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By direction I am not referring to East and West.  Sometimes we seek our partner in the wrong direction.
In the present article I have chosen the topic Marriage Sanjog (Co-Incidence) as per the Horoscope chart in astrology. Why Multiple Gemstones Some people have often been seen wearing different Gemstones on their fingers. When you are unmarried the question arises in mind when will I get married or when the marriage will get settled. Difference between Imitation or substitute Gemstone (Upratna) and Real Gemstones I have seen many times that the people wear the substitute gem stone at the place of famous Gem stone.
You would have observed that sometimes real brothers and sisters become the implacable enemy & opponent.
Our present world famous Prime Minister has given the slogan (Acche din aane wale hai) The good time, lucky days are coming.
Introduction to Pitra Dosh or Pitri Dosha (???? ???) There are 18 different rites or rituals perform by Hindus from life to death at the different occasions of life i.e. Sometimes we marry with a person we never thought this relationship will be like a nightmare. What is Venus According to Indian Astrology Venus is a type of planet which fills our life with beauty. Many people wants working lady and many girls wish to have a good and educated housewife for marriage.

Because once you got government job then need not worry, you are secure for the whole life, besides this there are several other benefit of Government job.
I will explain here the actual meaning of this Mantra with pronunciation with correct accent. Some get married at the beginning of the Mahadasha, some either get the job or get promotion in the job.
Out of these two planet this depends upon the Jupiter whether this year is good for marriage or not.
Some wear only for fashion and some for hobby but majority of people wear gems suggested by Astrologers.
The knowledge of right gems, their effects both good and bad, and their uses are described in a very clear manner.
Know what happens if your gemstone is not suitable for you & if you have these symptoms remove the stone immediately. Some people try hard and their dream of Foreign Trip come true and some others have to see the face of failure. Many people in my contact have complained that though they worship very devotionally but it seemed to them their worship is proved fruitless & effect less. It is also said in Mahabharat the great epic that if enemy is your real brother then it is rather impossible to face. This was in the manifesto of Prime Minister that he will bring the good time for the Indian if he becomes the P.M.
In the above horoscope the karmesh is Saturn because 10th zodiac sign Capricorn is in the 10th house.
As the proposal is good and everyone in the house was willing to convert this proposal into marriage.
In the present article I would try to explain the Astrology Yog responsible for the delay in marriage and found in the 60% people with marriage delay yoga in horoscope. After love & marriage related questions, the people frequently asked the job related questions especially government job.

It’s a different thing if people wear Gemstones because they are fond of it, but I want to share something very important with people who wear Gemstones on the advice of an astrologer.
The good thing about this stotra (prayer) is that whoever adorns this never gets disappointed. If you are planning to buy a house or property some of rules of astrology would help you to take the right decision. According to me you should in the first place test which single gem will suit you the most. If you are also trying to visit abroad then this article is definitely for you and it is going to help you. Whenever it comes in any sign then not only it affects the residing Zodiac sign but also affect the backward & forward Zodiac Signs. Their bilateral differences not only destroy their own life but also the future of their children becomes gloomy.
It is Ketu’s associate, in the horoscope chart you will see Rahu & Ketu remains face to face. That’s why sometimes girls & boys lives at the distant places but anyhow they come into contact with each other and get married. Who are associated with sports like Wrestling, Cricket & Boxing comes under the influence of Mars. Hindu Jyotish is very old and if someone read Astrology books, he will be surprised to see a lot of things that tells the truth. All the planets have good and bad effects on a person’s life according to their planetary situation in horoscope (Janam kundali). Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus all these are benefic planets and Rahu, Mars, Saturn, Sun and Ketu are malefic planets.

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