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Three cards are useful for love tarot readings as you have three aspects: you, your partner and the relationship itself.
It will help you clarify whether this encounter has potential to deepen into something very special.
Shuffle your deck and place the cards down in this sequence, left first (card one), then right (card two) and lastly the center card (card three). Lay the cards out from left to right going upwards in a step formation — if things are difficult, the only way is up, right? Sometimes you are almost flying with happiness and at others, he seems preoccupied and distant. He may be pleased to be in this relationship – his bursts of happiness when in your company indicate this is so – but he needs to be free to make his own choices.
You are both so wrapped up in your own problems right now that you are unable to see the solution.
A soul mate might be your twin sister, your best friend or a person you know vaguely but with whom you feel connected. You may have shared personal experiences linked to someone who is very much like the King of Batons. You are both at a point where you could make a commitment or choose to go your separate ways. For the purposes of this exercise, we’ll assume it means true romance with the possibility of becoming permanent.

You might have attended the same event – perhaps to see an inspirational speaker or music act.
We’ve put together three brand new love tarot spreads for when you have a question about romance.
Try this love tarot spread to clarify your feelings and to get some perspective on the relationship. Once you can see this, you can begin to slowly dismantle the constricts you have placed around your real personality. You must cut through the communication issues, regroup so that you are both on the same side instead of in opposition, and face the issues head on – together.
You might both have been involved in passionate, but destructive relationships in the past. The deck used throughout for our example readings is The Old English Tarot by Maggie Kneen. If you discover that there is deep love, affection and respect for each other then make a pact to work things out.

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