are pretty sufficient, since there are such a plethora of questions. I am just starting to study and as a complete begginer I am thinking about going with Kaplan.
It’s really hard to choose between those two, which are the best regarded in the industry. Even though Barron’s is a highly respected name in test prep, it falls woefully short for the GMAT, especially in the verbal section. Concepts covered in this eBook include LCM, HCF, remainder theorem, units digits, remainders and factorials in number theory. In addition, the eBook contains 25 exercise questions covering a wide variety of questions from the topic. Concepts covered include LCM, HCF, remainders, remainder theorem in number theory, factors, and factorials.
In addition, the eBook also includes 40+ exercise problems in problem solving and over 25 exercise questions in Data Sufficiency. The Graduate Management Admission Council™ does not endorse, nor is it affiliated in any way with the owner or any content of this web site.
With the welter of test prep companies touting their respective books, this first step can be downright daunting. Magoosh (that’s us!) offers hundreds upon hundreds of practice questions, all with the stress-inducing timer. After all, these are the guys (and gals!) who actually write the questions you’ll see test day. Nova’s GMAT Math Bible is filled with nail-bitingly tough Data Sufficiency questions and Problem Solving ones. For those who don’t know, the LSAT is the GMAT Critical Reasoning section on steroids, so you can bet that PowerScore really knows how to dissect one of the most difficult question types on the GMAT.
That foundation book will give you the details you need to know from scratch and will lay a strong foundation before you start with the SC book. Reasoning, and maybe get OG 11, since that will contain a few questions not contained in OG 2015, assuming that the same questions aren’t swapped out. In one of your earlier reviews you have recommended Kaplan 800 for RC but not so much for SC . I’m more partial to using MGMAT guides for the foundation building and official questions for the actual passage (MGMAT verbal questions are kind of a mixed bag).

My question is if I should buy only the Kaplan Gmat 2014 Strategies, Practice, And Review With 2 Practice Tests or if I should also buy the Math & Verbal Foundations and Workbook. I would ditch that book as soon as possible :), and pick up a copy of the MGMAT Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning guides.
Each of these eBooks start from basic concepts in each topic, provide formulae and theorems wherever possible and have adequate number of illustrated and solved examples to elucidate the concepts.
Numerous word problems that test your understanding of these concepts are included as part of the problem solving set.Detailed explanatory answers have been provided to each question.
Each question is provided with correct answers and detailed explanations at the end of the test. We reviewed the most popular GMAT study materials on the market, and updated our list of the best GMAT resources available.
But don’t rely on the Official Guides for strategies (the way you would with MGMAT), use Official material for the best source of GMAT questions. And the fact that you are a visual learner fits well with Magoosh’s video learning model.
All that said, MGMAT tests tend to be significantly harder than Veritas tests (whether that’s a good thing is debatable).
Some people suggest that doing the official guide and the verbal book thoroughly is in itself sufficient for a good score .One is further advised to practice from the GMAT prep software after completion of the mentioned two resources.Do you reckon that it is sufficient practice ? For more RC practice, I’d recommend doing official material from official LSAT tests.
I would also like to ask you if you have an idea of the maximum age that the universities usually accept for their students.
Also make sure to use the GMAT Official Guide so that you can practice those techniques on actual test questions.
Student exercise problems with correct answers and explanations follow solved examples for each topic. Shortcuts, wherever applicable, are provided alongwith the explanatory answer to the questions.
He has taken many GMAT students from the doldrums of the 600s to the coveted land of the 700+.
Those are the questions you should be trying out your MGMAT strategies on (the MGMATmath questions can sometimes be overly difficult and the verbal ones not entirely representative of what you’ll see on the test). You’ll also get oodles of Critical Reasoning style questions from those tests (each 100-question test has 50 CR questions. If possible, look for a faster way to do that problem and internalize it so, if necessary, you can use it in the future.

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