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Satisfies the onboard energy specifications of the most discriminating mariner with its state-of-the-artwork energy issue corrected charging and accurate Sine Wave AC output. With nothing better to do, rain stopped, decided out of boredom to hard mount our inverter. Plan was with parts on hand, I'd hard mount the inverter on inside of cabinet wall, this allows shortening both incoming and outgoing wires. After 4 hours I'm ready to mount inverter, new plug, run & connect wires, thought Id be done.
Unwired the inverter, just as painful as installing, just a bad location for access, main reason this became so frustrating. I also discovered there are (2) 30 amp fuses inside the "no user serviceable parts inside" inverter, kinda duplicating the thermal breaker on power lead i added, oh well its closer to battery.
Take a deep breadth replace the fuse, flip remote switch, inverter comes on!, the little blue LED is brightly glowing. This is just kinda showing location, even though a pain working thru drawer opening, minimizes all wiring lengths.
Offering superior quality true sine wave output, the Prosine 1000 and 1800 stand-alone inverters are ideally suited for electrical systems that already have a quality multistage battery charger. With less than 3% total harmonic distortion, Prosine 1000 and 1800 inverters deliver true sine wave output that is identical to AC power supplied by your utility. Prosine inverters are lighter and more compact than other inverters with similar power ratings because they use high-frequency switching technology in the power conversion process. Xantrex Technologies Corporation have added some excellent touches and this means good value for money.

TV, player & dig box all plugged into another ext cord that was either plugged into inverter ext cord or to under cabinet plug. Hard wire the inverter power supply thru thermal circuit breaker to battery, hard wire ground to main lug.
Got the receptacle mounted & wired, routing wires to sleeper are thru cabinet to box, add shore wire from breaker box. Pulled the fuse on remote switch wires case I decided I'm still a DA and want to test the inverter before fully wiring.
Shown, brown extention cord, is routed to next cabinet, if I need inverter power for somthing. Sometimes a big one time annoyance is better than constant little ones, and the inverter annoyed me. Designed for recreational and industrial applications, their 120-volt, 60 Hz AC power output is capable of handling both heavy duty and smaller, multiple AC loads. This clean output makes Prosine inverters ideal for handling sensitive loads and improves AC equipment performance. Problem 1 is we always forget to turn on the inverter when retiring for a lil TV time in the Evening, but not remembering till I'm almost warm and comfy, having to get back up fumble around looking for the switch. However, I live in Venezuela (I bought through Amazon), my first headache was getting a manual entirely in English and my second headache was discovered there was no description for the connection of Hardwire Charger Cord. Expect trouble-free true sine wave electricity for televisions, audio systems, variable speed tools, and more.
Presenting a innovative energy to excess weight ratio, our Prosine engineering has become the benchmark for top quality integrated energy techniques.

Run a 30” 14ga appliance pigtail from inverter output directly and hard mount to one of the plugs. Main 12v runs to left side of opening where our main battery connections are, about 18" run. With 2000 watts constant Genuine Sine Wave output, 4500 watt surge capacity, energy issue corrected and an integral 100A multistage temperature-compensated charger this is a single severe piece of gear.
When we have shore power, I try to keep all the cords half way tidy but then pull everything out looking for right cord to unplug from inverter ext cord and into over head cabinet-just a mess. Run a short piece of 12-2 wire from 110v shore breaker (same breaker that currnet overhead tv plug is on) to other plug. A created in 30A transfer switch, series stackable, makes it possible for two models to give 240 V of break up stage AC output and 200 Amps of charging output. That and a mile of unnecessary wire-funny how some of these temporary installs get on the round toit list then become semi permanent.
Drill thru camper sleeper area to access under sink area, drill cabinet side and thru top for wire access.

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