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Taurus: It's far too easy for you to dismiss the concerns of others as unworthy of your attention -- but try instead to take them seriously, or at least respectfully. Gemini: Someone close gets into an argument with you, which starts out playfully but might not end that way.
Cancer: Maybe it's time for you to listen to your wild side -- it's been urging you to take that emotional risk for a while! Leo: You're still riding high on the good energy that comes with recent success and you may even find that people are treating you differently as a result. There's probably a bit too much going on today for you to process all at once, so try to record as much as possible for later.
Libra: Your dreams and ambitions are out in the open now and you're amazed at hoe helpful other people can be when you're upfront about what you want. Capricorn: If you work for yourself, expect some small issue to blow up into a day-consuming whirlwind that finally does get resolved favorably. Aquarius: You're not wildly enthusiastic about power struggles, especially in the workplace, but today brings you face-to-face with someone who may be gunning for your position. Pisces: You are feeling more connected to the world around you and especially in what you put in your body. Understanding what others want and need will help you make decisions that will benefit everyone.

You'll be expected to fulfill a promise you make, so be realistic about what you can or cannot do. However, if you can see a way to unmask your fear of failure, you may be able to use your knowledge, experience and sound memory to navigate your way to the finish line.
22): An opportunity is apparent but will only work out favorably if it is within your means. 19-March 20): You must proceed with caution, especially when your personal well-being is at risk.
That doesn't just mean art -- you've got all kinds of outside-the-box ideas that can be applied to almost any area of your life. You're not taking it that seriously, but it may be that they are -- so watch out for dissonance!
If that's you, it might be time for a long break -- but if it's anyone else, your best bet is to just smile and go along with it! It may involve compensation or emotional satisfaction, but you should know it when you see it. 22): You can find love or make your current relationship better by being attentive and compromising.
22): You may have your pulse on something that is truly creative but trying to get others to see your vision won't be that easy.

Sometimes it's best to keep a secret and spare someone's feelings, especially if you are uncertain of what has actually transpired. Don't be afraid to show your aggressive side, especially when it comes to physical activities and challenges that test your strength and endurance.
Remove your emotions from the equation and find a practical way to incorporate what you want to do. You can accomplish plenty if you work from home or you arrange your residence to suit your goal-oriented needs.
A sudden change of heart on your part or that of someone you are close to will mean you must protect your assets and your reputation. Getting together or the memories of someone from your past will help you make a decision about your future. Walk away from any poor influence and you will send a signal that confirms you are on the right track.

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