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The Pear Phone is crammed full of functionality having borrowed many of the features of the popular Pear Pad: a camera (for still and video), a stereo media player, and WiFi connectivity. It is also shown in iGet Pranky, after the opening credits end, where Carly is looking at one in her room.
The company has till now released just two different sizes of the iPhone — the first five generations had a 3.5-inch screen, while devices after that had a 4-inch screen. As you see, the larger screen will let Apple add another horizontal row of icons on the home screen, and give them a lot more breathing room. Through all these transitions, Apple ensured that developers didn’t have to do a lot of work to update their apps for newer sizes and resolutions. Apple’s engineers have been preparing for such a change in display size since quite sometime.

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The PearPad 1 was first mentioned in a webcast in iGot a Hot Room as one of the things Carly asks for her 16th birthday. UrbanHello a donc pense a vous en proposant son Home Phone, un appareil tout aussi beau que performant. They introduced a layout engine called AutoLayout in iOS 6 to let developers make interfaces for different screen sizes, and this is probably what developers will have to use to add support for the larger screen. Users can send and receive text messages, emails, visual voicemail, and web pages.the PearPhone is one of the most seen PearProducts, next to the Pearbook. The device is also used by Spencer in his blog where he states that he’s in jury duty and blogging it up on his PearPad.

With the iPhone 5, Apple for the first time altered the physical size of the iPhone from the earlier 3.5 inches to 4-inches, at a resolution of 640 x 1136 pixels. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners.

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