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Free Vedic astrology horoscope (indian kundli) with detailed vedic astrology predictions and many vedic jyotish janmpatri charts. This software also gives general reading based on most accurate divisional chart method of Vedic astrology. MB Free Astrology Birth Chart Software is a free Astrology Birth Chart generator Software based on the principles of western Astrology and Vedic Astrology. A Vedic Astrology Site with a difference - A friend, philosopher and Guide - The Delhi Daily !!!! MB Free astrology birth chart Software is a free astrology birth chart generator software based on the principles of western astrology and Vedic astrology. Fortunately vedic astrology has given us tools to determine accurate date and time of birth.
Vedic Astrology for future forecast, love, marriage, money, business, health and other related issues. There are many differences between Vedic astrology and Western astrology, but the main difference is that the Vedic astrologers use the Sidereal system or fixed zodiac while Western astrologer use the Tropical system or moving zodiac.
Another important difference is that Western astrology mostly deals with one's psychological patterns and personality while Vedic astrology deals with more of practical matters and one's karmic patterns.
The most basic elements of Vedic astrology are the nine planets or heavenly bodies and the twelve signs of the zodiac and the twelve houses of the chart. This house indicates inflow of finances, bank position, right eye, family, early age or boyhood,speech, sanyas, servants and friends. This house is responsible for enemies, health, service, servants, uncle, aunts and relations on father's side. Matters regarding wife,husband, partnership, external sex organs, conjugal happiness are checked from 7th house.
Diseases, death, finances through unfair means, internal sex organs, longevity, mental pain obstacles, dowry of wife, gain from in laws, mode of death, imprisonment, worries and privations are checked from 8th house, It indicates body parts as scrotum, pelvis, seminal vesicles, external genitalia, etc.
This house indicates religion, foreign travel, publicity, preceptor, higher education, learning, writing books, also faith, wisdom, prosperity, powers of foresight, religious institutions, providential help, etc. This important house indicates father, profession, status in life, activities outside house, pleasures, honour, power and authority, Government favour, trade,business, command, occupation, adopted son. It signifies private enemies, pleasures of beds, law suits, imprisonments, secret works, moksha, hospitalisation, conjugal relations with opposite sex other than legitimate. Casting mainly involves mathematics and astronomy where we study the movements of planets and accordingly cast the chart based on the planetary position when the person is born. Predicting involves in-depth study of the effects of various planets when in different zodiacs.This reqires lot of study of old astrology books, manuscripts and discussions with other astrologers and is much study involved.
While predicting a chart one has to observe the combined effects of planets, if any house is occupied by two or more planets it gives the combined effect. Vedic Astrology is a vast and endless study and in order to predict accurately one has to study the subject for many many years and has to see the minor details as well as major details in a given chart, the different "Yogas" for a chart, etc. Please note that Jyotish Krishnan will be on vacation from November 25th 2007, until January 12th 2008. Sports Astrology Hindu Astrology and FIFA World Cup 2014 Hindu Astrology and FIFA World Cup 2014 702 days ago by Sachin Malhotra 0 Brazil is known as the home of Football in the South America. This year Brazil is hosting the FIFA World cup and it has already become a political issue in the country.
The General Elections in the Brazil will be held on 5 October, 2014 to elect the President , the national Congress, State governors and state legislatures. Riot police fired percussion grenades and tear-gas at anti-world cup protesters in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro on Thursday as the countdown to the kick-off was marred by demonstrations in at least 10 Brazilian cities. The rising sign of  the ascendent is Leo and Luminaries Sun and Moon are falling in the eighth house.
Noticeable point in the Hindu New Year chart of Brazil is the exchange between the third lord Venus and sixth lord Saturn.
The Hindu New year chart of Spain is not so good from the point of view of sports glory or for any special  achievement for the nation in the field of sports.
The Zodiac sign of Spain is Sagittarius which is under the joint aspect of Saturn and Mars in the transit which is not a welcome thing from astrological point of view. In Vimshottari dasha Spain is running with Mercury-Mercury-Sun (30 May 2014 to 13 July 2014) dasha at present. In Chara dasha the period till 8 July is also bad  which is Leo-Scorpio-Virgo (15 June 2014 to 08 July 2014) . Note: In the case of  some of the European countries the rising sign of Hindu New year , Solar Ingress and Lunar charts are mostly the same due to their  geographically close proximity with each other but their Navamsha rising sign are different which should be studied carefully. In case of Germany the rising Navamsha sign is Virgo with eighth lord Mars and the Mercury is in the eighth house so there is a bad exchange of lagan and eight house showing sudden or unexpected disappointment. But the third house in the Navamsha of Hindu Near year chart is good as it is under the benefic aspect of Jupiter. The Full Moon chart of Germany is 27 June 2014, 09:08 hrs, Berlin with Leo rising and Gemini Navamsha.
The Vimshottari dasha in this chart is of Saturn-Rahu-Rahu till 29 June 2014 than the sub-sub period of Jupiter will start. In the New Moon Chart for the concerned fortnight 27 June 2014 , 08:07 hrs , London (England) the Cancer rashi is rising with Pisces Navamsha. The Zodiac sign of England is Aries which is currently afflicted with the transit of Ketu in it and the aspects of Mars from the sixth house (Virgo) and Saturn from the seventh house (Libra) from Aries. But in the concerned New Moon chart 27 June 2014, 08:07 hrs , Lisbon the planetary position is not conducive.
The Zodiac sign of Portugal is Pisces the eighth house from where is Libra which is under affliction by Saturn and Rahu’s transit over it. In the Hindu New Year chart of Italy the Libra sign is rising with luminaries Sun and Moon in the sixth house.
In this foundation chart of Italy the Vimshottari dasha running at present is Ketu-Jupiter-Venus ( 15-June-2014 to 10-August-2014). The Hindu New Year chart (Pisces New Moon) 30 March 2014, 10:45 hrs, Washington DC is also good with Gemini sign rising and Pisces Navamsha.
With Cancer lagna rising in the Hindu New Year 2014 (Pisces New Moon chart) the third house has Mars which is fifth and tenth lord here.

The Zodiac Sign of Argentina is Libra from where the ninth house of luck will be having three planets Sun, Mercury and Venus in transit very soon.
Now cast the New Moon chart of Argentina with 27 June 2014, 05:08 hrs, Buenos Aires and see the strong third and fifth houses. The birth chart of Lionel Messi 24 June 1987 , 06:00 hrs, Rosario ( Santa Fe) Argentina shows that his Vimshottari dasha of Rahu-Moon is going to give him a great time. Conclusion: I have studied the Hindu Near year charts (Pisces New Moon charts) of the top 15 ranked Football nations  of the world.
Brazil the hosts are not likely to  win the world cup though their performance will be very good and they may reach in the semifinals .
The performance of England will not be good and their supporters will get involve in hooligans after their defeat in the know-out stage of the tournament. Netherlands, having the Zodiac sign Taurus, is expected to again reach at the finals of the world cup or at least in the semi finals in any case. Horoscope India, Indian Astrology, horsocopes, 2011 Horoscope, Astrology 2011 and forecast for 2012 horoscope and 2012 Astrology. The difference between both zodiac (Ayanamsa) is now roughly 23 degrees which is almost a whole sign. When studying Vedic astrology, it is important to become familiar with the Sanskrit words for all the main components.
Always, in the south-indian chart, the house where the ascendent is present is taken as the first house and going in clockwise fashion 2,3, .. If there are any discrepancy in the above parameters, then the casting of the chart will result in worng casting of the chart which will result in wrong predictions. Self earned wealth, loss or damage, worldly possessions, jewellery, grandfather and mother. It signifies courage, intelligence,education up to Higher Secondary level, taste for writing, ornaments,clothes, short journeys. Old age environments, private affairs, public, inheritance, false allegations,agriculture land and its produce.
This house also denotes marriage, married life, love contracts, litigations, divorce, honour and reputation in foreign country. Friends, fluctuating money gains, club or social activities, emotional attachments, love affairs and friends, honour, social success etc. One is the Casting the chart or deriving the chart from the persons date, time and place of birth as inputs. It is a national sport in this developing country and is a favourite  pastime of the youngsters playing on the streets and indoors. Brazil  is spending $14 billions on this event  which is almost one third of its  annual budget for education in the country. See this given below reports of The Guardian about the protest of Football world cup in the country. Just hours before the opening ceremony at the Itaquerao stadium, about 100 protesters started fires and threw rocks at police in an apparent attempt to block a road leading to the venue.
The Zodic sign of the Brazil is Virgo  which is afflicted by the long stay of Mars in the transit.
This combination shows an astrological possibility that country may involve in a controversy in the sports. Now see the given below horoscope of Spain which has been taken from the book of world Horoscopes Nick Campion.
The lagna is Gemini, the same as in the case of Hindu New year chart of Spain, and the Navamsha is Virgo. With its start striker Wayne Rooney and experienced midfielder Steven Gerrard England is very exciting team from Europe. In Navamsha of the New Moon chart the eighth house has Rahu with Saturn , Mars and third lord Venus giving its aspects to it. So England will lost their games in the Knock-Out stages , if they reached there, and its supporters are going to create hooligans and riots like situation in the Brazil and also in England. With their super start Captain Cristiano Ronaldo the Portugees are hoping to perform well in this tournament.
In Navamsha of New Moon chart the third lord Saturn debilitated in the sixth house under Rahu-Ketu axis and the aspect of eight lord Mercury over is shows injuries and controversies for the players of Portugal. The eclipses fallen in Libra ,the eighth house from Portugal , in the month of April this year indicates that astrologically Portugal is not likely to bring any sports glory in FIFA world cup this year.
The Holland side with world class  striker Robin Van Persie and winger Arjen Robben is again the contender to win the FIFA world cup.
The Zodiac Sign of Netherlands is Taurus from where the third house will have the influences of exalted Jupiter in transit and the aspect of exalted Saturn on it from Libra the sixth house. With charismatic striker Mario Balotolli , experience midfielder  Danielle De Rossi  and Andrea Pirlo, the Azzurri’s are tough side for their opponents in this FIFA world cup 2014. Third lord Jupiter giving its aspect to its own sign and fifth lord Saturn is exalted which is very good for sports . Ketu is well placed in the second house but Jupiter is in the twelfth house doesn’t promise any achievement in sports for the country. The transit from its Zodiac sign is good at the moment as an exalted Saturn in the fifth house Libra and Jupiter in the second house giving aspect to its tenth is fine. The USA may reach in the Knock-out round but since its New Moon chart 27 June 2014, 03:09 hrs, Washington is not much promising so it might ends its campaign there only. Lionel Messi is the start of this South American football team and probably the most popular footballer on the planet at present. The Luminaries Sun and Moon are placed in the ninth house of Luck giving in mutual aspect with Mars placed in the third house which is a great Raj Yoga.
Than the Full Moon chart 12 July 2014 08:24 hrs, Buenos Aires,  with rising sign Cancer also confirms the sports glory for Argentina . Rahu is in the eleventh house of achievement and honour  and Moon is the exalted third lord in Taurus ascendent with Venus and under the aspect of Yoga Karaka Saturn from the seventh. Apart from this the position of planets in the transit from the Zodiac sign of these top ranked football playing nations have been studied.
But since Mars transiting in the Zodiac sign of Brazil, which is Virgo, and the eighth house from it is also under affliction so we do expect some violence and controversies during this FIFA world cup particularly during the fortnight starting from  27th of June.

I have done Jyotisha Acharya (two year diploma course in Astrology) with Gold medal from Institute of Astrology Bharitya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi and also participated in various researches in this subject. This means that your Sun-sign that you see in the Magazines or Newspapers usually is not the same as your Vedic Sun-sign.
It also denotes family, eyesight, understanding with family members,inheritance, law suits, throat, right eye, domestic comforts in general.
Second is the Prediction part which involves predicting the future of the person based on the casted birth chart.
Brazil’s national Football team has won the FIFA world cup tournament a records 5 times and is the only team  to succeed  in qualifying for every edition of this tournament. Earlier  country faced a lots of criticism for delay in preparation of the  stadiums and infrastructure for this event both nationally and internationally.
The malefic planets Saturn , Rahu and Ketu are afflicting the eighth house from the Virgo in transit  since last one and half year ,  making it amply clear why the country  had to face such great difficulties  to organize this event.
The Hindu New Year chart of Brazil doesn’t shows the possibility of a sports glory for Brazil during this year. The likes of Iker Casillas (Captian)  , Xavi (Vice Captain) and Andres Iniesta are the backbone of this number one ranked team of the world since last four years.
The Hindu New Year chart (Pisces New Moon) of Portugal is set at 30 March 2014, 18:44 hrs , Lisban.
But the Full Moon chart 12 July 2014, 12:24 hrs, Amsterdam of Netherlands shows that if they reach at the finals they will again get defeated and will have to contend with being the runner-up in FIFA world cup. But in the Navamsha chart of Hindu New Year 2014 of Italy the planetary position is not conclusive to achieve   a sports glory. Venus as the lagna and eighth lord is in the ninth house hammed between the malefic planets. The Hindu New Year chart of Argentina given below shows a great promise for achieving the sports glory this year. Ketu is in Aries sign afflicted by Mars and Saturn’s aspects confirm our astroloigical observations.
The twelve signs of the zodiac are called "rashis" and the houses are called "bhavas" or "sthanas" . This game is not only a passion in the country  but also a source of earning for many and over 10000 Brazilians play football professionally all over the world.
Lots of Brazilians believe that this Football world cup will bring benefits to the economic and political elites of the country – not to the poor street vendors, not to the small companies, entrepreneurs and not to workers in general.
The Full Moon chart of Brazil (27 June 2014, 05:08 hrs, Brazilia) shows that the tournament will be completed successfully but there might be some controversy in the games after the group stages gets over. See this given below Hindu New Year chart (Pisces New Moon chart)  for the Spain which is set at 30 March 2014 , 19:44 hrs, Madrid . In Navamsha of the Hindu New year chart of Spain the rising sign is Gemini with eight lord Saturn placed in it. But in Navamsha the third lord Sun goes to the eighth house with Moon and they are afflicted badly by Mars and Saturn’s aspect. With Virgo rising in Rashi and Gemini rising in the Navamsha it is similar Hindu New Year (Pisces New Moon chart) with Spain. With Virgo sign rising in the ascendant and Cancer the eleventh house from it rising in the Navamsha the Hindu New Year chart of Netherlands is very promising for a sports glory this year. In the New Moon chart Taurus is rising with Venus in the ascendant and exalted Jupiter in the third house.
The Argentina is expected to win the FIFA world cup 2014 and Netherlands may again reach in the finals but will have to contend with being the runner-ups. For example, if your Sun sign is Taurus according to a Newspaper, which uses Western astrology, it is most likely that you will be an Aries when a Vedic astrologer does your chart using the system of Vedic astrology. Interestingly many Brazilians footballers are often elected into the legislature of the country. The Brazil thought not likely to win the FIFA world cup but they will perform well enough to win the hearts of millions .
Virgo the sub-sub period rashi  has Amatakaraka in it give some week hopes which is not likely to fructify considering the fact that next sub-sub period is of Leo which is bad. In the Navamsha of Hindu New Year chart (Pisces New Moon chart) of Netherlands  the fifth lord and tenth lord Mars is placed in the third house of sports along with eleventh lord Venus. The people of USA will be happy with the performance of their team in the FIFA world cup 2014. The General elections are often held during the same year when the FIFA world cup take place. So Spain is not going to defend their title in FIFA world cup 2014  is an astrological inevitability. The upcoming period of Pisces has Amatakaraka Saturn in the tenth from it but it also has Atamakaraka Moon in the twelfth house so this promise is lost. In Navamsha the third house and fifth house are getting the aspect of Jupiter from the eleventh house.
The third house and its lord Jupiter both are under the negative aspect of retrograde Saturn. The political parties in the country try to take advantage of the national surge created during the football world cup and bring it into the politics. In Navamsha the fifth  lord (sports entertainment ) Venus is debilitated and third lord Sun is in the sixth house in Rahu-Ketu axis. The Portugal is expected to perform well in sports as per their Hindu New Year horoscope 2014. But Capricorn is also getting the aspect of Ganatikaraka Mars from Leo.The performance of Italy may bring a disappointment for its countryman during the knock-out stages of the tournaments starting from 28th of June.

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