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The level of successful romantic energy, even in old, established status, can take a serious nose dive and in some cases, even 'bite the dirt for good,' if you are not careful with comments and topics the 30th. Romance requires a lot of effort, patience and tolerance this week for the Paired Lions while the single ones can pick from among a wide variety of energies. Romance may be a problem area for Virgos paired to Taurus, Aquarius, Pisces, other Virgos, Gemini or any sign IF 'money' becomes a discussion topic, especially the 30th or again the 2nd FROM issues near the 30th. Romance does very well this week as long as you can remember to include a great deal of 'helpful, attentive, supportive and tolerant' energies, especially IF 'fears and insecurities' are brought to you by Virgo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, Aries or Leo partners. Romance may almost 'catch up with you' from out of the past this week as 'old loves' may resurface in a variety of ways.
Romance too, may require you don't give it any 'negative behavior attention.' IF a partner seems to be having a problem, let them know you are all ears and want to support them but if you feel it is a bid for attention and 'that only,' it may be time to call in a pro.

Romance MAY be the 'problem area' near the 30th, although for most of you, it should 'play out,' if it is to at all, in family or more likely, 'career' arenas. Single Aries fair best this week, especially if meeting 'first time,' or if growing newer relationships, particularly with Leo, Sagittarius, other Rams or Libra. Single Scales show very good potential near the 4th and 6th and get this; long range, highly successful and possibly 'permanent' status is indicated.
Having to deal with 'ex's' is also possible, as is, 'getting hung up on,' the 'good things, parts, thoughts or energies,' and forgetting the bad.
You may 'dodge that bullet,' if you are mindful, especially with Taurus, Sagittarius, Libra, Scorpio or other Capricorn personalities. Some of you may find partners treating you unfairly, being outright RUDE or accusing or suspecting you of a wide variety of imagined issues.

There was a reason they were left 'back there.' Remember it if you find yourself 'fall into familiar territory' once again.
Single Archers show VERY promising connections near the 4th and 6th with long range commitment potential likely.
An 'old love,' can return but you may want to scrutinize 'all the memories' before you jump to any 'emotional' conclusions.

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