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According to a 2010 Accountemps survey, 28% of executives say the resume is where most job seekers make mistakes in the application process.
It's easier than you think to get a better job or career and a new year offers a fresh start to get moving.
This article offers tips on how to get a better job or career, and how to leverage the prospects that a new year has to offer!
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Worldwide Work At Home offers information and resources relating to work at home jobs, telecommuting, freelance work, home business ideas, and more.
It's always important to make sure you have covered all the bases when you are in the midst of a job search.
Sorry, folks, this isn’t the Monday morning in which you get up thinking you have all the answers and rush to work with enthusiasm and clarity that will last through the day. The Full Moon on Saturday is the climax of the week, as you may notice that all week the emotional volume has been getting turned up as the Moon has been waxing and staying up later every night to deliver us to our full ego-embodiment this Saturday. Enter your email address to get Free Music Friday, join our Global Sadhanas and get our newsletter!
It's getting what you want out of it that can make the difference between loving it and hating it.
Sometimes we get so focused on one aspect of seeking employment, like sending out resumes, for example, that we forget to make sure that everything we do is professional, focused and appropriate.

This is not the Monday when you make your plan for the week with confidence and think, oh, I’m going to take over the world.
The fog still lingers during the morning hours and as a result, we still don’t have a clear sense of direction with regard to how to proceed – on anything. Consider the set for “Skull and Pelvic Bone Adjustment” which can be found in Gururattana Kaur’s Book, “Relax and Renew”.
There may be confusion in the morning, with people stumbling over their words and intentions.
Her band tours, plays locally, and last year released an album of 10 original songs and 1 cover. Use your imagination, originality and charm and you will overcome objections and avoid criticism or blame for being too demanding. Unfortunately, this is the Monday when, at 10am EST (7am PST), the Moon goes void-of-course and for the rest of the day we are walking and acting in a bit of a fog.
People may be extra sensitive today – especially to criticism so be careful that a good joke doesn’t turn into a hurtful comment or suggestion of a sore spot that might be too close to home. Japa was recently featured on a compilation album through Infinite Goddess Presents with her version of the "Guru Ram Das Lullaby." She has also released an album on her own of "The Aquarian Sadhana" chants. Whatever the reason, using this system and giving it a little time will help you find the perfect job for you. Do yourself a favor and stick to routine tasks instead of planning your next world take-over.

At the workplace, get your files in order and attend to business that requires careful analysis and a keen eye. Take the day off for no other reason than it simply isn’t likely to be a very productive day. Use it to bring yourself into balance with the help of the Libra Moon on Friday that helps smooth things over and bring peace to the situation.
This Saturday’s Full Moon is also a total lunar eclipse, suggesting that a significant turn of events may erupt at this time.
Now the Moon is in grounded, practical Virgo, telling us where we should go and how we should pin down the details with regard to the projects that we are currently working on.
The answers will come after 3pm EST (noon PST) when the Moon moves into Scorpio, delivering the goods right at the appropriate moment.
The more you try, the more frustrated you will become, and the greater mess you will make that will just need detangling later. Although the spring flowers may be blooming where you are, this is no time to tip toe around the tulips.

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