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Hi all, I was doing my makeup this morning and realized that I've misplaced my Anastasia Brow Wiz.
I'm using Anastasia brow powder over an eyeshadow primer, with an angled brush from Sephora (synthetic fibers, feels pretty stiff), it was in a travel brush set so it might not be the same quality as the Pro version though so I'll look into that one. GuestHAIFA5 years 6 months agour brows is thick mashalla n u can do the shape that u wana as thin brows cant control it unless u draw it…. GuestAlya5 years 6 months agoYou have the best brows in the world and are the best at shaping them!!!

I usually draw in an outline for my brows with a pencil and then fill them in with brow powder. I don't have a problem with being able to build up product, it's just that my brows are very very patchy and uneven from years of overplucking and the brow powder by itself isn't enough fto get my preferred effect. If you avoid plucking the hairs above the brows, you more than likely will end up with brows that are really high and not shaped to the best shape for your face! It’s easier to trim the hairs and let them fall into place, remember always trim small amounts then work your way down!

I take about 20 minutes when I do someones brows, just because if you remove the wrong hair, it could take 7 weeks to grow back, IF it ever does!

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